Take A Tour Of This Iconic New Mexico 'Earthship' Home That's For Sale

When it comes to the necessities of a home, most have the basics that one needs. Electricity, running water, and walls usually made of sheetrock or paneling are just a few of the many. However, Earthships are far from anything like this. According to Scientific American, they make their energy exclusively from solar panels instead of natural gas or nuclear energy. Furthermore, the structure of these unique homes is made from natural and sometimes recycled materials such as cans, trash, and even old tires. These homes are designed to make use of renewable energy sources that are non-polluting but still meet all the power needs that one might require, such as heating and cooling.

If this type of home is your dream, then you're in luck. An Earthship home is for sale in the state of Mexico for $3.5 million, according to Realtor.com. However, you better act fast as there are currently only ten of these homes on the market nationwide. Located in the Santa Fe area, this eco-friendly home, known as the "Desert Flower," was built in 1981 from adobe and stucco materials. Sitting at 7,913 square feet, this home is relatively large in size and sits on 11 acres of land. Additionally, the interior of the home features five bedrooms and seven full-size and half bathrooms.

The exterior is just as eco-friendly as the inside

One of the most appealing exterior features of this home is the inground pool that resides on the far backside, via Realtor.com. With jets installed around the inside of the pool, this is the perfect place to relax in the hot New Mexico sun, especially during the summer months. While relaxing in the pool, there's also an outdoor grill nearby that can be used to grill burgers, hotdogs, or other endless amounts of food possibilities. Sitting just a few feet away from this grill is a table with four matching chairs that can be used to enjoy this meal outdoors. Additionally, outdoor lights hang from up above for one to enjoy these activities at nightfall.

The scenery of this home is stunning as well. There's a small flower garden with a variety of flowers located on this property. One area of this garden even has a pathway for those wanting to take a closer look. Furthermore, this home sits high up on a hill giving an impeccable view of the skyline that can be seen miles and miles away. This home also has exterior space to house up to four horses which is perfect as one can take a horse on a trail ride to enjoy even more scenery that may not be accessible from the home.

The basic necessities of this home are equally appealing

Like with any other home, this Earthship includes the basic necessity rooms as well, including bedrooms and bathrooms. Starting with the five bedrooms, per Realtor.com, this home is perfect for a large family or those wanting to house guests. On the other hand, these rooms don't have to be used as bedrooms as they can be turned into other extravagant rooms or used as storage. No matter the choice, these bedrooms also include fireplaces to keep warm during the winter months that the rocky mountain state may bring. Some bedrooms even have a door connected to the outside, allowing for fresh air to enter the room whenever desired.

Not to be left out, the bathrooms are just as appealing. The full-sized bathrooms in this organic home feature combined showers and bathtubs, allowing the user to have choices. Right outside of these showers are a few shelves that can be used to hold numerous items such as a phone or jewelry. A small-sized sink resides just on the outside of the shower and bathtub that is perfect to take care of basic needs like brushing one's teeth. While the sink itself is small, the counter and cabinets it resides on are large in size, which is convenient to store hygiene products along with whatever items one might need.

Both the living room and kitchens areas are eye-catching

Now, on to the main events of this energy-efficient home. To begin with, there is a large couch that sits directly in the middle of this room, providing a ton of seating space. In front of this massive couch is a round table made out of stone. Additionally, there is a small loveseat-sized couch in the far corner with a small coffee table providing even more but more secluded space. Directly between these two areas, hanging from the ceiling is a swing chair that can seat around one or two people. Many plants are spread throughout this room, providing both decoration and natural resources to this already earth-friendly home.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, one of the best rooms in this home is the kitchen. Unlike the living room, this room is slightly smaller in size. With that being said, this kitchen is still just as impressive as any other room in this home. Directly in the middle of this kitchen sits a center island. The stove resides directly in the middle of this island, with a ton of counter space surrounding it on all ends. Directly behind the stove sits a toaster oven mounted on a shelf on the wall. Just a few feet away from this resides three sinks, all side by side and are medium in size.