Here's Where Your Favorite Stars In The 90s Lived

Whether you're at the mall, watching Netflix, or scrolling Instagram, one thing seems to be true — the '90s are back. That's unsurprising considering what an epic decade of pop culture it was (in the opinion of a '90s kid, anyway.) There were oversized cell phones, neon colors, bad jokes, and straight-leg jeans. According to The Seattle Times, this era also produced some of the best movies and television shows we've ever seen. Just look at classics like "When Harry Met Sally," "Clueless," "Boy Meets World," and "Beverly Hills, 90210." They just don't make them like this anymore.

Even though we haven't heard from many of our favorite '90s stars for a while, they're still alive and kicking — and many of them live in luxurious celebrity homes in the most expensive cities in the world, even if they're well past their career primes. Here's where some of your favorite stars from the '90s call home.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s $6 million Hamptons-style home

It's been a long time since Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s glory days of the '90s, but the star-studded couple is going strong. They still live in the stunning Los Angeles mansion they bought in 2013 for $6.1 million. Parade reported that Gellar and Prize Jr. moved when their son, Rocky, turned one, and they needed more space for the new family of four (they also have a daughter). The 7,300-square-foot home is in the Mandeville Canyon neighborhood of Brentwood. It looks like someone dropped a Hamptons home straight into California, which is usually known for its modern style with clean lines (via Today).

The East Coast Traditional home features six bedrooms with cozy touches like hardwood floors, high-end finishes, fireplaces, and formal spaces for entertaining guests. Behind the white façade, the family enjoys high-end amenities like a colossal playroom for the kids, a private fitness center, a personal theater, and a resort-like pool area with a hot tub, stone patio, lounge chairs, and manicured shrubbery. There's also another covered patio attached to the home. It features a dining area ideal for dining al fresco in the California sunshine.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's $6 million Pacific Palisades family house

We last saw Jennifer Love Hewitt on the big screen about a decade ago. However, the star isn't venturing too far from her Hollywood home. Per PureWow, Hewitt and her husband since 2012, Brian Hallisay, bought a Pacific Palisades abode in 2020 for $6 million for their family of four. The six-bedroom Cape Cod-style home sits on a stone driveway and is nearly all white, with a white façade, white walls, carved ceilings, and white furniture.

A marble fireplace is the centerpiece of the bright living room. The room also has a glass coffee table surrounded by greenery and white florals. The kitchen features stainless steel and black-and-white colors, bringing a modern vibe to the cozy oak floors and plush dining chairs. Hewitt's bedroom has one wall that opens out to a private patio, bringing more natural light into the home. The bed rests on a neutral-patterned rug next to a gray couch and several vintage furnishings. The bathroom also has some stylish elements, like a standalone white tub and a colossal vanity perfect for applying makeup. The outside area is a haven for Hewitt's kids due to the pool and grassy lawn.

Melissa Joan Hart's million-dollar Studio City mansion

Remember "Melissa & Joey," a sitcom that ran from 2010 to 2015 starring Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart? Before the show ended in 2015, Hart decided it was time for her to stop spending so much time on the road. According to PopSugar, she bought a $1 million home across the street from CBS Studios. Although "Melissa & Joey" is long gone, Hart still owns the Studio City property with husband Mark Wilkerson. However, it's undergone some changes through the years. Thanks to Lonni Paul, an interior decorator to the stars, the home now features an open floor plan, colorful kids' rooms and bathrooms, and several family-friendly elements for the couple's sons.

The backyard features a fun, bright blue dining set on a stone patio. The home's façade has ivy creeping romantically up the side (via InteriorHolic). The kitchen features all-white cabinetry and a huge kitchen island with dark wood floors. This room leads directly into the living room, which boasts patterned silver rugs and greenery. There's even more green in the kids' bathroom, which comes alive with blue and green stripes. One of the kids' rooms also has bright blue walls and playful images of toys hung on the walls.

Alicia Silverstone's eco-friendly Hollywood Hills home

Alicia Silverstone is known for playing ditzy queen bee Cher in "Clueless." However, in reality, the actress is an environmental and animal rights activist who built an eco-friendly home in the Hollywood Hills. According to Today, Silverstone's kitchen has plenty of environmentally-friendly features, including reclaimed and untreated wood.

The actress enlisted interior designer Sasha Emerson to help outfit her dream home (via Comfy Haven). The abode features reclaimed furniture in different colors and eye-popping pieces, like a crystal chandelier above the dining table, distressed wood shelving, and even chairs made from former wine barrels. Silverstone has had the 2,400-square-foot pad for nearly three decades (via Berg Properties). She paid about $600,000 for it a few years before marrying her husband, Christopher Jarecki. The four-bedroom house with two bathrooms has been a Hollywood Hills staple since being built in 1951 on a lot that measures less than a quarter of an acre. On the property, Silverstone enjoys a trampoline, a vegetable garden so she can harvest her produce, and a clothesline for drying clothes without the use of electricity.

