The Best Chairs For Your Home Office

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While the style and vibe of your home office can play a factor in your productivity and motivation, there is nothing more important than having a comfortable and quality office chair. According to Apartment Therapy, healthy posture is an absolute must when you are forced to be sedentary for multiple hours of the day. In addition to ensuring that you are stretching and moving your body consistently, it is imperative to have an ergonomic chair for the times that you will inevitably be forced to remain seated during a long day of work.

From lumbar support to firm yet comfy cushioning, there are several moving parts that go into making the perfect chair for your home office. While big names like Herman Miller have mastered the ergonomic design curated to support the body optimally, there are several options to consider when shopping for a new office chair. To that end, we've rounded up some of the best chairs for your home office so that you can focus on your work while feeling good.

1. Recline and relax in this Herman Miller Aeron Chair

There is no denying that Herman Miller is one of the top brands when it comes to making durable and inviting office chairs. In particular, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is known for its adjustable PostureFit SL pads that ensure your back and spine remain supported and upright. According to Residence Style, Herman Miller chairs possess a "purefit" design that allows the chair to contour to the specific shape of your back, preventing upper back pain as well as supporting the base of the spine. While it may surprise some, most Herman Miller chairs also feature less padding on the seat, reducing pressure on the lower back without removing any comfort.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is available in three different sizes so that various body types can get the most out of this renowned office chair. This ergonomic chair also boasts a very technical and balanced recline, contributing to your overall comfort and health as well as increasing productivity and efficiency (via Ergoal). Best of all, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is made out of a very breathable fabric, meaning your body stays cool throughout a long day of work rather than trapping heat and causing discomfort.

2. This modern and sleek chair from X-Chair is a solid choice

Available in eight different colors, the X4 Leather Exec Chair has everything from an optional headrest to blade wheels for efficient and easy movement. If you want to pack in even more comfort, the X-Chair gives the option of a removable footrest so that you can truly recline and work in luxury. The sleek style of the high-quality leather adds a refined touch to any office space, making this chair both stylish and functional.

Between the chair's SciFloat Infinite Recline and DVL Support, the X4 Leather Exec Chair also contributes to better posture and a proper sitting position. According to Healthline, sitting correctly can have a huge effect on your health and the longevity of your bones. Sitting for long periods is known to have an array of adverse consequences, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Ensuring that you are sitting in a supported, upright position means that you have a better chance of avoiding these problems down the line.

3. The ErgoChair Pro+ is a dynamic option that boasts comfort and style

The ErgoChair Pro+ encourages movement and efficiency with a frameless construction that gives you the freedom you need to get through a day in the office. Between the flexible spinal support and the impressive durability, this chair boasts a heavy-duty nature that supports you when and where you need it to. Though this chair certainly isn't cheap, ergonomic office chairs are a great investment. They last longer and have been lab-tested to ensure that they offer the highest amount of safety and functionality, per Office Interiors.

One of the best parts of the ErgoChair Pro+ from Autonomous is that you can choose between having thermoplastic elastomer strands or breathable mesh on the back to remain cool and avoid overheating while staring at a computer screen all day. The sleek wheels on the bottom of the chair also allow you to move about with ease when switching between different computers or work areas.

4. The ErgoChair Recline has a footrest for added comfort

The ErgoChair Recline is one of the most unique and coveted chairs on our list. Though you'll definitely be able to get some significant business done from the comfort of this chair, you are also able to kick back and relax with total ease, thanks to the adjustable leg rest. In addition to the premium leg rest, the chair also has a headrest so that you can recline in a way that is reminiscent of lying down.

Available in black and gray, the ErgoChair Recline has an ergonomic design necessary for anyone who spends more than a few hours sitting a day. Being that having your weight distributed evenly across your body is important when sitting for longer stints of time, the leg rest on the ErgoChair Recline is perfect for those whose feet cannot touch the ground. Finding an angle of tilt that works best for you and your body is imperative for maintaining the correct posture throughout your workday, per Healthline. Thankfully, the ErgoChair Recline makes this totally doable.

5. This chair from Homall is great for a long day in the office

If you want to give something less traditional a try, this gaming chair from Homall boasts a unique style along with an adjustable swivel so that you can move about freely. Traditional gaming chairs include a comfortable structure that has a connected headrest and rocking function so that you can move back and forth and stretch out when necessary.

While taller people might find themselves in need of a more traditional office chair, a gaming chair might be the better option for those with a shorter stature, according to Chair Throne. Thanks to the low depth of the seat, shorter people are then able to touch the ground while they are sitting, allowing them to distribute their weight evenly and maintain a straighter posture. Plus, with a recline range that goes between 90 and 180 degrees, you can take a break and kick back when necessary without struggle or inconvenience.

6. The Modway Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is affordable and durable

This ergonomic mesh office chair from Modway comes in unique colors that range from royal blue to lime green. Rather than having stiff lumbar support, this chair has a more passive design that allows it to be flexible and supple. However, the frame of the chair is still very sturdy, meaning you feel held up and protected while still moving around and adjusting your recline when necessary.

While there are several physical health benefits to an ergonomic office chair, Healthy Area also claims overall wellness and motivation are upgraded when the body can sit comfortably. For less than $200, this Modway office chair can take your entire workday to the next level. If you are forced to work at your desk for more than a few hours a day, there is no reason why you shouldn't jump on buying an ergonomic chair since it will truly improve the quality of your life.

