A Look Inside The $750K Custom Tennessee Home Featuring An Apple Orchard

Unlike big states such as California or New York, most of Tennessee offers more of a secluded and southern aesthetic. Of course, you have the big city of Nashville, but most other cities and towns have a much simpler vibe to them. The county of Gibson is no exception. Additionally, life in the south, as well as in other areas, tends to consist of a lot of outdoor activities. Some of these activities can include farming and gardening. Other times, it can include something like taking care of an apple orchard. If this sounds like your dream life, then you're in luck. An extravagant southern home with an apple orchard is on the market for $750K.

Located at 83 Vick Rd in the Bradford area of Tennessee, this two-story home was built in 2015 and is 3,455 square feet in size, via Zillow. The home itself, along with the apple orchard and a few other exterior luxuries, sits on 13 acres of land. There's still a ton of room to grow and add other features as well. The interior of the home includes three bedrooms, two full baths, and one half bath. This wide property is the perfect place to seclude yourself from the city life or host an extravagant party.

The apple orchard is just one of many exterior features

Of course, the main event of this large property is the apple orchard. With rows and rows of apple trees, this type of life is both time-consuming and money-saving. It takes a lot of hard work to care for apple trees and make sure they are getting their proper needs. However, it's also a great way to save money as you no longer need to buy this fruit at the store, and you can also sell it to local residents to make a little bit of extra money. Aside from apples, there are pear trees, peach trees, and grapevines also grown on this orchid, according to Realtor.com. This further consumes time and saves money.

While the apple orchard is clearly the main exterior feature of this home, there are a few other notable aspects as well. To begin with, there is a guest house that perfectly matches the orchard vibe this property gives off. With a green roof, red door, and flowers planted around it, it's a perfect place to have a hangout spot or to rent it out to make even more extra money. There is also a large shop located on the backside of the property. The entrances include one main door and two wide garage doors. This is perfect for building items, working on vehicles, or whatever one decides they want this space to be.

Both the living room and kitchen are equally impressive

The main area of a home that a family usually hangs out in is the living room. The one located in this home is nothing short of extravagant. One of the most appealing and eye-catching features in this main room is the large staircase, per Zillow. While being mostly white and matching all the walls in the room, the steps themselves are a brown wooden color that adds to the southern aesthetic this estate gives off. Much like the stairs, the floors in this room are also wooden and brown with several area rugs residing on top. The sitting area consists of a large wrap around white couch with dark brown leather chairs. The contrasts of this furniture bring a farmhouse feel into the extravagant space.

Much like the living room, this kitchen is also vastly large in size with tons of space to move around. The most captivating attribute in this room is probably the flooring. Made with diamond black and white tiles spread throughout, this floor is one you likely won't see anywhere else. A center island resides directly in the center of the kitchen and is used for extra cabinet space with a few bar stools underneath for one to enjoy a meal. While most of the cabinets are brown in color, the cabinets surrounding the sink and the stove are black. Although you can't see much of the walls in this room, they are gray in color.

Extravagant and elegant are the themes of the bedrooms

Perhaps one of the most important features of this home, and any home in general, are the bedrooms. After all, this is a place where people start and end each day of their lives, and the bedrooms in this home don't fall short of impressive. Via Realtor.com, One of the standard bedrooms consists of a glamor-type theme featuring whites, light pinks, and a touch of gold. While the floor is covered in tan carpet, there is a large white rug at the foot of the bed under a pink bedroom bench. Adjacent to the rug is a large black framed mirror with gold and silver-toned designs. The headboard of the bed is a tan color, while the bed itself mostly consists of white bedding and pillows with a splash of pink.

As for the other standard bedroom, it's both similar and different from the previous one. It keeps up with the light-colored theme with pale gray walls and all-white bedding. However, there is no splash of pink in this room, nor is it in any way glamorous. However, it is still elegant as a bright chandelier hangs directly above the bed in the center of the room. A simple brown dresser resides on one side of the room with a TV directly mounted above it. On either side of the bed, in front of two tall windows, is a matching small dresser and nightstand.