15 Ways To Style A Coffee Table

Styling a coffee table is about more than looking pretty; it also has to fit your needs. For example, maybe you need a place to keep remotes or bins to organize clutter; you can find a happy medium of décor that has a useful purpose and style that just looks pretty. Trays or bowls can be a home for remotes, so they don't get lost in couch cushions, while wicker baskets can organize children's toys to be stored under the coffee table, and small bins can hide away miscellaneous clutter.

Picking what décor to add to your coffee table is all about your style. It's popular to choose items that have monochromatic colors because it will be easier for everything to fit together. Fresh or dried floral arrangements look beautiful displayed on a coffee table, and so do stacks of fashion or art books (via My Domaine). Keep reading to find more ways to style a coffee table.

1. Use neutral colors

Choosing items that are all neutral colors is an easy way to be sure that your room will look cohesive. 

2. Plants

Plants are great to add to a coffee table to make it look styled. You can switch out the pot to match your décor. 

3. A bowl

Bowls are a good way to stay organized: They can be a place to keep remotes, so they don't get lost or used strictly as décor.

4. Candles

Putting candles onto a coffee table is an easy way to style it. They look pretty without having to fill your coffee table with lots of décor. 

5. Stack of books

Displaying books is a go-to way to style a coffee table. A trick is to use the books to separate décor that's a similar color to the table, like the small wooden bowl from the wood coffee table.

6. Dried flowers

Dried flowers look good and last longer than fresh flowers. Here the glass coffee table is styled with a tray containing dried lavender, candles, and coasters.

7. Match gold accents

This table is styled with décor pieces that match the gold hardware to keep a cohesive look. A stack of magazines is also used to add varying heights to the décor.

8. Trendy wood bead garland

Often used in farmhouse-style homes, wood bead garland is a way to add a different shape to the décor. Here it is draped over a tray that also displays a bouquet of dried flowers. 

9. A tray

A tray is a good way to organize, but also a place to add décor if you use a leather ottoman in place of a coffee table.

10. Bowl of fruits

If you don't want to clutter your coffee table with décor, you can keep it simple with one centerpiece. In this instance, that is a bowl of oranges, but it can also be a large candle.

11. Trendy décor

Décor pieces like statues are another way to style a coffee table. Here, the metal eye and glass globe look nice displayed on the coffee table because they match the other gold pieces in the room, like the light fixtures.

12. Use books to separate décor

Adding books to your coffee table is one way to play with various heights. However, instead of placing all your décor on the table, put some on top of a book or two to create more variety and depth.

13. Mimic shapes

This round stone coffee table looks great styled with circular pots and a bowl because they don't have any harsh lines. It flows with the style of this room, where even the couch is not structured with solid lines.

14. Create storage

This coffee table looks nice and is functional. The glass top is what elevates this furniture piece, and it is styled with a book and candle on top. The nooks in the table are the perfect storage for books.

15. Ceramics

Ceramic pieces can be displayed on coffee tables as vases with dried flowers or empty, like how this room does both.