Here's Where You Can Visit The House From Stepmom

In the modern era, certain TV and film fans connect their imaginations and their travel plans, as noted by "The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom." These fans link the two concepts by traveling and spending time at the sets and scenes where their favorite entertainment arts programs were filmed. This creative and spatial connection can aid fans in a couple of interesting ways: They can enjoy their preferred programming and cultivate chosen in-real-life experiences, especially at the scenic homes that form the backdrop of their preferred entertainment story lines. These days, some of these fans even make it a familial or friendly affair by inviting loved ones to accompany them on their journeys. 

While fans can visit a variety of film and TV sets, including properties used in connection with "New Girl" and "Dexter," they can also check out the home used in exterior shots for the film "Stepmom." As a refresher, in "Stepmom," viewers came to know a mother who happened to have terminal illness (cancer) and the unfolding of the central family's changes as the mom's husband chose a new partner (the stepmother-in-training, as indicated by the movie's title). This 1998 movie is a drama and romance hybrid. Chris Columbus directed the film. As IMDb reported, writers included Gigi Levangie (story), Jessie Nelson (screenplay), and Steven Rogers (screenplay). Actors Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts, and Ed Harris carried the film. 

A journey to New York state

The home used in exterior shots for "Stepmom" looks like a storybook vision and includes visual access to water. Water views, whether of an ocean, lake, or river, are known to soothe the soul and boost property values. As House Beautiful reported, the house used in outside shots for the "Stepmom" film was renovated. This Nyack, New York property is space-heavy with a half-dozen bedrooms and four bathrooms. The residence also features 5,239 square feet, making the property a little better than twice the size of the average U.S. home's square footage (via New Home Source). The average U.S. family home is about 2,500 square feet. 

As Zillow reported, the multi-level home used in "Stepmom" reportedly sold for $3.2 million in 2021. Understandably, the property's value is retained in part due to the renovations from the then-owner. This house also comes with a scenic view of the Hudson River, a broad load, and a brook. All of these elements help keep different forms of nature close to the property. Inside the home, the color palette includes cream and floral, a more tropical skewing sea-foam green with floral curtains, a cloud-like kitchen, and a blue and red floral restroom, among other complementary hue choices.