25 Trendiest Ideas For Teen Bedrooms

Decorating a bedroom for a teen is about more than giving them a stylish place to sleep. It's also a place to study and relax after a long day at school. After taking your teenager's design style into account, it's also important to prioritize an area for studying, avoid clutter, add natural lighting, and use color psychology.

Color psychology explains how different colors affect human behavior, both psychologically and physiologically. According to The Instillery, blue relaxes and improves productivity, and green also relaxes and is a healing color. Yellow is a happy color that energizes, but it should only be used as an accent color. Red should also only be an accent color because it raises blood pressure and causes people to lose track of time. Pink is a comforting color that reduces angry behavior, and gray enhances creativity. You can incorporate these colors in more ways than painting the walls. Accent colors can even be used in pillows or designs on bedsheets.

1. Greenery

The plants in this room make it feel more inviting and the boho style warms the room. While the bed linens are left white, the throw pillows have bold patterns. 

2. Industrial

An industrial-styled room uses lots of metal, wood, and brick. Here that is incorporated in the desk, shelves, and bed frame. The cool tone of the black metal is also incorporated in the carpet and bed linens. 

3. Pops of color

This bedroom uses neutral tones with accents of color. The walls are left plain with an off-white color and the bed sheets are white and blush. The personality in this room comes out with the blue chair, framed pictures of lavender, and the pink throw pillow. 

4. Organized

This room balances clutter and style by organizing things into their respective bins. The right nightstand doubles as a basket for extra pillows, there are containers stacked on the vanity, and a bin for textbooks. 

5. Small changes

Every once in a while people benefit from change and the double-sided duvet cover in this room can satisfy the need for change without flipping the entire room. 

6. Gallery wall

This bedroom uses different shades of pink to tie the room together. Although the real star of the room's design is the gallery wall above the bed. The white frames keep it cohesive so the wall can be full but not cluttered. 

7. Designer storage

Storage is important in a teen's room or dorm. Here a daybed is styled with cubes under the bed to add storage while looking more put together than leaving the entire space under the bed exposed. 

8. Gray and pink

The psychology behind the color gray is that it enhances creativity. This room has a large accent wall with gray patterned wallpaper. 

9. Multiple accent colors

This room uses accent colors perfectly. While most of the walls are white, small accents of aqua are used on the built-in shelf, along the bottom of two walls, and in the bed frame. 

10. Pale blends

This room is kept simple with limited wall decor. The busiest part of the room is the cube shelves, which also stick to the pink and gray color palette. All the clutter that doesn't fit the design of the room is kept in the closed white cube. 

11. Matching bedroom set

If you're having trouble putting together a room, buying a matching bedroom set may be good for you. Here the bedroom set included the bed frame, desk, wardrobe, and dresser. This way you can focus on wall decor and bed linens. 

12. Study space

This bedroom emphasizes including a study space by putting the gallery wall above the desk. This draws the eye to the area of the room that includes the desk, rather than the bed. 

13. Fun lights

The highlight of this room is the inviting lantern string lights hung above the bed. During the day natural light from the large windows will fill the room, but at night instead of using harsh overhead lights, the string lights will add warmth to the room. 

14. Accent colors

This room is mostly filled with white furniture and walls. This works well at highlighting the orange and pink accent colors within. Since orange is such a bold color it's a good idea to use it sparingly. 

15. Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper is a great choice for an accent wall. The large green leaves in this wallpaper look bright and beautiful in the room.

16. Pattern carpet

The carpet in this room has a fun mismatched pattern but looks nice in the room by including only neutral tones. 

17. Natural lighting

The natural lighting in this room is immaculate. It can be balanced from shining too much in the room by adding sheer curtains that still allow some light to shine through. 

18. Balance

This room stays playful by using lots of orange and adding wall stickers above the desk. It balances out with the dark gray bed linens, white walls, and natural wood desk. 

19. Mid-century modern

This bedroom is styled with mid-century modern decor. The color palette sticks mainly with blacks and white and only pops of blue and green. There is also a wood desk with hairpin legs. 

20. Colorful

Adding different colors and patterns works in this room because of the tones of the colors. A lot of warm tones are used, the orange throw pillows, gold lamp, and turquoise dresser. While these are vastly different colors they work well together. 

21. Natural wood

This room incorporates a lot of natural wood that warms the room. Natural wood fits well in a boho-styled room with a jute rug and woven baskets. 

22. Large windows

The tall windows in this room let in lots of natural light. Even small rooms can appear larger if there is natural light coming in and bouncing off light-colored walls. 

23. Minimal

Bedrooms don't need to be packed with things to look styled. Some people thrive with a minimal design. This room sticks with white furniture and gray-toned walls. 

24. Exposed brick

The exposed brick and natural wood in this room go well together. The cool-toned bed linens match the painted shiplap wall. 

25. Wainscoting

The wainscoting in this room adds texture to the walls without standing out too much. The real accents in this room are the plants and the natural wood in the nightstands.