10 Stunning Million-Dollar Homes In Tennessee

If you've been thinking about moving to Tennessee, you might be interested in finding out that there are quite a few stunning cities in the state. Of course, there's both Nashville and Memphis, but you might also adore Franklin, Gatlinburg, and Knoxville, as Culture Trip notes. While prices surely range from location to location and depending on what kind of property you have your eye on, the average home cost in Tennessee reaches $282,592 as of March 31, per Zillow.

For anyone who has a budget that's quite a bit bigger — or for those who are simply intrigued by pricey real estate — there are also quite a few abodes that cost a lot more. For instance, Predators' Pekka Rinne put his Tennessee home on the market for $5 million, while Kelly Clarkson sold her Tennessee mansion for $6.3 million. You could also opt for one of the following million-dollar homes in Tennessee, which are incredibly impressive.

1. Medieval castle

This $1.6 million home in Tennessee may not look that big from the front; however, it actually spans an impressive 7,000 square feet, Zillow's listing notes. The interior and exterior are meant to mimic a medieval castle, including towers, stonework, wood accents, and even a gargoyle, while the residence also offers plenty of modern amenities.

2. Elegant home in Franklin

Undeniably elegant, it's easy to see why this five-bedroom, 4,950-square-foot home in Franklin hit the market for $2,198,000. With a European aesthetic in mind, this abode offers plenty of attractive touches, including chandeliers above your head, hardwood floors below your feet, and fireplaces inside and outside the home (per Zillow).

3. Park-like property

The late Wayne Huizenga once owned the Miami Dolphins and also this incredible home listed by Zillow. Worth $3,698,000, that price will get the new owner an abode that features plenty of windows, lots of woodwork, and quite a few custom accents. The home also sits on a waterfront park-like property that is both tranquil and stunning.

4. Woodsy home with room for many guests

While you could enjoy this six-bedroom, 6,950-square-foot, $4,249,999 woodsy home and the accompanying 3.66 acres of land by yourself, there happens to be room for up to 29 guests! Found more than 1,000 feet above a valley, the views are just as incredible as the home itself, the Zillow listing says.

5. Plenty of space in Nashville

This $5.2 million homeowner will find themselves with 10,352 square feet in none other cities than Nashville. The Zillow listing mentions that it comes along with 2.29 acres of land. With that much space both inside and outside, the residence has plenty of room to offer a library, game room, theater, pool, and hot tub.

6. Private hilltop home

Located in Nashville, this $6,495,000 home gets plenty of privacy thanks to the tree-filled property, as per Zillow. At the same time, being on a hill provides the residents with stunning views. Inside, the home features fine touches like a crystal chandelier, marble mantels, and limestone columns.

7. Equestrian farm in Andersonville

According to Zillow, it would cost you $7,750,000 to snap up this five-bedroom, 4,120-square-foot home in Andersonville, Tennessee, filled with wood accents. That might seem like a lot of money until you discover that it also comes with more than 140 acres of land set up as an equestrian farm and training center.

8. Stately Tennessee home

The size and location of this home are only two of the reasons it hit the market for $8,350,000 (per Zillow). Found in a neighborhood that sits on a hill with a stunning view, the 11,440-square-foot residence has been designed with a stately aesthetic and boasts bonuses such as a theater room and a heated pool.

9. Staycation-worthy backyard

An impressive $10 million is what this 10,457 square-foot home was listed for on Zillow due to the theater, wine cellar, and safe room. The exterior is even more incredible thanks to the pool, shuffleboard court, and large pavilion. The residents will surely feel like they're on vacation while spending time in their own backyard.

10. The most expensive home in Tennessee

At $16.5 million, this is the most expensive Tennessee home on the market. Spanning a whopping 22,743-square-feet, the residence boasts a ballroom, a stage, a wine cellar, three kitchens, six bedrooms, nine fireplaces, 13 bathrooms, and more than 100 chandeliers, per Zillow. Would that be enough for you and your family?