A Look Inside This Gorgeous Farm In Hawaii That's Selling For $4 Million

If you are one of those people who has a desperate need to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and dream of one day moving far away and living the off-grid life, then this is your chance. Not only does this property for sale offers a self-sustained way to live your days, but you get to do it surrounded by the gorgeous views of tropical Hawaii. Located in a private community in Haiku, this stunning Hawaiian home — adorably known as the "Art Farm" — is set on just under 16 acres of land and elevated a whopping 2000 feet overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean, per the listing on Realtor.

However, just because the property is considered an off-the-grid farm, don't for a moment think that you will be living a dusty simple existence. This property contains some incredible modern amenities, which make it more than worth the $3.995 million price tag. Now let's take a look at all the amazing attributes of this dream home in paradise.

A look outside of this Hawaiian farm

At first glance, this Hawaiian home may seem like a hodge-podge of slapped together out-buildings; however, once you really get a look at the whole picture, you will discover the important function of every part of the home. This massive property has within it multiple buildings that work together to pull off its off-the-grid artsy vibe. The main living space is comprised of a 960 square foot home but also has a separate cottage, workshop, and place to store your vehicles which also doubles as housing for extra solar energy storage.

Every inch of the home seems to be cleverly dedicated to storing energy and conserving resources. Along with four dozen solar panels lining the roof and a generator backed with propane power, the very shape of the home also helps in overall sustainability. According to Realtor, the shape of the quirky grooved and angled roof actually helps to collect the water that trickles down so it can be stored for future use. Even the home's huge 40-foot swimming pool was created using a recycled shipping container.

The surprisingly luxurious inside of this Hawaiian farm

Within the walls of the seemingly humble one-bedroom, one-bathroom main home hides a wealth of luxury and comforts beyond imagining. The make-up of the inside of the home is incredibly modern and super luxurious. Although the living space is under 1000 square feet, the home seems more spacious mainly due to the many large windows that appear in every room. The added light and gorgeous ocean views consistently flood the home, allowing all of the surrounding nature to feel as though it's always within arm's reach.

An ultra-modern kitchen is kept clutter-free with creative storage cabinets and drawers. In fact, every room of the home seems to have hidden cubby holes and tiered shelving, which Architectural Digest suggests can be great ways to maximize the space in smaller homes and eliminate that cramped-in feeling. The tall ceilings make the home feel more spacious and most rooms feature large bladed fans which help to increase airflow. There is no shortage of opportunities to spend your time outside enjoying the beautiful ocean air as the home has multiple balconies and even a full outdoor kitchen so you can prepare your meals in the open.

Many amazing amenities within the Hawaiian home

If you thought that off-grid living meant sacrificing certain comforts, then think again because this opulent home has it all. Even though you would probably get enough exercise from walking the almost 16 acres of property surrounding this beautiful home, it also has a fully functional exercise room with ocean views and a sauna that is powered using infra-red technology, according to the listing on Realtor.

In the adjacent barn, there is also a massive theatre room with an oversized 110-inch projector system. If you are a working-with-your-hands type of person, then the property also has a large Quonset hut workshop complete with skylights and plenty of space for storage. This property also has multiple entertaining areas so that you can wine and dine with many guests. This absolute gem of a home has the ability to help you live independently and off-the-grid without saying goodbye to any of the modern comforts.