Here's How Much Chevy Chase Just Sold His NYC Condo For

Comedian Chevy Chase and his daughter, Emily Evelyn, have sold their New York City condo for less than a million dollars, according to the New York Post. They bought the condo in 2018 for $912,000 and sold it exactly for their asking price of $989,000. The one-bedroom condo is located in Park Place, Brooklyn, in a beautiful and historical eight-story building.

Emily told the New York Post that she has been living with her parents for the last couple of years due to the pandemic and being able to work remotely. She was able to spend quality time with her parents. Since she continues to work remotely, she was able to buy her own home near her parents, to be able to be close to them and be surrounded by wildlife. Emily works in wildlife conservation, and she told the New York Post, "being around trees and having nature at my door is great."

Spacious interior

The 1,060-square-foot apartment is on the fourth floor of the Park Slope building and has a completely contemporary interior, according to the listing. The condo has an open floor layout with complete bamboo flooring, high ceilings, and enough space to determine which side is the living room and dining room. As you enter the door to the foyer, you step into the dining area, and immediately to the right is the bedroom. The bedroom has its own built-in reach-in closet per the listing and a full-size bathroom with stone tiles, a full bathtub, and double sinks.

As you move along through the dining area, the kitchen is close by that holds stainless steel appliances and so much storage due to the built-in cabinetry. Near the bedroom and dining area is the spacious living room with oversized windows allowing in natural light along with views of the 1 World Trade Center and Manhattan Skyline. Aside from the interior amenities, the building itself holds access to the roof for city views, on-site parking, a private courtyard, and private storage per the listing.