Christopher Gillespie

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Keighly Technical College
Kitchen And Bathroom Design, Plumbing And Heating Installation, All Things Made With Wood
  • Chris is a fully qualified plumber with over 20 years of experience in the field.
  • He ran his own building company in northern England for over a decade.
  • Chris has a passion for using sustainable materials and often works on eco-friendly building projects in Asia.


Chris has been writing professionally for over 4 years. Before becoming an editor at House Digest, he contributed do-it-yourself, how-to, and advice articles for several publications, including BestReviews, Ezvid Wiki, and the Chicago Tribune. Before turning his hand to writing, Chris worked in the construction industry and particularly enjoyed re-designing and renovating bathrooms. Now, Chris lives in Thailand and spends his free time building handmade furniture from local materials and tending his ever-growing collection of exotic plants.


Chris graduated from Keighley Technical College in the UK with GNVQ level 2 - 3 in Plumbing and Heating.
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