How To Decorate Your Home Like HBO's Euphoria

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According to HBO, "Euphoria" is a stunning drama that follows the lives of a group of modern teenagers. The show is produced by and stars Zendaya, who plays the main character, Rue. From battling addiction to navigating relationships, "Euphoria" covers all relevant topics that today's teens are forced to face. Though the plot of the series is beyond enticing and captivating, the show is also known for having an ethereal aesthetic unlike any other. 

That being said, the set design follows that same aesthetic, making it easy to become inspired by the eye-catching decor and design. While many adults might feel they've outgrown some of the design elements featured in the bedrooms of the show, there are several ways to spruce up your space in a mature manner while taking a few notes from this epic series. If you're ready to make some changes and add some flair, keep reading for our guide on decorating your home like HBO's "Euphoria."

Add twinkle lights everywhere

String lights are the one thing that nearly all bedrooms in "Euphoria" have in common. Since so much of the cinematography is rooted in an ethereal aesthetic, string lights are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to accomplish this style. According to The Spruce, string lights enhance the ambiance of a space by adding a soft glow. Whether you are looking to illuminate your headboard or add some sparkle around your door frame, there are several ways to add some flair to your space with twinkle lights.

While string lights that plug into the wall are more convenient and long-lasting, battery-operated string lights give you more flexibility regarding where you can place or hang them. These gold twinkle lights from Crate & Barrel require batteries, but they have a timer feature so that the lights turn off automatically and do not waste battery life if you forget to turn them off. The gold coloring adds a nice shine, while the delicate bulbs provide the perfect glow.

Invest in lavish, silk bedding

One of "Euphoria's" main characters, Maddy Perez, has a feminine bedroom with a canopy bed and soft, silky sheets. Though some people prefer cotton or linen when it comes to bedding, there are several reasons to make the switch to silk. According to Dormio, silk is a very breathable material that keeps you cool at night and can even help reduce allergies. If you suffer from joint pain, silk sheets might also assist in reducing symptoms thanks to the fact that it drapes around your body and eliminates pressure.

When it comes to style, silk bedding is, in a single word, luxurious. From its delicate texture to its eye-catching shine, silk is both glamorous and high-end, making it a coveted material for various needs. If you are on the fence about committing to silk, this sateen sheet set is made from 100% bamboo lyocell, making it even more breathable than silk while still giving the same shine and style. Though it doesn't have a Maddy Perez pink option, it is available in eight other stunning colors.

Tape Polaroids and other photos to your walls

In addition to capturing fun memories, Polaroids add a personal touch when decorating your walls. Even if you dislike taking photos of yourself, Polaroids have a vintage vibe that makes them cooler and hipper than regular photographs. That being said, your actual Polaroid camera can also act as a cute accessory in your room. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera is available in six different pastel colors, allowing you to match your camera with the rest of your room.

Display your camera on your desk or bookshelf for a subtle yet studious touch. When it comes to displaying your actual Polaroids, try taping them in a heart above your bed or on a bare wall. If you prefer a more cohesive form of decorating, use this wooden picture holder and highlight your Polaroids with adorable twinkle lights. This macrame photo holder from Urban Outfitters is a more unique and bohemian option.

Hang a canopy above your bed

A canopy is both nostalgic and ethereal, making it the perfect addition to a "Euphoria"-inspired bedroom. According to Custom Home Group, hanging a canopy above your bed instantly enhances your space and adds another layer to your room. Whether you want a canopy that is cone-shaped at the top or you prefer a more cohesive canopy that covers all four corners of your bed, there are many options and styles to choose from.

In the show, Maddy Perez has a pink canopy that surrounds her pink satin duvet cover on her bed. Recreate this exact look with this mesh princess canopy from Wayfair. If you want your bed to look straight out of "Euphoria," adorn your canopy with string lights and sleep under a sea of artificial stars each night. However, this cream-colored Esmeralda Bed Canopy is versatile and timeless, making it easier to fit in a more modern and mature space.

