This Castle In Texas Just Sold For $2.5 Million

If you're a fan of historic homes or simply homes that are packed with character and unique details, you won't want to miss the castle in Texas that just sold for $2.5 million, according to New York Post. The property is located in Dallas and is almost 100 years old — it was built in 1929, to be specific.

Despite being around for nearly a century, the property itself has only changed hands twice, with the recent sale being the second time it ever went on the market. The home has been owned and cared for by homeowners who truly value all the historic details throughout, which means that much of the property has remained unchanged over the decades. From small details like the millwork visible throughout the home to larger components, like the parquet flooring that stretches across the grand property, the home appears to have been suspended in time in the best possible way.

The original owner, an engineer by the name of Lester Lacy, did make one particular request, as the sellers clarified in a document that outlined a bit of the home's history — Lacy didn't want anyone to replace the soft green paint shade visible in the entrance and living room since it was an original lead-based color from the 1920s.

The home is 4,744 square feet with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and there's also a 1,284 square foot separate detached cottage in the backyard, perfect for when guests stop by.

The magical grounds

A lot of effort went into preserving the home and the vintage details throughout. That care and attention extend to the unique facade as well. As Zillow demonstrated, the front of the home features a variety of shades of gray stone, giving it a castle-like feel that is only emphasized by the turret near the front entry. Unusual windows are sprinkled across both the front and back of the home, from larger main-floor windows to a tall, arched window on the turret that comes complete with a Juliette balcony. The front door itself makes a major style statement, with an arched wooden door framed by a sloped roof and the nearby turret. Spanish tile roof adds to the charm of the home, beautifully contrasting the pale gray stone.

On the back exterior, the gray stone is swapped out for warm red brick that adds more of a cozy feel than the castle-like front view. The property sits on 1.07 acres of land with an abundance of trees, adding shade and greenery to the space. Despite the vintage charm, though, there are a few modern amenities, such as the oversized three-car garage and the renovated guest cottage nestled in the back of the grounds.

There's also a large greenhouse on the property. The rustic beauty of the backyard landscaping makes the home feel as though it has just been plopped in an enchanted corner of the forest, inviting anyone in to explore the surrounding woods.

Details guaranteed to thrill a historic home lover

There is an abundance of photos of the interior of the home in the Zillow listing, and it's tough to determine where your eye should focus first in just about every shot — there's a lot going on, in the best possible way. Beyond the 1920s green paint that the original owner requested remains intact; nearly every wall has some type of architectural detail or feature, from paneled walls of every shape and size to intricate millwork that adds ornamentation. Built-in shelving adds storage throughout the space, and vintage light fixtures illuminate the corners during the hours when the natural sunlight can't quite get the job done.

For those who love to entertain, there's a formal dining room as well as a den with a bar. For those who prefer their privacy, the turret houses a library with built-in bookcases. The master suite has a unique raised, sloped ceiling as well as windows on nearly every corner, so you can wake up in a peaceful space with the sunrise every morning.

Fireplaces with gorgeous vintage screens add ambiance and style to the home, and the simple parquet flooring allows the various paint colors, architectural details, and wallpaper selections to really shine. The vintage influence is spotted even in small details like the wrought iron ornamentation along the stair railing, adding to the historical splendor of the space.

Natural beauty — and vintage charm — in all corners

The home is filled with windows of all shapes and sizes, illuminating the space and making it feel airy despite the bold colors and intricate details, as Zillow photos highlight. Many rooms are separated by glass French doors that allow the light to move through the spaces, making it seem more open than many homes of this period.

There is also a huge sunroom that looks out onto the backyard, with a large bay window complete with a padded window seat and three sets of windows, so you have the perfect view whenever you want it.

However, there are also breathtaking views inside the home. Apart from the soft green painted living room and entryway, most of the home's rooms feature large swaths of eye-catching wallpaper. In the bathrooms, in particular, bold wallpaper that stretches across the upper portion of the wall and onto the ceiling is combined with equally vibrant tile in various shades. And, something that will thrill any lover of vintage appliances, the bathrooms have a cornucopia of pastel fixtures, from one bathroom with a pale pink toilet and sink paired with a green bathtub, while another boasts a pale pink bathtub next to a blue sink.

Given how much dedication has likely been put into keeping the home's vintage appeal intact, it's definitely a property for those who love a bit of history in their living space.