This Tropical 'Tarzan' House Is On Sale In California For $1.2 Million

A home in Lakeport, California has hit the market for a very specific potential buyer. The home, listed with Vylla, has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, is just over 3,700 square feet, and sits on 3.77 acres of land. It also has an outdoor gas fire and large pool. All of this is available to a buyer with $1.2 million to spare — and a proclivity for piracy.

The California residence resembles, both inside and out, the look of a child's water park resort, with the listing saying, "Your imagination will run wild." The listing also mentions fun potential activities, such as walking across bridges to get between bedrooms, or the ability to rope swing (yes, rope swing) between rooms.

According to the New York Post, the house originally hit the market in October 2020 at $1.9 million. Even now at the heavily slashed price point, it is still the most expensive home on the market in Lakeport, with the Post stating home prices average at around $375,000.

A tropical paradise in Lakewood, California

The outside of the home is much tamer than the inside, but it still has a very specific and unique look. Vylla says it is a timber framed barn structure, with "12 x 12 to 24 x 24 saw mill timber construction."

The house itself has a very constructed, industrial feel, with exterior wood paneling and an attached tin silo. At the back of the home, there is a large inground pool with a concrete edge, with carved lion heads, concrete pineapple statues, and tropical plants, creating a waterpark feel. There is also a gas fire pit just behind a raised stone garden bed. "It's a unique home and it's going to need a unique buyer," said Colleen Henninger, the listing agent, to the New York Post. "You go in and you either love it or hate it. It needs someone who wants to entertain their guests and have fun." The residence is currently an Airbnb that costs $730 per night.

A unique theme park interior

One of the major features of this home is its whimsical and playful, albeit unique, energy. One of the more unique features of this residence is the ability to swing around to different rooms on a rope, Tarzan style. There are bridges to the master bedroom and one of the guest bedrooms, and there is a genuine rope swing, staged with a pirate mannequin, for swinging between the bridges (at your own risk, of course).

The interior of the house is where the whimsy truly begins. The walls are mostly rusted tin, and when they're not, they're wood paneling — even in the bathrooms. There are oceanic decorations and clutter everywhere, including an indoor Tiki bar complete with a straw awning. The second floor looks over the living room mezzanine style, accessed by an industrial staircase. Vylla states the ceilings are 36 feet tall. The flooring is also stamped concrete, which has heating effects for the winter and cooling split units for cooling in the summer.

Pirate cove aesthetics

There are many more interesting details in this home, per Vylla. One of the very unique rooms in the pirate-themed oasis is the kitchen, which has raw edged marble countertops, a range hood supported by pillars, and straw instead of cabinet faces.

Another interesting feature of the home is the presence of multiple large statues, such as the large wooden elephant in the living room, the fountain in the center, or the pirate just up the stairs. The two bedrooms with bridge access also have a store-front look, with formal front doors and windows facing into the home.

An amenity that many may enjoy, especially those looking to entertain, is the stage on the first floor, through which you can access the backyard. The staging photos show space for a drum set, guitar, microphone, amp set ups, a speaker system, and a mixing board, though more room could easily be made. Whoever owns this house next is certainly in for either a big treat — or a big project.