Inside Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Former Home In Australia

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been going on since April 11. The trial stems from Depp suing Heard for claiming she was in an abusive relationship in an opinion piece she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. Depp claims the article defamed him, according to New York Post. As the trial brings evidence to light through voice recordings and testimonies, one accusation captured everyone's attention ... how Depp's finger got severed in their Australian home. While Depp claims Heard threw a vodka bottle at him and cut off his finger, Heard claims Depp chopped it off on his own.

Property manager Ben King took the stand to testify about what he witnessed after the fight between Depp and Heard in their former home. King claims he found Depp's fingertip wrapped in a paper towel under the bar, per New York Post. There were blood streaks on the wall and on the bar, along with a damaged ping pong table, and a piece of their marble staircase was missing. The damages cost up to $50,000 to repair, but luckily Depp was able to have his fingertip reattached. Here's a look inside Depp and Heard's former Australian home that was left with some sad memories.

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Surrounded by a green environment

The Australian mansion is located in Coomera with views of the Pimpama River. It's surrounded by gorgeous greenery, never-ending trees, and grassy land that extends for miles, according to Domain. The private estate has a stunning white exterior with brick accents all around it. The driveway is massive where a single road leads up to it, and it can hold numerous cars along with the mansion's six-car garage. The entrance of the home resembles those of a hotel with an overextended porch you can drive under and head up a few steps to the front door.

The backyard has a stunning inground pool located next to an outdoor kitchen with multiple tables and lounging chairs with views of the river. Surrounding the pool is a beautiful stone tile and a separate wood deck tile. A little ways on the outskirts of the mansion is a cottage with two bedrooms and a separate guesthouse with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, per the listing. The outdoor activities are endless, with a nearby go-kart track, a tennis court, and an amazing landing strip.

Breathtaking white interior with wood accents

Mimicking the exterior, the interior of the mansion has a white and wood modern style. It holds five en-suite bedrooms with their own private balcony, according to Domain. The entrance of the mansion leads both upstairs to the bedrooms and downstairs, where there's a game room with a pool table, table tennis, and drum set. The kitchen is located on the second floor and has a gorgeous wood interior with tiled flooring. The cabinets are a mahogany wood finish, and there's a granite countertop island in the middle of the kitchen with a few brown leather bar stools. It also has all stainless steel appliances.

The dining room and living room share the main space right in front of the kitchen. The dining section has a beautiful mahogany dining table with black leather dining chairs surrounding it. The flooring in this room is truly breathtaking, with the same smooth mahogany wooden floors. The living area has multiple three seating white couches with a glass countertop coffee table. It has indoor and outdoor living with direct access to the pool and deck.

Five ensuite bedrooms with private balconies

The best luxury in the mansion is the elevator that's located right next to the grand staircase with granite steps so that no one has to climb the stairs. The elevator leads to the other floors where the offices and bedrooms are located. One of the bedrooms has mostly carpet, but a small section where the bed is against the wall has a mahogany wood level, per the listing. There's a green lounging sofa in the corner of the room, along with a massage chair by the doors that lead out to the terrace. One of the bathrooms is clad in marble with a double sink mahogany vanity with marble countertops.

There's a home theater with two huge brown cushioned loveseats in front of the entertainment center and flat-screen television. The room itself is painted black with a few emerald green curtains on one wall. Other rooms are used as a home gym and various offices with different style interiors. One office has a white interior with a couple of wood accent walls and an oak finish desk. There's a beautiful dark brown leather couch located right in front of it. All the rooms have views of the outdoor green space.