This Maximalist Victorian With One Weird Feature Is Selling For $1 Million

A unique Boston home has caught the attention of the much loved Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild. The Massachusetts home is listed with Zillow at just under $1 million, and is seemingly normal from the exterior. The inside, however, is what garnered attention on Instagram, posted over a week ago with over 46,000 likes.

With a peaceful, historic Victorian exterior, the eclectic interior comes as quite a shock. The historic feel is consistent through the inside of the home, but it's mixed up with bright shades of teal and brick, as well as multiple themed rooms — one dedicated to crosses, one to masks, and another entirely to portraits of men. One of the more intense rooms of the home is an office covered floor-to-ceiling with shelves upon shelves of dolls, and then some. Despite its eccentricities, the home is actually quite viable for potential buyers, and is currently under contract.

A look at the Massachusetts residence

The outside of this Boston home is actually quite attractive, despite the somewhat bizarre interior. Built in 1880, the home offers 0.32 acres of property and nearly 4,400 square feet of living space, according to Zillow. The Victorian build has white horizontal siding with scalloped roof shingles and black detailing. The exterior of the home still has a hint of the interior's personality with a bright purple front door.

The eclectic residence also has a large front porch, as well as another large side porch which overlooks the home's yard. There is an additional 560-square-foot carriage house in the backyard, which can be used for additional storage, a guest suite, an artist's studio, a workshop, etc. When the yard is in bloom, the listing notes that the porch is surrounded by mature wisterias. Combined with the multitude of other landscaping details, this house has plenty of curbside appeal.

Inside the eccentric home

Despite the somewhat calm exterior, the extravagant eccentricities of the four-bedroom, two-bathroom house are immediately apparent. The purple front door leads into the foyer, which, while certainly out there, is one of the tamer rooms, per Zillow. The historic charm of the home is certainly visible, with warm wood floors, a dramatic white staircase with an antique runner and a thick wood railing, and a brass chandelier. The white walls are covered with various gold and black framed pictures and drawings, there are multiple Persian rugs covering the floors, and multiple antique tables abound with various clutter decorations.

The parlor room is a bright teal, one wall with floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves tightly packed with books, an antique desk and chair, a beautiful fireplace, and another brass chandelier. The walls not occupied by shelves or windows are covered with crosses.

The kitchen doesn't shy away from the home's personality, either. The wood floors are contrasted with the bright, brick red walls, pairing with the actual brick accent wall behind the stove, the matching red cabinets, and red rug in the center of the room. Each inch of the wall is covered either with shelves storing bowls and kitchen clutter, copper pots and pans, or masks.

The super weird doll room

While the eclectic Boston home may already seem quite chaotic and eccentric, it only increases the further you go into the home. There are a few more mildly cluttered rooms — the teal dining room with masks covering the walls, the hallway with masks and an altar, the yellow sitting rooms full of busts, etc. (via Zillow).

The turning point, though, is the doll room. The room has beautiful, old wide planked wood floors and windows that let in plenty of natural light with deep ledges, perfect for a window seat or reading nook. These lovely details are complemented by shelf upon shelf of dolls covering each wall, floor-to-ceiling, and even spilling out on the floor.

The interior decoration choices are the reason Zillow Gone Wild featured the home, which garnered quite strong reactions. "Each room is based off of a different horror movie" one commenter says. Other comments include "'Babe can you hang a few hundred picture frames for me real quick?'" and "So much potential then it got weird." Despite its quirks, the home has a lot of potential — and plenty of storage space, it would seem.