Inside Kacey Musgraves' Modern Vintage Nashville Home

A clean palette, a new beginning. Six-time Grammy Award winner Kacey Musgraves has established her domestic roots within her chic 3,500 square-foot Nashville home. Built in 2012, the modern vintage home is fashioned with a mixture of estate sale finds, personal memorabilia, handmade creations, and contemporary furnishings, all washed in a clean white palette. The country singer sought to create a calm, serene spa-like presence throughout her home following her separation from singer-songwriter husband, Ruston Kelly. Simultaneously, the 33-year-old singer-songwriter purchased the home in 2020 in the midst of working on her fifth studio album, "Star-Crossed," which draws on themes from William Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet," per CNN.

Together with the help of Nashville interior designer Lindsay Rhodes, the former Texan's "modern tragedy" was transposed from a colorful, heavily wall-papered home to the beautiful monochromatic landscape it is presently. The latest colors of the home are presented with emotional dimensions. Covered in mainly white tones with mineral paint, the use of color is minimal and only used where appropriate, like the lax pink piano room, blushing flowers, lively green plants, and an abstract painting by artist Christian Georgie that features flowing yellow hues located in the guest bedroom. Other reoccurring themes are the illuminating orbs, long flowing drapery, and the display of serene crystals (selenite). Starting with a blank canvas, the singer-songwriter wanted a place to express herself without anyone else's opinion, she recently told Architectural Digest. Read on to learn more about Kacey's design process!

Saunter around Kacey's serene story-filled home

Like the tales Kacey Musgraves communicates through her songs, her house also encapsulates stories she draws upon from her life. A fervent art collector, the singer often spends her free Saturdays at flea markets and estate sales. There's something magical about discovering things that were once was held dear to someone else, she also mentioned to AD. Upon entry, the home is bright and serene with smooth textures with a spherical Murano glass light fixture the country star snagged on 1stDibs. Ridding the place of the previous subway tiles and Craftsman-style designs, the color choices resemble watercolor paintings using pale mineral paint.

One of Musgraves' favorite features of the house is the powder room, which was left in its former state. Being previously fascinated by sketch art, the singer preserved the walls of this room, which are papered with floor to ceiling charcoal sketches by late, beloved Nashville artist Hazel King. Bright and airy, the kitchen is finished with plaster, including the island to enforce smooth stone-like lines. With tons of natural light and earthy clayware, her favorite feature is the lush potted plant wall. A room with the most continuous color represented is the inviting songwriting room. A long plush couch that closely matches the faint pink painted walls known as Dead Salmon centers the sunroom. With a small antique guitar that rests on the couch, the space achieves an equilibrium between the masculine and feminine, per Architectural Digest.

A look through Kacey's chic living spaces

Musgraves has said that her home is a blend of many things that gives her pure happiness. From personal connections with her plants to displaying her own artwork and vintage finds, the home is bright and earthy throughout. A quaint area in the living room is the walk-up wet bar, which features a beige camel statue, recently named Nadine, that was hand-sculpted by the singer-songwriter. A complimenting antique painting of two camels in the desert is displayed above it. Continuing with minimalist décor, the guest room is luminous and features an 1800s French bed frame with a delicately carved edge and golden upholstery. Musgraves' bedroom and bathroom feature neutral colors with a custom-made headboard, authentic framed art, antique mirrors, and symbolic orb lights and sconces.

Full circle imagery is a repetitive theme for the singer throughout the home, as she discovered a connection with orbs after an enlightening experience with psychedelic plant therapy, per Psychedelic Spotlight. The encounter assisted with healing from her post-divorce trauma, including spawning musical creativity. Another favorite space is her bathroom, which is clean and white and decked out with simple orbs finishes. Other beautiful areas include the upstairs "nap zone" that features an arched window and framed poster from Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film "Romeo and Juliet." Another area the singer gives quality time to is her home gym with treadmill, weights, and sauna, as she has said, is where she sweats out her sins.

Step out into Kacey's elegant exterior

With glowing spheres to light up the tranquil backyard space, Kacey Musgraves' spiritual transformation extends from the inside out. The yard is simple and elegant, with surrounding magnolia trees and a stone-edged swimming pool. The focal point is a colossal plaster Grecian-like sculpture which she bought while on tour in Minneapolis at a vintage shop called Hunt & Gather. The famous singer often shops at local antique stores when away from home, as the nearly life-size female bust was purchased while out antiquing. According to Racket, she also purchased a smaller statue, a sheep-skin blanket, books, and plants.

With an encompassing minimalist mindset, Musgraves has said that the style of her music is just as ambiguous as the design of her house. The serene oasis is far from some of her previous Nashville manors, such as the rustic 1926 abode on Baxter Avenue she briefly shared with Kelly, per 101.5 KNUE. Although the exact location and exterior façade of her chic and earthy renovation is a bit unclear, this one makes us feel "Star-Crossed." From becoming a member of a bonsai tree club to taking pottery wheel classes, it's clear the artist continues to use cathartic methods to evolve both her interior design skills and her character.