Step Into A Van Gogh Painting Inside This Listed Pennsylvania Home

Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world's greatest painters, started his career in the late 1800s. Biography states that he was born on March 30, 1853 in the Netherlands and was named after his stillborn older brother. Van Gogh didn't exactly have an easy upbringing; his family had financial troubles when he was young. He also struggled with his mental health throughout most of his life as well.

After moving to Brussels in the 1880s, Van Gogh decided to pursue his passion for art. Painting helped the artist's mental health, but he rarely ever made a profit from his work. Throughout his life, Van Gogh created over 2,000 original pieces. 860 of these pieces were created with oil paints, and the rest consisted of watercolor paintings, drawings, and sketches. Unfortunately, Van Gogh never saw fame come from these works, but today they continue to grow in popularity and sell for millions of dollars. Many of his paintings have now also become the focus of a popular trend, especially as interactive museums with Van Gogh's artwork are opening all around the world. As the Van Gogh trend continues to thrive, one Pennsylvania home takes the theme to a new level with a "Starry Night" aesthetic inside. Let's take a closer look at this artistic residence.

A rural home in the woods

The 2,653-square-foot Van Gogh-themed home is located on a 5.10-acre property in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. Conestoga is a small town with a very suburban feel, per Zillow. Most residents who decide to move to this area usually prefer to live in a calm, rural environment, away from urban chaos. To that end, like most rural parts of the country, there is not an abundance of restaurants or shopping areas. There are, however, plenty of bars in this town. Niche also states that the school district for Conestoga consists of several highly rated institutions.

Although not much exists around the property, the home is immersed in beautiful elements of wildlife. There is a lush, wooded area around the property and plenty of green space throughout. Zillow states that there are also two small creeks on the property. One is located right by the entrance, while the other is stationed back behind the home. Similar to other rural properties, this home also includes a horse pasture and a barn.

Open and spacious living areas

This Pennsylvania home is complete with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Each bedroom is drawn out with just enough living and storage space for a comfortable environment. The bedrooms also include high windows that bring natural lighting into each room. As seen on Zillow, the bathrooms also hold plenty of storage space, with the addition of extra space for comfortable bathroom functions.

The kitchen stands out as one of the biggest rooms in the home. It boasts an extensive amount of counter space with even more cabinet storage space. Outside of the main kitchen area, there is also a small kitchen island with more storage space and extra room for two or three seating arrangements. The connecting dining areas boasts additional space for formal seating arrangements. The dining room continues into the main living area of the home, which has plenty of room for a variety of living room furniture. It also has a section of large windows that open up the area to its naturistic surroundings and bring plenty of light and air into the room.

The Starry Night theme

As stated on Instagram, the main attraction of the home is the beautiful and creative "Starry Night" theme. This is first seen in the main living area of the house, where the walls are painted with a mural containing portions of Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting. The mural continues into a couple of the bedrooms as well, immersing residents into Van Gogh's art. But even in areas of the home where the mural is not present, the theme still emerges in small designs and colors.

Aside from the "Starry Night" design, the house takes on a log cabin look. The living room is entirely wooded from floor to ceiling. The kitchen also boasts beautiful dark wooden cabinets that are matched beautifully with the dark countertop and green kitchen backsplash. Adding to the artistic theme of the house, the kitchen and dining room are also designed with classic golden, artistic ceiling tiles. Finally, the bedrooms and bathrooms complement the "Starry Night" aesthetic with attractive fixtures and furnishings (per Zillow).