Here's What You Can Substitute For Toothpaste

There are all kinds of home products that you can utilize instead of toothpaste, and several reasons why you may want to. Perhaps you've simply run out and can't get to the store, or you may be trying to cut down on the number of chemicals you use and go more natural, or reduce your plastic usage. Whatever the reason, you'll be sure to find something in your kitchen cupboards that you can use as a substitute.

According to Republicworld, there are lots of toothpaste alternatives floating around the internet due to supply shortages. One quick solution they suggested is to use mouthwash. Simply dip your toothbrush in the mouthwash and brush normally. However, if you are looking for a more natural, chemical-free approach, they also said that plain water could work too. This wouldn't be effective as a long-term approach, but for times when you've completely run out of toothpaste, brushing really well with water is better for your teeth than deciding not to brush at all that day.

Smilepoint Dental Care offered some better suggestions. The most common one is to use baking soda. Mix the baking soda with water and brush as normal for a cleaning and whitening effect. You can also mix the baking soda with an oil, like coconut oil or sesame, to help improve the flavor.

Homemade toothpaste

The type of toothpaste we use today is a relatively new invention. Colgate explained that it didn't exist until the late 1800s; before that time, many other things were used, from burnt eggshells to tree bark. Making your own toothpaste isn't a difficult process and can be just as effective as the toothpaste you can buy in tubes, with the added benefit of being much more natural and eco-friendly.

News Medical shared a recipe for homemade toothpaste. Add equal quantities of baking soda and sea salt, which helps to remove bacteria from your mouth and teeth. Then mix with enough water to form a paste. Add essential oils drop by drop until the desired flavor is achieved (peppermint oil is a good choice). Then add a very small amount of turmeric. Turmeric has natural whitening properties but is only needed in small quantities. Place it into a sterilized glass jar, and it is ready to use.

Alternative toothpaste products

If making your own toothpaste isn't what you're looking for, and you're trying to find something you can use with naturally fewer chemicals and toxins, there are plenty of options to be found. Self mentioned bentonite clay, which is used in some toothbrushing powders and is claimed to remove plaque while protecting your enamel. Something similar is kaolin clay, which is also referred to as china clay — this apparently helps to remineralize your teeth while raising the PH level, thus keeping bacteria levels lower.

Healthline also recommended various alternatives to traditional toothpaste. They have a product called Bite Toothpaste Bits, which are zero waste tablets made from kaolin clay and baking soda. These tablets are made to be chewed and then just brush normally.

If you have heard about brushing your teeth with activated charcoal, do be aware. Self stated that while that charcoal does help to increase the PH levels in your mouth, this calls for toothpaste with activated charcoal added, not just brushing with straight charcoal. Brushing your teeth with anything too abrasive can severely damage your enamel. Most alternative toothpaste companies are interested in sustainability, and a lot of their products are plastic-free and all-natural. But, do make sure that whatever you choose is the best choice for your oral health.