A Look Inside The $5 Million NYC Apartment NFL Star Jerry Tillery Toured

Joe Tillery has been a defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers since 2019, when he was selected as number 28 overall, as per ESPN. Lately, Tillery has been spotted hanging around NYC touring a $5 million apartment in a luxury condominium with direct views of central park, says the New York Post. Tillery was born in Louisiana and played ball at the University of Notre Dame before becoming an NFL defensive end. Why he is looking for apartments in NYC is a mystery so far. However, it may break more interesting news in the future.

Joe Tillery is known to stand out, and this apartment could be the thing to help him do that even more. With incredible park views and full-service amenities, no one can deny the grandeur of fancy city living when they take a look at this apartment. Whether or not Tillery actually rents this incredible space, we can certainly say it fits his fresh vibe.

A view of Central Park

The outside of this apartment is a sight to see. It has a large patio surrounded by glass fencing and plenty of sitting areas, complete with a dining table and an oversized jacuzzi, as shown on Zillow. The outdoor space is sandwiched between hedges, bushes, flowers, and other greenery to give the owners total privacy from their neighbors, allowing them to feel like they are alone as they look out into the heart of Central Park.

The outdoor spaces on this property have a wide view of the park showing the tall buildings of New York in the distance. There is no better way to feel like you are in nature while still being within walking distance from some of your favorite restaurants. During the warmer New York City summers, you can see yourself lounging on the patio furniture while reading a good book or hanging out with friends at the dining table while eating a delicious meal.

Plenty of space for entertainment

This $5 million NYC luxury apartment has a total of four bedrooms and three bathrooms, as seen on the listing by Compass. Three of the bedrooms were built in a row with nearly the same dimensions making them perfect options as children's bedrooms or temporary guest rooms. The master bedroom is located on the opposite side of the apartment, where it has a walk-in closet and its own private bathroom. Even though most of the bedrooms are quite small, we wouldn't expect anyone to hang out in them for too long anyway. Instead, they'll want to be hanging out on the patio or in other parts of the condominium, such as the gym, the residents-only lounge, or the children's playroom.

It seems like there is plenty of entertainment to go around in this apartment building, whether you are in the mood to relax, exercise, play, or just hang out in one of the many lounge areas. Even simply taking a stroll around this property's rooftop deck will awe and keep you occupied for quite some time.

Great natural light

What really steals the show in this home is the floor-to-ceiling windows in the open concept living room. Other large windows are featured in other bedrooms and living spaces, but this one stretches widely across much of the apartment. The light wood frame especially stands out against the white ceiling in the room and the white oak floors, shown by the New York Post. As soon as you step into the apartment, you are greeted by a tremendous amount of natural light and the views of Central Park. This area has no television; instead, you'll notice plenty of seats for relaxing alone or with friends.

It's the perfect home to invite family and friends over to drink, talk, and relax. You are meant to cook and eat here as well. As per the Compass listing, there is an eat-in island, custom cabinetry, sleek marbled countertops, a backsplash made from glass, and some great fully-integrated appliances. Not to mention, both the dining room and kitchen look out over the park. You would have everything you need to make the perfect meal and dining experience every day you stay.