The Turks And Caicos Estate Formerly Owned By Bruce Willis Is On Sale

It's no secret that many celebrities have more than one property. Some will have their primary residence in the location where they do the bulk of their work, as well as somewhere close to home, such as the stars who bounce between their California mansions and chic London town homes. Others decide to invest in gorgeous vacation homes for when they need to relax a little and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry — and that's exactly what actor Bruce Willis seems to have done at one point in his career.

The actor owned a breathtaking beach property in Turks and Caicos for a period, as the New York Post reports, although he sold it in 2019 to the current owners for $27 million. Now, those owners — a couple who are the founders of multibillion-dollar insurance agency Goosehead Insurance — are listing the idyllic spot for a staggering $37.5 million, just a few years after purchasing the slice of paradise from Willis.

As per Sotheby's, the property seems perfect for owners with deep pockets and a need for privacy, as it's located on Parrot Cay, a private island resort. It was built in 2004, and according to the listing, is "serviced by a dedicated staff and supplemented by Parrot Cay's COMO management." That means the owner just has to worry about relaxing when he or she flies in to spend some time there — things like housekeeping and estate management are all covered.

The multi-building estate

For the $37.5 million asking price, you're not just getting one incredible home on the beach. The Turks and Caicos compound actually contains three buildings in total, as Sotheby's reports. However, they all have one thing in common — they're situated on an absolutely gorgeous piece of land that offers exactly what you might want in your tropical vacation.

The residence is just steps away from over 1,100 feet of scenic white sand beach, with the sunset-facing bay meaning that you'll likely be treated to stunning views every morning and evening as the sun rises and sets. While there's no shortage of square footage inside the homes, the exterior portion of the compound actually contains 18,000 square feet of exterior decking, transforming the private property into what is essentially a luxurious resort that all your friends and family will be dying to visit. The extensive exterior space means you can either lounge on a chaise by the pool, or on one right on the beach, enjoying the soothing sounds of the waves lapping at the shore.

There are also four total pools, with each property having at least one pool of its own, as well as family-friendly additions like a children's playground with original pirate ship and a yoga pavilion right on the beach. And, the compound is located on 7.37 acres of land, so the owner can invite guests for a dream vacation while still maintaining some privacy.

A slice of paradise

While the property has two independent villas, the main house is the true showstopper of this Turks and Caicos compound. As per Sotheby's, the original six-bedroom main house was expanded in 2020, with a full redesign transforming the interior and adding on extra space. Inhabitants can enjoy nearly 11,000 square feet of space over two levels in the compound's main residence.

For an owner with children, or with plenty of children in their family, it's an ideal set-up — the upper level is devoted entirely to younger inhabitants, housing a "multi-use children's dream space" as Sotheby's describes it, with plenty of space for bunk beds and a massive balcony that overlooks the ocean, as well as space to lounge and watch television or play video games on rainy days.

However, adult guests will be just as thrilled with the main level. One massive room houses the living room and dining areas, with guest bedrooms on either side. The property makes the most of the waterfront location with a massive doorway that opens right onto the pool, so you can sip your morning coffee in the living room or linger over a great dinner and still be treated to a phenomenal view of the ocean. And, if you get weary of the stunning island views or simply want to relax with your favorite flick, there's a movie room as well.

Your own private oasis

Since the upstairs level of the main house is devoted to the younger inhabitants, there doesn't seem to be a particular spot earmarked for a master suite — instead, each guest room seems to have some of the same eye-catching features, as Sotheby's demonstrates through the photos of the space. It features sky-high ceilings with wood beams all painted white, contrasting the warm wood exterior of the home, as well as wood paneling on the walls, also white. The entire ambience of the space is light and airy, making it feel like a private oasis even when you're indoors.

And, the indoor-outdoor features found in the main living space are carried through to the bedroom, with many containing what appear to be curtains that can simply be drawn aside so the inhabitant can roll out of bed and walk immediately out to the deck, enjoying the sun and pool — with a view like that, why block it with too many extra walls? While the new owner of the property could certainly add in any furniture he or she wanted, the current inhabitants have really embraced the island feel, using light-colored furniture and textural accents like wicker. Finally, the neutral tones of the interior allow the lush colors of the blue ocean and the vibrant green plants and trees around the property to take center stage in this one-of-a-kind property.