A Look Inside The Luxurious NYC Home Amanda Seyfried Is Selling For $3.25 Million

Most popular for her role as Karen in the iconic movie "Mean Girls," Amanda Seyfried was born in 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, via Biography. Born to an occupational therapist and a pharmacist, Seyfried decided to take a different career path than either of her parents. She began modeling at the young age of 11 before starting her acting career while she still attended high school. Eventually, Seyfried moved to New York to further pursue her acting career. Now, she is selling this luxurious home for a large sum.

On the market for $3.25 million, this condo is located in Greenwich Village in New York, per Dirt. Originally, this building was built in 1928 and converted into condos in 2009. The interior of this stunning condo features two bedrooms and two bathrooms and is around 1,585 feet in size. While the building itself is 12 stories tall, this convenient condo is located on the bottom floor, making for easy access. Seyfried purchased this home well over a decade ago in 2010 for around $1.9 million. Many lavish amenities included in this complex include storage units, a rooftop terrace, a courtyard, a fitness center, a playroom for children, and 24-hour doorman services.

A cute and simple living room

One of the main areas of this home, the living room, has features adding a soft girl aesthetic with an array of light pinks and yellows, via Realtor.com. A bright white fireplace is at the center of attention, with a large mirror hanging directly above it. Two large tea lights reside on each side, providing a small amount of light to the already bright room. Along with the fireplace, on the same wall, are two tall bookshelves filled with decorative items such as picture frames and vases that help contribute to the theme of this room.

All the walls are white, which helps bring a natural tone to this aesthetic. A light pink couch sits directly across from the fireplace, with a brighter pink chair residing in the corner. A bright pink pillow that similarly matches the chair color also resides on the couch to bring the two together. A bright while hollowed-out table stands in between these two seats with gold legs. On top of this table are a book, a vase, and a few other decorative items similar to those on the bookshelf. On the wall behind the couch is a small brown desk with a chair and a large painting hanging on the wall above the desk.

A spacious and large kitchen

Much like the living room, the kitchen itself is bright and white, per Zillow. Along with the walls themselves, all the cabinets, the counters, the sink, and even the fridge itself is all white. The sink faucet, lights above the center island, and the handles on each of the cabinets are all stainless steel which helps to even out the tone in this room. Aside from a small stove, the island also features a stainless steel mini fridge as well. This is perfect to keep cold drinks in and helps to save space in the main fridge at the same time. Keeping up with the metal theme, three large barstools also reside on the opposite end of the center island.

On the opposite end of the room, a large white table with metal legs sits along with six red chairs. These chairs bring a different color and feel to the room, making it cozier. Directly above the table is a large mirror with a brown wooden frame. Similar to this frame, the floors in this kitchen are a bright brown color which further brings this coziness to this area of the home. Not to be missed, there are two windows on the far end of this room. One is large in size while the other is a standard medium size. This is perfect and beneficial to bring in some natural light to this already bright room during the day.

The bedrooms are extravagant

Keeping up with the soft girl aesthetic from the living room, one of the bedrooms is just as luxurious, via Zillow. The bed itself is large in size and has a nice brown and pink headboard attached. While the ceiling and baseboards are white, this room actually has a beige wallpaper in it. The floors are similar to the ones in the kitchen as they are both bright brown wooden floors. However, in this room, a large white and fluffy rug sits directly under the bed. Two large windows also accompany the room, as well as two tall bookcases on each side. Below the window seat are cabinets providing extra storage to whoever resides in this room.

The second bedroom, while still as extravagant as the rest of the house, has more of a simpler neutral tone. While all the other walls are white, an accent wall is the center of attention in this room, featuring an off-white background with pine trees all around. The bed in this room is slightly smaller in size compared to the other room and has a light brown wooden headboard. Much like the other rooms, the floors are a brown and wooden color that is slightly darker than the headboard. Two large windows reside on two separate walls with brown curtain shades. Two white nightstands that are almost identical to the living room table sit on each side of the bed with two matching lamps on top.