Take A Tour Of This $135K Ohio Home Perfect For Friends Superfans

The television show "Friends," which ran from September 1994 to May 2004, captured the hearts of many, especially older millennials who grew up with the program. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey were fictional characters living in New York City navigating friendship, love, life, and work. Additionally, one set stands out to "Friends" superfans and casual viewers alike: That is Monica's apartment. The show centers around this apartment more than any other, with the exception of Central Perk, a coffee shop located on Monica's apartment block.

In Dayton, Ohio, a homeowner transformed her house to look just like the famous apartment, as noted by a post on the Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild. The walls feature the bright hues of purple, blue, and green that separate each room, and the furniture was carefully picked out to resemble all the exceptionally '90s-looking pieces we became familiar with. This super adorable home is currently on the market for the low price of $135,000 as a three-bedroom, one-bathroom with recent renovations.

An average home from the outside

From the outside of this home, few would be able to tell what waits inside. The two-story, white-sided Ohio property looks inconspicuous except for its bright purple door with the famous golden frame around the peephole, as shown on the listing posted by Zillow. People unfamiliar with "Friends" may think it was simply a quirky design choice, but fans are invited to take a look at the rest of the copycat home.

The house is situated in a happy, green neighborhood in Dayton, nearby local grocery stores and schools — clearly, very different from the hustle and bustle of New York City where the fictional apartment was located on the show. "Friends" superfans interested in this residence can buy the home for a fraction of the price of a New York City apartment while enjoying all the same décor as well as other nods to the legendary television show.

Nods to some of our favorite episodes of Friends

Though Monica's apartment in the show had only two bedrooms, this home makes the most out of the space that it has. The primary bedroom is decorated to look identical to Monica's pink bedroom complete with a white headboard and several french posters. As per Newsweek, there is even a box under the bed filled with condoms, candy bars, and mad-libs as a nod to the episode titled "The One with the Kips," in which Joey reveals that he hid this box under her bed as an emergency stash when Ross and Rachel get into fights.

Upstairs there are two more bedrooms that aren't exactly decorated identically to the set. The first features the same pink walls with Rachel's green-toned bed and a nightstand. On the bed sits a penguin stuffed animal which would be recognized by "Friends" fans as Joey's. In the third bedroom is a lonely but large racecar bed; this refers to the season 3 episode titled "The One with the Racecar bed," in which Phoebe accidentally signs for the hilarious bright red, adult-sized bed.

The similarities don't stop with the bathroom, either. It includes purple and white walls with black fixtures and checkered flooring as seen in the TV show. The bathroom is said to be completely renovated, according to the listing on Zillow, which mentions the new clawfoot tub that is reminiscent of the bathtub that Monica has in her apartment.

Great attention to detail

The kitchen and the living room are certainly the stars of this show. The living room furniture was picked out to closely resemble the iconic "Friends" apartment and no detail was missed. It has the white couches, the stout coffee table, the fun curtains, and even the ugly lamp on its side table. On the wall above the TV is the recognizable Aux Buttes Chaumont picture above a more timely TV than the friends' tiny box television. Of course, the decorator didn't forget the landline phone in the living room complete with a notepad that Monica would always keep nearby.

The cabinets in the kitchen are painted a bright shade of blue and many of them are missing their doors as seen on Zillow. The walls themselves have been given the faux brick treatment to resemble the real bricks we recognize in the sitcom. This room has all the decorations that make it undeniably Monica's kitchen. From the "Cookie Time" jar to the racks of pots and pans on the walls, fans will have a hard time finding something the previous owner failed to incorporate.