40 Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you want to remodel your bathroom, then you've likely been thinking about what paint color might be best for the space and which tiles would suit the style that you have in mind. Of course, there are a few other details that you'll need to mull over. Frankly, when it comes to creating a room that's both practical and personal, Britt Zunino of Studio DB told House Beautiful that function should be first.

Specifically, House Beautiful notes that along with the fact that your routine should help to determine how things are laid out, you'll also need to figure out how much and what kind of storage space you require. Beyond that, note what bothers you or doesn't work in your existing bathroom so that you can change that when you renovate. Finally, factor in how much money you are willing to put toward the project.

With that in mind, check out the following bathroom remodel ideas that will totally inspire you and get you excited for your own home reno.

1. White modern bathroom

Opting for an all-white bathroom may seem like a simple choice at first. However, if you choose certain chic elements — such as sleek countertops and matching stone in the shower, as well as a trendy tub and fabulous fixtures — then you can end up with a modern space that absolutely gleams.

2. Slate grey powder room

Grey is another shade that might not seem overly intriguing at first. That is until you use a slate option that can add an undeniably polished look to a bathroom or powder room. Try using dark walls and a sink in the same shade as well as décor that matches the deep tone.

3. Brick walled bathroom

Brick walls are a fabulous way to add more than just a little style to your space that can either add to a rough industrial look or a trendy modern aesthetic. Remodeling your bathroom could involve exposing an existing brick wall or putting up faux brick tiles.

4. Open concept bathroom

If your daily needs favor a bathroom with plenty of space, then an open concept layout might suit you best. Consider installing a shower without doors and adding subtle storage space all in one wide-open area.

5. Cozy nooks

Open-concept bathrooms can certainly be fabulous. On the other hand, you could also opt to create nooks in your bathroom that give each space a cozy vibe. Consider adding one for your sink and one for the toilet, as well as one for the shower and tub, not to mention yet another for storage if space allows.

6. Combine an open concept with a nook

If you like the idea of an open-concept bathroom but are also intrigued by one that has cozy nooks, then you can opt for both. Try a layout that is mostly open while also having a separate space for the shower or perhaps even a separate toilet room.

7. Double showers

If you and your partner like to get ready at the same time, then your bathroom remodeling plans might already include a spacious shower. However, you instead might want to consider a double shower that offers two showerheads so that you can both enjoy the water at your preferred temperature.

8. Natural wood accents

Let nature inspire your bathroom remodel in a wonderfully chic way. Use wood accents to define the space, which could be anything from perfectly arranged wood flooring and details on the wall to bamboo light fixtures and a raw-edge wood counter.

9. Opt for stone instead

Wood isn't the only natural material you should consider if you're remodeling your bathroom. Stone is also a fabulous option that comes in a wide range of cool colors as well as warm shades. It can also be used in various ways, such as wall tiles and flooring.

10. Focus on one type of tile

With so many tile options available, it may be difficult to narrow down what you want. However, focusing on just one type of tile can pay off if your aim is to end up with a relaxing space. Consider using the same tile on the floor and walls to keep things calming and uncomplicated.

11. Install large windows

Adding large windows or expanding the ones already in your bathroom can be a great way to let in more light and give you a lovely view from the tub or shower. Just be sure to take into account any wiring or plumbing that might be in the wall, as well as potential privacy issues.

12. Stunning sunny skylights

If adding large windows to your bathroom would result in you looking directly into a neighbor's home, then skylights might be a better option. Another wonderful way to let in light, they can also let you enjoy rainy days while you're having a relaxing bubble bath.

13. Mix dark and natural minimalism

A minimalist bathroom doesn't have to be stark, and it definitely doesn't have to be boring. Incorporate simple yet striking dark tones with natural touches for a space that's both wonderfully simple and incredibly stylish.

14. Mid-century modern bathroom

Soothing curves, luscious shades, and chic accents all come together to create a mid-century modern aesthetic that might make your bathroom your new favorite place to spend time. Include personal touches during the remodel, and you might end up with the stylish bathroom of your dreams.

15. Raised bathroom floor

When you remodel your bathroom, you might consider moving your vanity or even swapping out a wall. But what about the floor? Beyond putting down new tiles, you could also raise a section of the floor to create a platform for your tub.

16. Modern marble

The way that marble has been styled may have changed over the years, however, it's still a popular choice these days, thanks in part to the fact that it comes in so many colors and displays such stunning natural lines, specks, and lusciously smooth sections. Pairing marble with sleek fixtures and accents can create a gorgeous modern bathroom.

17. White and bright wood paneling

There are plenty of options when it comes to what to do with your bathroom walls. You could paint them, put up wallpaper, or opt for tiles. Of course, you could also install wood paneling. Natural shades would certainly look lovely, as would wood that's white and bright.

18. Spa-like bathroom space

You don't have to pay every time you want to enjoy a luxurious vibe at home. Simply remodel your bathroom to look like a spa, including a soothing style and top-notch amenities such as a soaker tub and perhaps even heated floors.