7. This Ticova Ergonomic Chair has a high back for reclining and relaxing

The completely mesh back on the Ticova Ergonomic Chair provides optimal breathability along with nice texture and support. With a cushioned seat made from a firm high-density foam, the hips and pelvic area are fully supported so that you can easily sit straight against the adjustable backrest.

Thanks to the high back and elevated headrest on the Ticova Ergonomic Chair, your neck will be adequately supported and protected. Though it may not seem like an important factor when thinking about a chair, taking proper care of your neck can result in a decrease in headaches, and it can also ensure that your line of sight is at the appropriate level when staring at a computer screen for hours on end, per Healthy Area. Lastly, rather than having standard plastic armrests, the Ticova Ergonomic Chair has stainless metal armrests that feature thicker and wider padding so that you may rest your arms on them with ease and comfort.

8. The Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Task Chair is very versatile

While it certainly comes at a high price, the Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Task Chair has lumbar support, an adjustable back, and an adjustable swivel, ensuring that you'll have everything you need in this prime office chair. Unlike many other office chairs, the Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Task Chair also allows you to change the height of your armrests, meaning that you can essentially customize this chair in its entirety to fit your personal needs and comfort.

Being that it does have an ergonomic structure, this office chair checks all of the boxes needed to keep you in tip-top shape while working from home. Though the most common benefit of an ergonomic chair is a reduction in back and neck pain, proper seat depth also helps to support the hips so that you can avoid tension and tenderness after sitting for hours upon hours, per Healthy Area. While many choose to stick to a black office chair, the Freedom Ergonomic Task Chair is also made in a polished aluminum shade for those looking for something different yet subtle.

9. This La-Z-Boy is a large chair that has the ultimate level of comfort

This La-Z-Boy cushioned office chair is the best option for those with taller frames or larger body types. With a memory foam ComfortCore cushion on both the seat and the back, you can definitely expect this chair to contour around your body so that you may have the most inviting and pleasant experience. Basically, this La-Z-Boy chair will have you wanting to sit in it even after office hours are over.

One of the most beneficial parts of this larger office chair is the fact that it has a high back. According to Podany's, high back ergonomic chairs provide extra support and protection for not only the back but also the head and neck. The upright position of a high back chair also makes it much easier to maintain a healthy posture, leading to impactful habits for years to come. Plus, the brown and traditional leather look of this office chair is perfect for a professional yet sleek space that needs something a bit more elegant and classic.

10. The ErgoChair Pro is perfect for adding a pop of color

Between the unique color options and the five different lockable positions, this ErgoChair Pro from Autonomous allows you to get your work done in style. Made from 100% eco-friendly materials, this office chair has everything from a headrest to a  seat tilt to armrests so that you may truly sit easily and comfortably throughout a long day on the job. Whether you're looking to add a red accent or some eye-catching neon green, this ergonomic chair offers the full package of fun style and functionality.

According to Healthline, ergonomic chairs have several benefits, with the main one being posture support. In fact, one of the most important components of maintaining proper posture while sitting for long periods of time is to have lumbar support. Thankfully, the ErgoChair Pro has flexible lumbar support, meaning your back will be held up in a variety of angles so that you are not bound to one stiff and strict position.

11. Made from vegan leather, BackStrong chair is sleek and sustainable

If sustainability is a priority for you when shopping for a new office chair, take a look at the vegan leather BackStrong C1 office chair. According to PR Newswire, vegan leather is a cruelty-free option that looks very similar to the real deal. Though vegan leather is known to crack or fade more easily than real leather when placed in direct sunlight, furniture made from vegan leather can last a very long time when cared for properly.

While the BackStrong C1 office chair is a more eco-friendly and sustainable option than most chairs on the market, it also has premium comfort and structure due to its ergonomic design. In addition to supporting posture, ergonomic chairs also assist in increasing blood circulation, aiding the prevention of heart disease, depression, and back pain, which are all consequences of sitting sedentary for too long, according to the National Library of Medicine. Though the black vegan leather on the BackStrong C1 office chair looks very sleek and modern, you can also create an even more contemporary look in your office by choosing its red or tan upholstery options.

12. This NEO swivel desk chair can fit in small spaces without issue

This NEO swivel desk chair is an affordable option with a modern style and simple design. In addition to having ergonomic features such as back support along with a firm cushion that alleviates pressure on the hips, the chair also can swivel and shift with ease. Per American Design Associates, there are various health benefits and advantages that swivel office chairs provide. From being able to get work done quickly due to the ease of movement of the chair to providing a sense of urgency and alertness that will keep you focused and on your toes, swivel chairs are the way to go for those who work in a fast-paced environment or industry.

While the NEO swivel chair is available in standard and neutral colors such as gray and black, you can also add a pop of color with its navy, sky blue, and even pink seat cushions. Between the sturdy shape and the elastic mesh backrest, you will be shocked that this chair is priced at less than $100.

13. Indulge in the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair for intense comfort

According to Office Interiors, having the proper amount of seat depth and cushion reduces pressure on the hips and pelvic region, leading to increased circulation and less tension. This is one of the many reasons why the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair would make a great addition to any home office that gets utilized frequently. In addition to having an ample amount of cushion, this office chair can contour around the body, meaning it will adjust accordingly so that you can have the most comfortable and supportive seating arrangement.

Available in five different dark hues, the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair boasts high-quality mesh cotton. It also has a unique recline system that allows automatic adjustments to be made so that you don't have to bother with tricky knobs or levers. On top of that, assembly of this chair is incredibly easy, having only a two-minute assembly time so that you may start using it as soon as it arrives. Though it is on the pricier side, this chair allows you to work efficiently and at peace for hours without strain or stress.