Here Are The Best Crystals For Your Child's Bedroom

Whether you consider crystals to be the source of vibes that can heal or alternately some of the most beautiful decorative objects found in nature, there are informal guidelines you can use when choosing the right gemstones to place in your child's bedroom, per Better Homes & Gardens. The point is to create the ideal environment for rest, nurturing, and growth, and guess what: There are stones for that. You simply have to choose what kind of atmosphere you're trying to create. For example, black tourmaline and jade crystals are considered to invite good luck and wealth.

Considering how to keep your child as healthy and energetic as possible? You might want to look into white quartz. Especially if you have a rambunctious young one, white quartz is considered one of the best healing crystals (via Gem Select), and is thought to speed recovery from the falls and cuts many kids encounter, as well as colds and the like.

Amethyst, tiger's eye, and more

When it comes to the bedroom, you want to encourage sound sleep — so having a piece of amethyst crystal at the bedside table or under the bed is considered beneficial, according to The Spruce. (Always remember to keep your children safe when it comes to stones. You don't want heavy rocks with jagged edges where children could be injured by them.)

And, if you're looking to give your young student an additional boost of confidence, tiger's eye could lend an assist (via It's thought to ease a child's ability to adapt comfortably to unfamiliar social situations, which can include everything from being a party guest to speaking before a class gathering.

Specifically, obsidian, hematite, and celestite could your child's best friends. Obsidian is thought to absorb bad energy (the kind responsible for nightmares), says Refinery29. Energy Muse explains that celestite calms and nurtures, and hematite is believed to possess grounding qualities, as well as create an atmosphere of calm (via The Spruce).

Black tourmaline keeps it clean

When it comes to keeping a room clean, a piece of black tourmaline in each of the four corners can do the trick, shares Better Homes & Gardens. If your child does homework in the bedroom, citrine can help that time go by as it facilitates better focus and concentration. Likewise, amethyst is also considered imbued with properties to assist with work and open mental doors to new ideas and ways to bring them to fruition. Additionally, Sodalite makes another good alternative in sharpening a child's mental faculties, as noted by Gem Select — and can be especially beneficial when studying, or preparing for an important exam.

Perhaps what's most important to remember here is that gemstones have been used for centuries in a variety of settings. At the very least, they provide flair and an opportunity for creative expression — and that goes for your young one as well. Their instincts can be just as important when deciding what kind of crystals suit them best.