The Truth About The McMiller Brothers From HGTV's My Flipping Family

HGTV has a new show in town, "My Flipping Family," with brothers Jonathan and Willie McMiller, as hosts from St. Louis, Missouri. The McMiller brothers have surely made a name for themselves when they became known for renovating derelict homes in their hometown, according to KMOV4. Leaving behind their former jobs as a stand-up comedian and real estate agent, they went into business together, where they've renovated over a dozen homes.

Jonathan McMiller told KMOV4 how he enjoys telling other people he's from St. Louis when he travels because he thinks it's a beautiful city that holds so much culture and architecture. Many of the residents in their hometown always thank them for renovating the homes and know that families deserve to live in them. Their pilot episode aired on February 16, where the McMiller brothers renovated a house in Black Jack in which they used to live as kids before moving to Florissant, according to St. Louis Public Radio.

How they started

The McMiller brothers would work with their dad doing renovations when they were children. "If you're old enough to carry a bottle, you're old enough to carry a hammer," the McMiller brothers' dad, William Sr., would say per STL NPR. The McMiller brothers have been renovating homes since 2013. They've managed to make it a family business with the help of their parents. Since the McMiller brothers are the ones doing the hard work, their mom is the tiebreaker on different ideas, and their dad offers constructive criticism.

Before they were called in by HGTV, Willie had pitched his idea of home renovation to a production company he worked at, but they rejected it, he told STL NPR. Once he uploaded a clip of his brother doing some renovation work, it gained a great number of views from the internet and landed them with many offers from different production companies. They've made a lot of progress over the years, and now with their pilot season aired, they're waiting to see if the show will get picked up for a full season.