15 Basement Remodeling Ideas That Will Inspire You

One of the most commonly unused rooms in a home is the basement. For most, basements are used for the storage of boxes, unwanted furniture, or even outgrown children's toys. For those who live in tornado areas, basements are typically used as a shelter for protection. Whatever the purpose, more often than not, basements typically go unoccupied on a regular day-to-day basis. Furthermore, even if the basement does get used regularly, it's most likely not decorated and organized. Usually, this is because very few people see the basement. However, this doesn't have to be the case. If you're lucky enough to have the luxury of a basement, it can be turned into much more.

There are an endless amount of possibilities that can help transform a basement from boring to alluring. A playroom for the kids, a hangout spot for teens, or multiple different types of entertainment areas for adults are just a few ideas. With some tools, decor, and help from others, you can turn your basement into the room of your dreams in no time. If this is something you're wanting to do, but are needing some inspiration, then look no further! From offices to game rooms, here are 15 before and after basement transformations that will look great in any home.

Before: plain storage basement

Our first remodel comes from Carissa Cleans It All. Moving into their home about three years prior, it included an unfinished and relatively plain basement. While slowly renovating their whole house, they were using their basement primarily for storage.

After: bright home office basement

Carissa Cleans It All decided to finish the basement and turned it into a modern office setting. Featuring a light brown couch, bright white desk, and fluorescent lighting, this room now looks cozy and peaceful.

Before: bright blue empty basement

Our next basement remodel was done by Kathlyn Celeste. To begin with, her basement consisted of bright blue walls featuring one adjacent brown wall. Basically empty, the basement was clearly unused regularly.

After: family room & playroom basement

Kathlyn Celete was quick to change this by finishing the basement that now consists of a family room and playroom combination. Decked out with bright furniture and earth tone colors, it's now a funny and cozy space for both adults and children to hang out.

Before: unfinished basement

The next renovation comes from cloud Seven. Before completing the renovation, the basement looked like it was originally being remodeled but wasn't finished.

After: movie theater basement

After cloud Seven's renovation, the basement is now primarily a theater room with a mini kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, an at-home gym and storage closet was added. Complete with modern gray flooring and a barn-inspired door, this basement is now brighter and more beautiful than ever.

Before: incomplete laundry room basement

Next up is DIY Huntress. While the laundry room area of this basement was already in use, it was time for an upgrade. Before, it was dark, cold, and simply incomplete.

After: modernized laundry room basement

After DIY Huntress' renovation, the laundry room area of the basement looks modern and fresh. Featuring earth tone colors with a splash of dark blue, this room is surely a favorite by many.

Before: under construction basement

Fifth on our list is a complete basement renovation from Finished Basement NJ. They started with what looks to be an empty basement at the very early stages of the remodeling process.

After: all-in-one basement

Upon completion, Finished Basement NJ turned this basement into one that serves multiple purposes. Including a gaming area, kitchen, mini gym, built-in bar, and more. This basement has everything one could ever need.

Before: plain regular basement

Tim Campbell brings us our sixth basement renovation. To begin with, the basement was mostly unused, with next to nothing in it aside from some tools and supplies.

After: basement extravaganza

Upon completing the renovation, Tim Campbell turned this basement from simple to extravagant. Using different shades of black and elegant decor, this basement transformation looks completely unrecognizable.

Before: deserted empty basement

Our seventh basement remodel comes from ZEM Construction. Starting out, this basement was basically deserted with next to nothing in it. However, it had the potential to become something greater.

After: mini home basement

ZEM Construction decided to turn this basement into something like a mini home. This basement, now bright and bubbly, features a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry room.

Before: outdated basement

Reality Renovision's task at hand was to remodel an old, outdated basement. While left unused, this basement just needed a little TLC to get back in shape.

After: upgraded gray basement

After Reality Renovision's transformation, the basement is now new and improved. With gray walls and matching gray flooring, this basement is almost unrecognizable.

Before: older basement

Next is a remarkable renovation by DIY Coleman. Starting with a basement like one would see in a 90s film, a complete makeover was needed.

After: modernized basement

The finished result was a more modern-looking basement. Featuring grays and whites, DIY Coleman completely turned this basement around.

Before: unfinished storage basement

BP Paint and Reno's remodeling consisted of an incomplete basement that didn't have any walls and was partially used for a laundry room. This basement clearly needed to be finished prior to renovation.

After: earth tone basement

After finishing, BP Paint and Reno separated this basement into rooms with bright earth tone colors. Furthermore, with bright fluorescent lighting, this room looks new and fresh.

Before: gutted out basement

For our 11th renovation is another from Finished Basement NJ. This renovation started with the basement already being gutted out and ready for the remodeling process to begin.

After: girls hangout basement

Finished Basement NJ decided to turn this renovation into a hangout spot for girls. Featuring double bunk beds with bright pink and white decor, the basement is sure to make any girl's dream come true.

Before: boring storage room basement

For this renovation, Quinn Bouley is upgrading her basement from more than just a storage space. Revamping the walls, rearranging, and adding some furniture are just some of the options to turn this basement around.

After: bright and crafty basement

Upon completing the renovation, Quinn Bouley decided to turn her basement into a craft room. Complete with bright white walls, neutral tone furniture, this basement is far from what it originated from.

Before: small room basement

For our thirteenth renovation, Our Little Nest is turning a small room inside of their basement into more than just an enclosed space.

After: pantry basement

Our Little Nest decided to turn the room into a pantry. The room consists of having white walls complete with earth tone decor using dish items.

Before: empty green basement

Our next renovation comes from Lovis Andersson. This basement remodel begins with an empty room inside the basement with empty green walls. However, it was quickly changed into something much more.

After: at home gym basement

Lovis Andersson decided to turn the basement into an at-home gym. Complete with white walls, workout equipment, a wall-size mirror, and string lights, this basement room looks drastically different than before.

Before: damaged basement

Our final basement remodel comes from Natoda Construction. This basement had severe damage due to flooding and needed to be completely restored.

After: brand new basement

After restoring this basement, Natoda Construction turned it into a cozy modern setting. Featuring mostly bright colored walls and trims, wooden doors, and a few adjacent wooden walls, it's hard to imagine this basement had any damage to it prior.