Patrick Dempsey's Former Home Has One Weird Feature

Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey, starred in the show for 12 seasons and made a few appearances in the 17th season. He stole many viewers' hearts and left them heartbroken for weeks after leaving the show. Dempsey also appeared in other shows and films such as "Devils," "Valentine's Day," and "Enchanted." He and his wife, Jill, now own a California home and a Maine home perfect for their little family, according to Closer Weekly. He and Jill split in 2015 but managed to work out their differences and got back together in 2016.

Before buying his newly California estate, Dempsey had sold his Malibu home for $15 million, just $500,000 over his asking price in 2015, according to the Los Angeles Times. Even though they moved out of their Malibu home, we can always look back on the former tin house. It was designed by Frank Gehry and was built for artist Ron Davis in the 1970s. The metal home sits on 3.23 acres of land in the mountains with gorgeous ocean views, according to the listing.

Airstream trailer indoors

The tin house is surrounded by never-ending trees and plants, designed with a stunning modern interior with wooden floors, according to Hilton & Hyland. The two-story home has an open floor layout with the living room, kitchen, and dining area, all with views of the backyard through the floor-to-ceiling window doors. High ceilings make the home appear larger, and there's more room to decorate the walls with art decor and stacked wood inside the wall. The kitchen has a beautiful mid-century modern touch to it with oak wood finishings and stainless steel stove compartment per the listing. A stunning breakfast nook takes place a few feet away.

Through the window doors, you step out into a gorgeous miniature national park that holds an inground pool with various lounging chairs along the edges. Beautiful tall climbable trees are sprinkled among the land, and a running fountain that sits in front of one of Dempsey's weirdest features; his trailer that he had in Grey's Anatomy resides in the center of the backyard, according to Lonny. Rather than having a guest house as most celebrities do, Dempsey decided to think outside the box. The trailer has its own tiny kitchen and dinette with cushioned benches.