Macaulay Culkin's New York City apartment

After turning 19 in 1999, Macaulay Culkin was finally able to be "Home Alone." The child star bought his first apartment, spending over $1.7 million on a condo that spans the entire floor of its building. According to Observer, the place encompasses over 5,000-square-feet, which is more than enough space for Culkin. Culkin's friends Adam Green and Toby Goodshank, who were in the band Moldy Peaches, also lived here.

Culkin bought the three-bedroom abode at 704 Broadway for slightly less than its asking price. A similar apartment from the actor's building is pictured here. However, it looked pretty different after Culkin bought it. Pieces of plastic, mismatched furniture, discarded cigarettes, liquor bottles, and eclectic artwork inspired by '90s pop culture were shown in the NYC apartment when Culkin posed for Bullet magazine (via Daily Mail). It all makes a bit more sense considering that Culkin, Goodshank, and Green were in an art collective at the time, and they used the apartment as a makeshift studio.

Winona Ryder's historic San Francisco home

When Winona Ryder was at the height of her fame in 1995, she spent $1.3 million on a historic home in San Francisco in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city. People reported that the three-bedroom Victorian house dates back to 1902 and has over 3,000-square-feet of living space. However, after 25 years, Ryder decided to move on from 2526 Union Street. She listed the home for nearly $5 million in 2020, and it quickly sold, leaving Ryder with an immense profit.

Despite Ryder's many dark roles in productions such as "Edward Scissorhands," "Beetlejuice," and "Stranger Things," we're kind of disappointed that her San Francisco home is so normal. The airy and open home features wood floors, a neutral palette, plenty of windows, and a calm aura. Unlike many homes in the city, it even had a spacious garden with manicured shrubbery surrounded by a brick patio and a deck with beautiful views. Inside, Ryder enjoyed a cream-colored living room with a large bay window. Comfy chairs and couches surrounded a modern coffee table. This area led directly into a kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and a dining area ideal for entertaining.

Drew Barrymore's Hamptons farmhouse

With her girl-next-door vibe, Drew Barrymore never seemed like the type for a celebrity mega-mansion. According to the New York Post, the star bought a 5,000-square-foot converted farmhouse in the Hamptons in 2019 for $5.97 million. Although it appears to have a cozy demeanor with exposed wood beams, arched roof, wood-planked exterior, and history dating back a century, Barrymore's home still has celebrity-worthy touches. The star is worth $125 million, after all.

Some of the standout features include nearly two acres of land, a pool, an accompanying pool house, a playset for her two daughters, a huge gourmet kitchen with hanging copper pots and pans, and a colossal library with built-in bookshelves. Inside Barrymore's home, there's also lots of cool and colorful decor, trendy mismatched dining room chairs, and enough health and beauty supplies to last a lifetime (via Hello!). The best part is that it's all just a mile from the beach in Sagaponack, a small village with a population of only 300 people. This tiny village is actually the priciest zip code on the entire East Coast (via Insider).

Zachery Ty Bryan's Glendale home

Zachery Ty Bryan is no longer just the son of Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor on "Home Improvement." He's now a grown adult. According to the Los Angeles Times, the former star, who played Brad on the popular '90s show, listed his home in the private San Rafael Estates neighborhood for $1.38 million. The one-story house dates back to the 1960s and seems to have the best of both worlds. The property is away from the road, and there are killer views of Glendale and the surrounding wilderness.

Inside the 2,500-square-foot home, Bryan enjoyed tons of windows, a fireplace, a primary suite alongside a sunny deck and pool, and a gourmet kitchen with enough space for a dining room table. There's also a barbecue, firepit, and a spa area perfect for unwinding after long days of filming. There are also two other bedrooms, besides the primary, and two-and-a-half bathrooms. To make the deal even sweeter for Bryan, he bought the pad for just $690,000 more than 20 years ago, meaning he doubled his profits.

Candace Cameron's completely renovated Malibu family home

It's been a while since we saw Candace Cameron on "Full House" and "Fuller House." However, she's still doing well, judging by her pad in Malibu. According to the Los Angeles Times, she bought the home in 2015 with her hockey player husband, Valeri Bure. Cameron and Bure spent several years revamping the mid-century abode (via Closer Weekly). Now, the pad, which dates back more than 50 years, is perfect for the Bure/Cameron family. It features four bedrooms, a big kitchen, a family hangout room, and cozy touches.

