20 Stylish Ideas For Decorating Your Kid's Bedroom With An Animal Theme

A kid's bedroom is the perfect place for imagination to run wild. Where else can we paint almost any color or go crazy with a theme without fearing shame from our grown-up, design-conscious peers? But, it's not about us. It's their sanctuary — it should be age-appropriate and reflective of their interests, with enough to engage and comfort but not overwhelm; we want them to get a good night's sleep or take that nap. But, with our help reigning in limitless ideas, they should be involved to a doable, even aesthetically attractive, amount. The Spruce recommends a less-is-more approach, allowing space for quiet and playtime.

Something kids love, aside from their own space? Animals! Animals are friends, good listeners, and co-conspirators. They're gentle or fierce, small or giant, untamed or happy, and willing to be put in dresses. There are lots of ways to decorate around them — with so much personality; they're practically begging to be featured — so here are 20!

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a habitat for your child's favorite animals: a forest for woodland friends, water and waves for ocean pals, or a leafy jungle for cheeky little monkeys. An accent wall prevents it from becoming overstimulating, while the simple background allows the room to grow with them.

2. Calendar art

Wall art can be expensive, but there are some excellent alternatives to buying ready-made pieces. For example, hang oversized animal-themed calendar pages in poster frames, rotate out a few every season, or display a whole year in a grid. For older kids, a set of dry erase markers makes the décor useable.

3. Clocks

New studies show animals have a better sense of time than we thought. Maybe better than our kids?  A clock could help, or not, but it will be cute without trying too hard.

4. Paint chip art

Create humungous butterflies or a colorful caterpillar snaking across the wall with paint chips. Pin them behind a sheet of hardware store plexiglass.

5. A chalkboard wall

Writing on the walls is not only okay; it's encouraged. Getting a chalkboard will help you avoid that phrase; instead, you can draw a whole herd or one happy animal on it. Add accessories and fabrics, including friends that would live in the same environment.

6. Bookshelves

Use bookshelves to highlight a favored part of the animal kingdom: stuffies, paintings, figurines — anything's game. Or you might be lucky enough to find one like in our cover image!

7. Murals

Whether you employ a painter or a removable decal, a mural envelops a room and a child in make-believe.

8. Flashcards

Make a pennant with flashcards, mini clothespins or metal binder clips, and string; festoon windows, doorframes, or dresser mirrors with these fun training tools. Gorgeous greeting cards work, too — check a stationary boutique retailer for options.

9. Faux trophy heads

Camp and kitsch — ramp it up with a group of faux animal heads. From stuffed to cardboard to metal, there's a style for every child.

10. Rocking horse

Rocking horses are a classic. There are a variety of animals and materials available; pick one to match your theme. 

11. Children's books

Use children's books as a design element. For example, a molding ledge, door-mounted shelving, or shallow bookcase are efficient uses of space while ensuring cover art is displayed. Go one further by painting the walls to coincide with a prominent color in their favorite animal story.

12. Toys

Plastic figurines make great interactive sculptures. Display them on a molding ledge or bookshelf: It's an eye-catching and easy way to corral a collection. Maintain the original finish, or spray-paint them in metallics or a specific color palette for a minimalist look. Place the ledge out of reach of younger ones as decoration only.

13. Mobiles

Felted animal garlands and mobiles are exquisite, whimsical handcraft. Try Etsy for a den of artsy kids' room decorating.

14. Costumes

Display animal pajamas and costumes on pegs. It fosters an environment for imagination and might create a child who hangs up their clothes — a real unicorn!

15. Paint

Paint is the best value and biggest impact for the dollar. Most animals live outside, so start with a color in nature: green, blue, mountain grey, desert rose. Then introduce the animals to their new home with artwork and bedding — it won't take much since the walls are so atmospheric.

16. Art

Feature artwork starring kids' furry or scaly favorites. Purchase it, paint it, or print it, and hang a few or a flock!

17. Papier-mâché and piñatas

Piñatas and papier-mâché animals are fairly simple to construct — there are many online tutorials. What makes them worth DIY-ing is the ability to customize colors and types. In addition, they're not heavy, so they're perfect for hanging from the ceiling or placing on a deep shelf.

18. Pillows and bedding

Pillows are for more than pillow fights! They add color, pattern, and personality, not to mention cozy softness — which is important during those fights. Sheets, comforters, and quilts are all of the same species.

19. Furniture

Get them to sit for a few minutes before they scamper away with an animal-themed table and chair set. Mirrors, shelves, and headboards are other furniture pieces that showcase silhouettes — just like cut-paper crafts.

20. Birdcages

House faux feathered friends of bold or subtle shades in vintage birdcages. Suspend a grouping from the ceiling with wide ribbons to match or place an assortment on a dresser top, varying heights and sizes. Then, light them up for extra magic and leave the doors open.