Cover your walls in artsy and intricate tapestries

Tapestries add a bohemian touch to any space. Whether you want a tie-dye tapestry with vibrant colors or a tapestry that features a scene from nature, covering your walls with draperies is youthful and relaxed, making it great for those looking for an easy and affordable way to add some flair to their space. Per Pottery Barn Teen, hanging a tapestry takes very little work, and it can be held up with something as simple as four small nails or thumbtacks.

Though it is most traditional to arrange tapestries on the wall, you can also create a cool effect by adorning your ceiling with them. Society6 is a great source for finding unique and eye-catching drapes. Most of them come in a few different sizing options, allowing you to mix and match. Amazon also has a solid collection of more affordable and budget-conscious tapestries.

Use dim lighting to set the mood in your space

When decorating your home like "Euphoria," above all else, use dim lighting. Anything harsh or bright will not fit the vibe, so you'll definitely need to invest in some specific lighting fixtures to create the proper atmosphere. Per Professional Electric, using dim lighting throughout your house can also lead to a 98% reduction in energy, allowing you to save money while setting the mood.

While overhead lighting is important, it can be a bit of a hassle to change out. That being said, if you're looking to use dim lighting in your home but don't want to go through the trouble of changing your light fixtures, invest in this Nanoleaf modular lighting set from Urban Outfitters. This customizable kit allows you to create the coolest lighting across your walls, and it can even connect to your music and change colors and intensity based on the beat of the song.

Adorn your mantle and counters with candles

Candles are a classic and timeless accessory that can set a mood unlike any other. Since HBO's "Euphoria" places emphasis on seduction and sultriness, adorning your space with candles is a great way to set the scene. According to Restoration Oak, candles create a cozy and romantic atmosphere and are a great source of tranquil lighting. While tea lights are simple and easy to scatter around, there are some more fun and funky options that might fit better for a "Euphoria" themed room.

Since tall, slender candles have a somewhat mysterious and mystical appeal, this Ombre Taper Candle Set from Urban Outfitters adds a fun pop of color while maintaining a refined and minimalistic look. For something even more unique, check out these customizable candles from Etsy. These vibrant, retro candles are available in various colors and shapes, allowing you to create whatever combo you like.

Hang a neon sign for a retro ambiance

A neon sign is a cool and contemporary accessory that looks great in modern spaces. However, finding the right place for a neon sign might be difficult if you have a very traditional interior. That being said, neon signs can work in various rooms ranging from a living room to a bedroom to a patio. Since "Euphoria" is all about blending a retro aesthetic with modern style, this quirky Pac-Man Ghost Chase Wall Light totally fits. This It Was All a Dream Neon Sign also looks straight out of the series.

If you're looking for a more traditional neon sign, take a look at this heart LED light from Yellowpop. In addition to pink and red, this sign is also available in 11 other colors that range from green to blue. Though it's not the biggest accessory, the neon lighting makes it stand out in any space.

Create low-level seating with meditation cushions

Meditation cushions are both bohemian and unique, and they have a cool yet casual style that is reminiscent of the aesthetic in "Euphoria." According to Medical News Today, meditation cushions add extra support and comfort for those who meditate or enjoy lounging on the floor. From massive pillows to meditation cushions, creating a sitting area that allows guests to get low to the ground creates a unique ambiance. While it is unconventional, it can also lead to very intimate and relaxed conversation.

When choosing your meditation cushions, try to go for options that have cool designs or colors. There are tons of plain and mundane cushions that are very functional but not fashionable, so try to avoid those. For example, these velvet floor pillows have an eye-catching shine and are available in six different colors, allowing you to mix and match and create a cool arrangement. These MaxYoyo meditation pillows are another cool option and have a bohemian design that adds some dimension to a space.

