This Home For Sale In Cincinnati Has The Most Extreme Carpeting

The Queen City is home to the Cincinnati Reds, Gold Star Chili, and a rather eccentric home that caught the attention of the Instagram account, Zillow Gone Wild. The property, which was originally listed for a whopping $1,100,000 before being taken off the market, has many attractive features, including 54.38 acres, 5,460 square feet of living space, and a lovely A-frame Tudor exterior, according to the listing.

The Cincinnati home has five bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, a three-car garage, a partially finished basement with a bar, multiple fireplaces, stone and brick accent walls, a home office with built-in wooden shelves, and a sunroom. Outside, there is plenty to enjoy, including a large paved driveway, an above-ground pool, and a broad outdoor recreational space, all surrounded by a dense, gorgeous forest. The real reason the home has gained so much popularity (or infamy), though, is because of a unique carpeting decision.

An interesting carpeting approach

The Zillow Gone Wild Instagram post for this Cincinnati home garnered a lot of popularity due to the presence of very extreme carpeting. The foyer of the house is quite normal, if a little gaudy, with brick walls, a cathedral-style roof, dark brown hexagonal tiles, and somewhat medieval decor. The living room just off the entrance is where the fun starts. The brick walls are replaced with stone while a shag carpet with alternating blue and green colors takes the place of the tiles. The space also features a yellow velvet couch.

The shag carpet isn't contained to the living room, though. The somewhat psychedelic carpeting continues throughout the hallway leading off the living room and into the dining room. The sunroom off the dining room has a golden shag carpet while the basement and one of the bedrooms have orange and brown shag carpeting. Another one of the bedrooms has a flat, cobalt blue carpet, and, lastly, one other bedroom is carpeted in green shag.

The Instagram response to the home is surprisingly mixed, with some positive comments reading, "I love it! Trippy AF!" and "A 70s icon. The fixtures, the Juliet balcony, the colors, the sculpted carpet... she's a dream come true." Others aren't as enamored, commenting, "Holy 1974 Bowling Alley, Batman...." and "I can smell that house." There is certainly a lot of potential for this home and property, as long as the future owner has an affinity for shag carpeting.