In the living room, comfy couches and armchairs surround a stone fireplace. There are plenty of family photos of Cameron, her husband, and their three kids. Walls of glass let in sunlight for an airy, natural feel. The family can stroll directly into the kitchen from the living room due to the easy-access layout. Cameron enjoys stainless steel appliances, a marble island, and other luxurious amenities. The outside area features a pool, deck, palm trees, and lounge chairs.

Christina Ricci's $2 million Brooklyn townhouse dates back more than a century

It's a far cry from the Addams Family mansion, but in 2015, Christina Ricci and her husband, James Heerdegen, dropped nearly $2 million on a Brooklyn townhouse with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Per the New York Post, the townhouse at 67 Adelphi St. in the Fort Greene neighborhood dates back more than a century and measures a little over 2,200-square-feet. It includes a gourmet kitchen, a backyard, a charming living room with a gas-burning fireplace, and even a separate apartment one could rent for extra income (if you're not a celebrity, that is).

However, this property has changed exponentially over the years. The price of the three-floor townhouse ballooned from $350,000 to $2 million in just four years due to a revamp completed by previous owners (via 6sqft). The area has also become immensely more popular thanks to it being the home of creatives like Walt Whitman, John Steinbeck, and Truman Capote through the years (via Variety). Ricci moved here with Heerdegen after selling their Los Feliz home a few months prior.

Selma Blair's eclectic and colorful California home

With a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, it would be easy for Selma Blair, who starred in hits such as "Legally Blonde," "Cruel Intentions," and "The Sweetest Thing," to retreat into a no-nonsense house. However, the '90s star went in the opposite direction. According to Architectural Digest, Blair lives in a colorful Cape Cod in Fryman Canyon, an area of California outside Studio City. The four-bedroom abode dates back to the 1950s and features a playful mix of bright colors and fun touches.

In the entryway, guests are greeted by plaid lining the stairs — very Vivian Kensington — next to a bright blue rug. The living room features a quilted leather brown couch next to vintage chairs topped with patterned pillows and next to a marble coffee table. There's also a marble fireplace under a crystal chandelier on another blue rug. In the downstairs bathroom, the sink is lined entirely with gold. The dining room feels natural with forest green walls and orange benches. Outside, a colossal white playset with a slide and fort for Blair's son Arthur sits atop a lush green lawn.

Robin Tunney's retro Beverly Hills house

Robin Tunney, who starred in movies including "Encino Man" and "Empire Records," has a stunning home in Beverly Hills that looks more like an architectural museum than a 50-year-old house. According to Architectural Digest, this makes sense considering that Tunney's husband is an interior designer for the stars. Tunny and her husband, Nicky Marmet, moved into the abode after three years of searching for the perfect property, and they found it when they stumbled upon this place designed by sculptor Morris Levine.

The mid-century modern home is perfect for Tunney, Marmet, and their young son. The space features four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, outdoor space and pool, and a sunny interior. In the kitchen, there are wood-paneled cabinets and a rabbit cookie jar. The living room boasts low-profile green couches and a sleek glass coffee table. Mirrors line the colossal primary bathroom for an upscale look. A stylish leather headboard rests behind the bed in the primary bedroom. 

Ashley Olsen's Greenwich Village condo spans an entire floor

These days, Ashley Olsen has her own "Full House." The famous Olsen twin paid nearly $7 million for a floor of a Greenwich Village building in 2016. Per Observer, Olsen splurged on the condo at 37 East 12th Street. The setup includes stunning sloped ceilings, a kitchen nearly entirely decked out in white oak and stainless steel appliances, and lots of marble details — including a vanity from the Museum of Modern Art — throughout 3,000-square-feet. Plus, even though it's in New York City, there's still lots of privacy and a personal elevator.

The original asking price for the condo was $8.65 million, so Olsen got a good deal (via StreetEasy). The building is over a hundred years old and used to be an art gallery, so, unsurprisingly, it features so many unique touches. A developer later bought it for $26 million and designed it as a celebrity-worthy building. Olsen's sister, Ashley, recently listed her former NYC home.

Elizabeth Hurley's Georgian estate in England surrounded by 187 acres

In the '90s, Elizabeth Hurley was the go-to girl for casting a sexy Brit. She has starred in many films, including the "Austin Powers" franchise. These days, she lives in a stunning rural estate in Herefordshire, England. According to the Daily Mail, Hurley bought the home for $6 million with her former husband, Shane Warne. Although Warne was gone just a year later, the 187-acre property with a whopping 13 bedrooms continues to be Hurley's dream home.

It's an estate fit for a queen with four visitors' homes onsite, equestrian stables for over a dozen horses, a private lake, and a tennis court. There's also lawn space, where Hurley frequently posts photos of her workout routine. The Georgian-style home itself is beautiful, too. The pale yellow façade is lined with ivy and has a historic ambiance fitting for the area.