Ryan Seacrest Is Selling Another Of His Homes

From co-hosting events and talk shows to producing a number of reality television programs, the 47-year-old star Ryan John Seacrest has made a striking impact in the radio and television industry. He was a co-host on many popular television and radio shows, like "American Idol" and "American Top 40." Some of his productions also included "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "Denise Richards: It's Complicated.". Not long after co-starring on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," Seacrest made the decision to put a second Beverly Hills home up for sale.

According to realtor.com, Ryan Seacrest put his first Beverly Hills home up for sale in November 2020, which he bought in 2012 from Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia De Rossi. The luxury estate featuring 3 acres of land, including a main house, two guest houses, a pool and pool house, along with a separate fitness facility and underground garage, is still looking for a buyer. Now, Seacrest has added another, smaller Beverly Hills home to the market. He also purchased this midcentury modern property in 2012 and plans on selling it for $5.8 million after decreasing the price from the original $6.19 million. Here's what we know about this new property on the market.

Around the property

The property is located at 1263 Lago Vista Pl, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, which is stationed in a prime area surrounded by multi-million-dollar estates. The location is just north of Sunset Boulevard in the city of Beverly Hills. From the home's convenient location, you also receive stunning views that stretch all the way across the California Basin, according to Zillow.

The property is entered through a private courtyard located at the front of the house, which is blocked off from the rest of the area by a solid gate, allowing for ample privacy. Behind the house, the property opens up to a terrace and deck. This spot provides an impressive view of the canyon, ocean, and the illuminating, nightly city lights. A private pool is also present behind the house, which is attached to a small relaxing hot tub. The design of the pool resembles a small lagoon surrounded by rocks and exotic plants. 

Inside the home

The house consists of three complete stories, each story connecting to the three outside levels: the balcony, terrace, and pool area. There are five bedrooms inside the house, including one large master suite and four full bathrooms. The house also features a large living room, gourmet kitchen, and family room. Although the home presents lots of need for remodeling and improvements, it shows great potential with many luxurious spaces inside the home.

The kitchen is filled with a variety of large, modern appliances that can fit a plethora of cooking needs. The living areas provide ample space, showing room for a variety of furniture and decorative pieces. These living spaces are also illuminated by a number of large windows that bring plenty of natural light and stunning views into the home. The spacious bedroom and bathroom presented on Zillow are also two very appealing sites that show great potential within the home. 

Potential for the property

Ryan Seacrest originally placed the property on the market for $6.19 million, but after a bit of time, the price was discounted $400,000 to its current price of $5.79 million. This price drop occurred because the buyer should be willing to put some work into the house after purchasing it. Seacrest wants to sell the house "as is," not committing to any remodeling before the sale. The home, which sits on an acre of land that dates back to 1957, has been advertised by Zillow, Compass, and other real-estate marketplaces to be a great opportunity for remodeling to suit the new homeowner. 

The property is said to have great potential, making it a worthwhile investment, though a big remodel project can be long and tedious. The spaces within and around the home show light-filled living areas, spacious rooms, and spectacular views, supporting the ability to upscale and increase the value of the property after giving it a complete refresh (per realtor.com).