Take A Look Inside Taylor Hill's Home

As one of the fashion industry's most recognized faces, Taylor Hill has walked countless runways, starred in big brand campaigns, and graced plenty of magazine covers. The model got her big break as a Victoria's Secret Angel at the age of 19 and shows no sign of slowing down in the fashion world. Along with her fierce catwalk and modeling skills, Hill also has amazing interior design sense. She recently let Architectural Digest inside her stunning Nashville home, a rustic log cabin built in the 1930s by architecture company Wold | HFR Design.

Set on a 1.29-acre property, Hill's 3,622 square foot home features four bedrooms and a spacious backyard with room for her Labradoodle, Tate, to run around and play. The comfortable interiors feel like a mountain cabin, with original oak flooring and a rugged stone fireplace. We're following along every step of the way as Hill gives a tour of her cool and cozy retreat. 

Hill's passion for interior design is reflected throughout the entire home

Since this is Hill's first home, she wanted to take on the challenge of shaping the design aesthetic by herself. Instead of hiring an interior designer, the model pushed herself to make each room feel like a reflection of her personality and spirit. The result: Beautiful interiors decorated with a fun mix of vintage pieces, flea market finds, and family heirlooms from her mother and grandmother.

According to MyMove, you can make your home look like it was designed by a professional by following a few simple tips and tricks. First, check out some design magazines and the internet for inspiration. After gathering a variety of images, you should be able to get a sense of the personal style that's best to bring into your home. You'll also want to select a color palette with about three different shades and include texture to add visual interest. Include a statement furniture piece in every room for symmetry and don't forget to add a bouquet of fresh flowers to make your space come alive.

The western-style formal living room draws inspiration from Ralph Lauren

Modeled after Ralph Lauren's Colorado ranch, Hill's formal living room features a stately leather couch, white shearling chairs, sheer curtains, and colorful rugs to tie everything together. While you won't find a TV or other electronics here, there is plenty of space for unwinding and socializing, as well as some cozy spots to curl up and read a good book.

If you love the look of fashion icon Ralph Lauren's signature style, you can easily get the look in your own home. According to SFGate, Ralph Lauren-inspired spaces should ideally mix decorations from different time periods and include comfortable furnishings like leather couches. Rustic Ralph Lauren styles come alive with muted, earthy colors like red, orange, and beige. To really recreate Hill's style, incorporate Americana-themed pieces like American flags, Navajo blankets, cowboy hats, and antique books. Weathered and distressed details will help complete the look.   

Vintage art from Hill's mom hangs on the walls

While Hill designed her home's interiors herself, she received plenty of style inspiration and decor pieces from her mom. For example, the antique white frame hanging in her living room belonged to her mother for over 25 years. Now, it makes a statement in Hill's living space.

If you have some vintage art pieces lying around but aren't sure how to display them in your home, think outside of the box! According to Better Homes and Gardens, there are lots of creative ways you can utilize blank space in your home. Even if you have just a small empty space, you can use it as an opportunity to hang up art that fits proportionally. If you have a larger wall, decorate it with a collection of framed pictures with a cohesive theme such as travel or nature. Hanging up vintage objects like Hill's white frame makes a space feel personal and unique, whether you have a family heirloom you love or a special item from a flea market. 

There's lots of antique and flea market finds, including a pew from a local Tennessee church

The entrance area of Hill's home contains an abundance of vintage treasures. First, there's a repurposed white church pew from a local Tennessee church which Hill spotted at a Nashville flea market. Then there's the serene painting hanging above the bench, featuring cows grazing peacefully in a green field. Hill also found this piece in Nashville at an antique shop called Gas Lamp. Both of these pieces represent Hill's love for Nashville and provide a strong sense of place from the moment one walks inside the home.

According to Apartment Therapy, the way you dress up and decorate your home should reflect where you live in some way. When designing your interiors, take inspiration from your city or town's unique landscape and style. If you live near a beach, bring in natural coastal elements like wood and seagrass, or decorate with cacti and neutral colors if you are located by a desert. 

