Here's How Much The 'Dollar House' From Rehab Addict Season 3 Just Sold For

The dollar house from HGTV's show "Rehab Addict" sold for $249,900 after a bidding frenzy only a few hours after it went on the market. Nicole Curtis purchased this home in 2011 from the city of Minneapolis for a single dollar. Curtis is the host of "Rehab Addict" and is known for helping overwhelmed DIY-ers to restore their crumbling historic homes to their former glory. She was able to convince the city to sell the home to her for a single dollar because the condition of the house left the city to either sell it to her or demolish it.

Curtis spent the entire third season of "Rehab Addict" working on this home and invested $145,000 of her own money to renovate and remodel it. In 2012 she sold the home for $150,000, making only a $5,000 profit, according to However, the current homeowners saw an even bigger profit with this new sale, making them $99,900.

Built in 1911

Before the dollar house was renovated by Curtis, it was an eyesore to the community with broken windows, rotting floors, and splintered siding. The city labeled it a health and fire hazard and was going to demolish it in favor of an empty lot. Luckily Curtis was able to save the historic home and return it to the beautiful home it once was. 

The three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom home sits on a 2,614 square foot lot and was built in 1911. The house consists of 2,610 square feet from the lot, leaving a small 4 square-foot yard. However, the small yard is what makes this home desirable, explained Garrett Matheson, the dollar house's listing agent with IQ Realty. A smaller yard is more manageable for the homeowners. The home also has a spacious front porch, a small patio in the backyard, and the exterior of the home has been freshly painted.

Salvaged the hardwood floors

What makes the dollar house beautiful is the integration of original historic details with modern updates. You can see this in every room of the house. Curtis was able to salvage the hardwood flooring for both floors of the home and some of the original woodwork, according to The doorways in the home have decorative wood molding that either has a dark stain or is painted white. Just looking at the large wooden door to the foyer is spectacular, with a stain to match the molding throughout the home, a black doorknob, and a large frosted window.

The home is very spacious inside and has been freshly painted. In the living room, there is a fireplace with black subway tiles and a wood mantel that matches the molding as well. There are also a couple of built-ins throughout the home. The master bedroom features a large closet and bay windows that look out to the front of the house.

Fits today's standards

While the dollar home is already roomy with three bedrooms, there are still options for the future homeowners to expand. According to the home's listing, even more square footage can be added by finishing the attic area or the basement. The high ceilings in the attic show promise, but the hardwood flooring needs help. The basement is large, and its only current use is as the laundry room.

Looking at the home overall, it is modern where it needs to be. The home's foundation and mechanical systems were swapped out to fit today's standards. The same was done in the kitchen and one and a half bathrooms, where it's necessary to update the amenities to fit today's needs. The kitchen has a large farmhouse sink, dishwasher, and a subway tile backsplash. This same subway tile is used in the full bathroom, along with penny tile flooring.