Inside Rayna Jaymes' Nashville Mansion

As we watch television, there are always specific aspects that catch our attention. Sometimes it's the characters, and sometimes it's music; however, more often than not, it's a home. This is especially true for the ABC turned CMT television series, "Nashville," as it features all three aspects, with the latter being of high importance. This sensational country music drama aired from 2012 to 2018, via IMDb, with the cast featuring a variety of actors, including Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, and Charles Esten. Perhaps, the most notable and eye-catching setting of the show is the stunning mansion owned by Connie Britton's character, Rayna Jaymes.

The stunning home, constructed in 1999, is located at 1358 Page Rd in Nashville. Per Realtor, the estate was first placed on the market in 2010 for around $22.5 million. However, the price has since reduced significantly, with the current price tag being $16 million. Before this substantial price markdown, Realtor reported an initial reduction of $18 million in 2018. The mansion is about 20,533 square feet; it is two stories tall on 6 acres of land. There are six bedrooms, with one of those being a private-entry apartment that features a living room and kitchen. Eight full bathrooms and three half-baths also reside inside the home.

A look at the outside

Before we tour this glorious estate, we should examine the outdoor areas. According to Patch, many notable features are worth mentioning: For starters, the house is nestled in a woodland. Secluded from the road and nearby neighbors, countless trees inhabit the land and parts of the house, with the driveway wrapping around the property before joining the main road, reports Realtor. In addition to its natural environment, the mansion has dedicated massive outdoor spaces to meticulously landscaped lawns, towering trees, privacy shrubs, and gardens.

We love that the backyard hosts a unique two-stall barn, which seems to borrow inspiration from a guest house or even a pool house. It has double doors and a loft at the top, presenting an elegant outbuilding that guests might like to explore. Another place to see is the cabana featuring a fireplace and the parking space for over 300 vehicles. And of course, like a typical mansion, it boasts an inground pool, hot tub, and a pond that contributes to the majestic flair of the estate. 

Nashville's most iconic scenes

We remember the elegance of the kitchen because it's where Rayna Jaymes and members of her family spent most of their days. The kitchen is enormous, possessing many features and modern installations, viz, stainless steel appliances, and black quartz countertops. You will find a stand-alone refrigerator and freezer standing in separate areas. Then symmetrically, in between those two appliances, in the corner of this wrap-around kitchen, is a dual-sided stove and microwave. But it's the kitchen island, where the kitchen sink and multiple bar stools situate, which ties the entire space into a beautiful, functional knot.

Another famous location that was featured in many "Nashville" scenes is the living room. This room was where a lot of intimate family time took place and where Rayna Jaymes and company wrote many of her hit songs. The most noticeable feature of this space is the large fireplace that takes up most of the wall. The second is a massive entertainment center adjacent to the fireplace. According to Realtor, it hosts a TV, collector's items, and concealed spaces for different purposes. Finally, we have a door on the left of the entertainment center that leads outdoors.

What you didn't see on TV

This iconic show featured many incredible interior scenes; however, there were several areas in the home that fans didn't get to see much of, or at all. For one, the foyer has an incredible spiral stairwell that leads to the second floor, notes Stylish Retreats. There are also tall stone columns in the hallway that extend from the first floor to the top of the second floor, creating an archway that joins the stunning staircase and other rooms. This area is rarely dim as large tealight wall sconces on each column illuminate the narrow walkway. Along with the lights, paintings hang on the walls for all to admire.

While this residence does feature a small dining area across the kitchen, a formal dining room nestles elsewhere on the property. The walls in this area are all white; but the doorways and window coverings are brown, creating a natural contrast when light flood through the skylight and elevated windows. Finally, in the middle of the room, directly under the skylight is a black dining room furniture set encased by tall plants that also pepper the entire space.