The inviting dining room is the perfect place for family dinners

Personality and charm radiate through Hill's formal dining room. This inviting space comes alive with a large round table perfect for socializing and the home's original blueprints framed on the wall. The space feels perfect for cozy family dinners and home-cooked meals. 

While it's no easy feat to find a dining table that complements your space, having one that's the right size and style will make the dining area fit for entertaining friends and family. As reported by The New York Times, it's important to keep it simple and timeless when choosing a table. Additionally, consider durability, construction quality, and how comfortable it feels to sit at the table. When choosing a table shape, think about your specific needs. While rectangular and square shapes tend to be the most popular, round and oval tables are ideal for parties and fit well in smaller spaces.

Plates from Hill's grandmother decorate a corner of the room

The corner of Hill's dining room is decorated with beautiful blue china passed down from her late grandmother. While Hill never got to meet her grandmother, incorporating these dishes into her living space helps foster a connection to family. According to MyDomaine, you can bring family heirlooms into your interior design without sacrificing personal style in the process. In fact, mixing old and new pieces creates visual interest and brings meaningful memories into your home.

If you happen to have an heirloom with sentimental value but aren't exactly sure how to style it, think about presentation and location. If you have a collection of old photographs or postcards, framing them and arranging them on an empty wall will instantly make them display-worthy. Items with sentimental value are great at starting conversations, so aim to place them in rooms that your guests frequently use, such as the bathroom

A massive hangout room is the most-used room in the house

The light-filled family room is an open and airy gathering space perfect for movie nights and relaxing with good company. Large windows look out over Hill's lush outdoor space, while an enormous couch from Restoration Hardware is fit for lounging in style. According to House Beautiful, a family room should be a welcoming space to relax and spend quality time with guests without compromising on style. There are plenty of ways to bring cozy style to the space, including draping throw blankets over couches and chairs, going wild with throw pillows, and maximizing natural light.

If you have pets like Hill, consider making the space more pet-friendly. When it comes to furniture, go for stain and odor-resistant materials like leather, microfiber, and woven fabrics (via Moving). Since lighter colors like white and beige are prone to staining, it's best to select furnishings in dark shades. 

The built-in bookcase is decorated with elephants and a bar area

Along one wall of Hill's family room is a beautiful blue bookshelf, complete with a small home bar setup. The shelves are decorated with a variety of knickknacks, including books, potted plants, photos, lamps, and elephants (Hill's favorite animal). Down below, there are cabinets for storage and keeping clutter out of sight. As reported by Better Homes and Gardens, the trick to decorating bookshelves is making them both functional and stylish. Spruce up shelves with favorite artwork and mementos, while leaving room for storage on lower shelves.

If you have the space in your family room, adding a home bar will take social gatherings to the next level. Make sure the bar is well-designed with room for drinkware, liquor, and other mixology essentials such as lemons and limes. Select materials that are stylish and durable like quartzite, so they will not deteriorate over time (via Forbes). 

Vintage trunks highlight the large, light-filled windows

One of the most unique aspects of the entertainment room is the large vintage trunks arranged along the windows. Hill and her mom discovered these trunks at a local flea market and decided to use them for attractive, functional storage. Inside, the model keeps extra blankets and outdoor pillows. According to Homedit, trunks are a versatile decor item that adds character and style to any room, be it a bedroom, living room, or entryway. Steamer trunks work especially well as a living room coffee table, end of the bed, or nightstand.

If you find an antique trunk at a flea market or thrift store, you can easily spruce it up to match your room's decor with a fresh coat of paint. For a subtler look that evokes French country or vintage style, opt for a dry brush technique. You'll first want to clean and sand the trunk before lightly painting the trunk's surface. Be sure to let the original finish peek through the paint and apply some satin-polyurethane for protection (via SFGate).

The cozy bedroom feels like a classic log cabin with a twist

Upstairs, Hill's stunning bedroom feels like a scene from a log cabin vacation. Low ceilings with exposed beams complement rustic wooden walls, while a gold iron bed frame from Novogratz on Wayfair and cozy rugs make the space feel cool and chic. Details such as a corner rocking chair, sheer curtains, and fresh flowers brighten up the dark room.