19. Go for gold walls

Add some glitter and glam to your bathroom remodel. Opt for gorgeous gold walls to suit your fabulously flashy side, and be sure to set it off with dark details and lighting that makes the space glow.

20. Open the bathroom to your bedroom

If you live alone or aren't overly modest, knocking out a wall and connecting your bathroom to your bedroom can be a wonderful way to make both spaces seem bigger. If you'd like a little separation still, you can put up glass walls and sliding glass doors between each room.

21. Expand the space with mirrors

Along with making a space look bigger, mirrors can also redirect light to make a room brighter. When you remodel your bathroom, you could either pop up a mirror or two in various spots, or you could install full mirror panels on the walls.

22. Vertical two-toned walls

Why settle for just one wall color when you can have two? Choose a pair of tones that work well together and combine them in horizontal sections on your bathroom walls. You can even use two different textures on your walls two add another level of visual interest.

23. Horizontal two-toned walls

Two-toned walls don't just have to be arranged and installed vertically. You could alter the effect slightly by arranging and installing the two tones, textures, or materials horizontally for something that's just as stylish.

24. Angled ceilings

Create an eye-catching space from top to bottom by adding an angled ceiling in your bathroom. You could either install a full vaulted ceiling or simply opt for a slant, slope, peak, or even sunken section in one area.

25. Wood floors

You might have hardwood floors in your living room and bedroom, perhaps even in your gorgeous rustic kitchen. But have you ever thought about having wood floors in your bathroom? Just ensure that they're treated properly to protect them against the water, and wood flooring in the bathroom can be just as stunning as in any other room.

26. Pair vintage with modern

Use every stylish trend from various eras that you adore in one bathroom for a stunningly eclectic look. For instance, you could create a vanity that combines a modern sink basin on top of an antique base while also placing a sleek shelf on vintage-inspired floor tiles.

27. Get creative with extra storage space

It might not appear at first as if you have anywhere to add extra storage space when you remodel your bathroom. However, consider using — or creating — nooks and crannies to pop in built-in shelves and tucked-away cupboards.

28. Modern marine vibe

A marine vibe always suits a bathroom and can be achieved with a modern touch. Use light blue tiles that are angled like waves with navy blue accents around the space. Opt for distressed wood floors that mimic the bottom of a boat, while a circular mirror with a shiny gold frame can look like a porthole.

29. Living room-ish bathroom

If you like to spend a fair share of time in your bathroom, then you might want to style it in the same way you would a living room. Install wide windows and put up curtains while also putting down sleek flooring and maybe even adding a fireplace (working or not, antique or electric).

30. Boho bathroom

Use earthy shades, natural materials, and artisanal accents to create a boho bathroom. Add woven baskets for storage and a rattan rug for under your feet to finish off the stylish remodel.

31. Create an outdoor shower

Depending on the existing layout of your property and how much privacy it allows as well as floorplan possibilities for your bathroom, you could always embrace an indoor-outdoor space. For instance, keep sections of the bathroom tucked away privately while opening up one wall and installing an outdoor shower.

32. Install an outdoor bathtub

Your shower isn't the only part of your bathroom that can be set up in a new outdoor extension of the space. You could also install an outdoor bathtub so that you can soak up the sun while you soak in the water or enjoy a bubble bath under the stars.

33. Chic contemporary bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to give it a contemporary makeover. Combine sleek fixtures with bold shades and the occasional pop of bright color to create a space that perfectly combines and flaunts modern interior style trends.

34. White textured walls

White bathrooms are often pristine. However, by adding a roughly textured wall in an all-white room, you can create a uniquely eye-catching space. Frankly, it might be hard to resist running your hands over the charmingly coarse walls each time you enter the room.

35. Symmetrical bathroom

Having two of everything can make life easier if you share your bathroom with a partner. That's why you might fall in love with a symmetrical bathroom. When you remodel, simply mirror everything from the cupboards and vanities to the décor and, well, even mirror the mirrors.

36. Pretty purple bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom or powder room and aren't into a dramatic style, then you can instead opt for a lighter color to keep the space bright and prevent it from feeling closed in. Consider a rather pretty color such as purple to create a warm and welcoming look.

37. Go green

It's hard to go wrong with a dark forest green, especially if it's used with a bright white base and gold accents, and it's a combination that can certainly work in your own bathroom remodel. Think about finishing off the redesign with matching candles and pops of greenery for a luscious and luxurious look.

38. Rock-filled bathroom floor

Create a calm aesthetic in your bathroom by adding rock-filled floors. With plenty of platforms for you to walk on or to add décor, the glittering white stones between each space will add to the almost meditative-like atmosphere.

39. Unusual bathroom fixtures

Although there are definitely things that you need to have in your bathroom, that doesn't mean that you can't have fun with the space. Just try opting for unusual bathroom fixtures — everything from the sink and counter to the lights and flooring, not to mention the tub and toilet.

40. Utterly elegant bathroom

Take inspiration from your favorite fancy hotel to create the bathroom of your dreams. Install a luxurious bathtub and gilded mirrors as well as an ornate vanity, a sleek floor, and even a crystal chandelier.