Play with funky wallpaper

Many of the bedrooms in HBO's "Euphoria" feature eye-catching wallpaper that is far more interesting than a solid, painted wall. According to Chic Home Life, bohemian wallpaper tends to be globally-inspired or nature-based. From palm tree leaves to geometric patterns, there are several options to explore when it comes to wallpaper. If you want something inspired by Maddy Perez's pink room, this patterned wallpaper from West Elm is a very feminine and fun option. However, if you're more into Rue's laid-back, bohemian style, stick to neutral colors and nature-inspired designs.

Living in a rental and don't want to ruin the walls? No problem! Simply use some peel and stick wallpaper for a simple and temporary fix. For a more neutral and basic background, check out this option from Burke Decor. If you're willing to go all out, try this vibrant and bold option from Spoonflower! They are convenient as can be and are as easy to put up as they are to take down.

Hang posters of your favorite bands or quotes

According to Modern Ratio, hanging your favorite band posters requires more than just plastering them with some tape. While keeping it simple and rustic might be the look you're going for, framing your posters results in a cleaner appearance and can also help protect them. However, Rue from "Euphoria" definitely seems like the type to tape her posters directly to her wall, so if that's your style, have at it.

For a light-hearted, hippie-vibe, frame something like this vintage The Cure poster and add a pop of color to your walls. For something even more retro and vibrant, take a look at this vintage Fleetwood Mac poster. Though it may be tempting to choose the posters that look the coolest with your space, try sticking with bands that you listen to, allowing another layer of your personality and style to shine through.

Create a vanity station

Since "Euphoria" styles its characters with the most show-stopping makeup and rhinestones, having a stunning vanity is an absolute must. Per Luxo Living, in addition to being a statement piece, vanity dressers also make it easier to stay organized. Having a designated area for makeup, hairstyling, and other beauty routines ensures that you can keep all relevant items in one place. That being said, this romantic set-up can also double as a desk, making it a versatile piece of furniture that is great for smaller spaces.

For a more modern vanity complete with glamorous lights around the mirror, check out this Hollywood-inspired set-up from Wayfair. Since it is a cream color, it can match a variety of rooms and aesthetics without trouble. However, for something more eye-catching and "Euphoria" inspired, it doesn't get much better than this pink Zelda vanity set. However, if pink is too much for you, it is also made in white, twill, and brushed brass.

Spruce things up with an eye-catching headboard

When done properly, a headboard can be the focus of a bedroom. While you may think that your actual bed or bedding is the main priority, having a cool headboard can change the game and claim all of the attention. Per Jysk, in addition to adding extra support and stability, a headboard can also help to protect your walls from unintentional damage or abrasion. Since "Euphoria" is known for having unique statement pieces throughout their sets, investing in a stylish headboard is the perfect way to pay tribute to the aesthetic in the hit HBO series.

Though some bed frames come with attached headboards, those tend to be more expensive and require you to change the entire foundation of your bed. However, this Deco Sun Headboard attaches to your bed from behind and takes your entire bedroom to the next level. For a more vintage-inspired look, go for something like this Modeway Delilah Velvet Headboard from Walmart.

Hang up beaded doorway curtains throughout your house

The girls on "Euphoria" have a penchant for wearing beaded necklaces, so it's only fitting for your "Euphoria" inspired bedroom to have a beaded doorway. These Dusty Pink Bamboo Beaded Curtains from World Market are a traditional take on this bohemian accessory. The pastel colors complement one another, and the bamboo beads create a satisfying sound as they brush against one another when being walked through.

This Luxury Glass Beads Curtain has a more refined and delicate look, making it perfect for someone taking inspiration from Maddy Perez's room. These beads create an arch at the top of your door, allowing you to walk under a sea of hanging, clear beads rather than through them. If you don't like the idea of hearing beads clank together each time you walk through your doorway, this option might be better for you. Are you looking for more color? These Desirable Life Decorative Door String Curtains are available in 16 different hues.