If you want to create a log cabin vibe in your bedroom like Hill, it's all about embracing rustic details. According to Architectural Digest, log cabin style involves incorporating the natural surroundings into your interior design. Wood is a key material, along with other natural and recycled materials like flannel and leather. Large windows will help bring in natural light and create an airy, open feeling. To step your decor up a notch, bring in antiques and patterned pieces with plaid and wildlife prints (via SFGate). Details like cast iron, pottery, and lantern lighting will all make your living space feel like the ideal outdoorsy retreat.

The color-coordinated closet feels like a luxurious dressing room

Considering Hill's passion for fashion, perhaps it's not surprising that her closet is a beautiful, pink-filled dream. The model's feminine walk-in closet features stained glass in the window, plush pink chairs, exposed shelves with boots and purses, and a denim bar with jeans hanging from tree branches. Getting dressed has never been more fun.

Even if you don't have an entire room to dedicate to closet space like Hill, you can still recreate her fun style in your own bedroom closet. According to Apartment Therapy, there are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to organizing a closet. First, cut down on clutter by donating clothes you don't regularly wear. Once that's done, arrange the pieces you often wear on shelves at eye level, while keeping less-used items higher up. Invest in stylish hangers to hang up clothes and utilize any floor space you have available with items such as woven baskets for storage.

The copper bathtub is the perfect place for a peaceful soak

Stepping inside Hill's impressive bathroom, the eyes are immediately drawn to the statement freestanding copper bathtub. This beauty is equipped with an elegant bath caddy, making it the perfect place for a long, soothing soak. Elsewhere, white tiled walls and wood floors make the space feel warm and inviting.     

There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in a copper bathtub like Hill. According to Grand Designs Magazine, copper is excellent at conducting heat. This means that your bathwater will keep warm for longer periods of time than with standard materials. Another reason to go for copper is that it has antimicrobial properties. Bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) stand no chance against this material. And since you don't have to use cleaning products to kill bacteria, copper is an eco-friendly choice. While their cost certainly don't come cheap with an average price tag of $4,000 to $13,000, they will add an impressive statement to any bathroom.

A sweet backyard has plenty of space for socializing with friends and family

Hill's outdoor living space is just as impressive as the interiors of her log cabin retreat. There's a brick patio with a roomy dining table for al fresco meals, a cozy porch swing, fire pit, lounge seating area for socializing, and a lush green garden with vibrant flowers. This peaceful setting is where Hill spends much of her time hanging out with friends and family. 

If you've been tossing around the idea of starting your own outdoor garden area, take inspiration from Hill and go for it! As reported by MasterClass, it just takes a few simple tips and a bit of knowledge to transform your backyard into a green paradise. The first step is figuring out which climate zone you live in and selecting the proper plants, fruits, and vegetables for your specific zone. Once you've determined the plants that will grow best in your area, find the right location in your backyard. Ideally, the space will receive plenty of sunlight during the day and be flat enough for plants to flourish.     

There's also a serene swimming pool, which was a huge selling point for Hill

A highlight of Hill's outdoor area is her tranquil swimming pool. The kidney-shaped pool is the best place to cool off on hot Nashville summer days. Sun umbrellas, lounge chairs, and a table all help create a relaxed mood around the pool. As reported by House Beautiful, a swimming pool can be a fantastic addition to your home, depending on your lifestyle and how much you plan to use it. 

If you want to make your outdoor space the place to be on hot days, why not install an in-ground pool? Before breaking ground on your pool, keep in mind that you'll need to find a good team of professionals and figure out what function you want your pool to serve. For example, lap pools are ideal if you plan on using your pool for exercise. Typically, the entire construction process takes around six months from start to finish, and you'll need to ensure your pool meets regional building codes. While constructing a pool in your backyard comes with a variety of challenges, it will all be worth it when you're diving in on a hot day.