Coolest Feature Of California Home Funko Pop Millionaire Brian Mariotti Is Selling

Brian Mariotti, executive director of the Funko toy company, has listed his massive Coronado castle on the market for $39 million, according to Funko Pops are small figurines that resemble characters that are part of pop culture. They've become extremely popular over the years as people collect all their favorite characters. The Funko Pop director is ready to redesign a new home just like he did with the one he's selling. Mariotti completely customized his house, making it his own with some quirky features.

The castle was built in 1925 by famous architect Richard Requa according to It took four years for Mariotti to completely renovate the entire space putting down around $20 million to get every item ticked off the list. It sits on a small part of the coast in San Diego and is known for being one of the largest properties in the Coronado area.

Massive pool with private gazebo

The lavish mansion boasts the most stunning amenities throughout the entire lot. The home is surrounded by a plethora of palm trees and an evenly trimmed lawn. A small stone pathway past the gate leads to the front door, according to You can see the home has various windows and a few balconies from a few rooms that look out onto the front yard. Around the side of the house sits a five-car garage that has easy access to the backyard.

The enormous backyard holds a pool and spa lounge with various lounging chairs along the sides of it, per the listing. There's a private gazebo a few feet away from the pool that has its own dining table and built-in brunch fireplace, all under a wooden ceiling and on a tiled floor. An 18-hole golf course sits off the other side of the pool. Beautiful Moorish Gardens with working fountains and over 100-year-old olive trees are scattered around. There's also a guest house with its own living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Opulent wood furniture and stain glass decor

As you walk into the home, you're greeted with a turret-like style entrance with hand-hewn ceiling beams, gorgeous wood furniture, and a curved staircase leading to the other floors, according to The mansion is covered with tiled flooring, white walls, and stained glass accents. The kitchen has a Miele steam oven along with mahogany wood cabinetry used for storage. Ironwork features are included, such as the light fixtures and bar stools. A granite countertop island takes place in the center with its own built-in sink, per the listing.

Through the kitchen, you make it into the living room that has numerous wooden tables that take place behind and next to the gray sectional sofa. The entertainment center is made up of rustic wood filled with different decor pieces on either side of the flat-screen television. In the corner of the living room is a small round dining table with a candlelit light fixture overhead.

Star Wars themed theater

Three floor-to-ceiling doors serve as one wall in the dining room that allows for natural lighting and views of the pool. A long mahogany dining table takes place in the center of the dining room with mahogany leather dining chairs per Two beautiful iron candle-lit light fixtures are hung just above the table. There are various lounging rooms that have different styles of sofas and armchairs that overlook the backyard through their massive wooden door windows. Mahogany wooden furniture takes up space in every corner, along with different plants that liven up the room.

Mariotti has his own collection of Funko Pops in his office displayed on the walls. His home theater has 26 leather reclining seats, a massive screen with its own curtains, and life-size Star Wars characters in their own cubbies on the wall. There are shelves of stormtrooper helmets displayed in the corner. There's an open floor lounge area with Star Wars posters on the wall and tennis rackets hung on either side of a flat-screen television. The home gym features cartoon-themed surfboards hung on one wall. A spa room and sauna are close by to the other amenities.