Where Should You Place Malachite Crystals In Your Home?

Crystals and their powers have been recognized by people of all backgrounds for their ability to bring protection, energy, and luck into one's life. Malachite, a stone that features swirls of light and dark green, is an attractive gem that is often purchased by beginner and expert crystal users alike. Like with most crystals, you must adequately use malachite if you wish to harness its power.

Malachite can bring good luck, abundance, spiritual growth, and confidence, as per Gem Select. It represents new life, energy, and rebirth, so it is widely referred to as the transformation stone. For one, keeping a malachite stone nearby can help you cope with your fears and come out of the change with a positive mindset if you regularly struggle with adapting to change. These crystals have many other properties, but one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your malachite stone is to make sure that it is placed in an optimal spot in your home.

In your children's rooms

Because malachite is a crystal also used for protection, a great place for it is in your children's rooms. Since ancient times, their eye-shaped bands have been thought to ward off evil energies. According to Crystal Vaults, they were used with children to protect them and give them security. Malachite can also help keep sluggish behavior at bay for tired, overworked teenagers. Some other important virtues of the greenstone include encouraging healthy relationships, absorbing negative energy, and bringing forth self-confidence. These are qualities that teenagers often need a little help with.

Gem Select also reminds us that children's bedrooms are always a place of constant change and growth. Due to this fact, it's apparent that malachite can be used in this space to help children deal with their ever-changing world. In addition, they suggest keeping the stone in the eastern part of the bedroom for elevated family bonds and increased health.

In your home office

Your home office is another useful place to keep this gem, as it can keep your energy levels high. If you're working on a big project that commands a lot of your time and energy, a malachite crystal placed on the Southeastern corner of your desk may do away with feelings of self-doubt and fear. It emits positive vibrations, making your workday feel easier and helping you connect to your work in a meaningful way. My Crystals tells us that malachite can even foster good communication with your coworkers and help you adjust to your work environment.

Malachite crystals, as mentioned before, are also known to bring forth good luck, prosperity, and wealth. Their green color is reminiscent of money and dollar bills. Keeping a malachite stone near while you work may help you attract a raise, a bonus, or opportunities to make more money via Gemstagram.

By your front door

One of the best places you can keep malachite is near your front door. You can buy this gem as stones, towers, beads, charging plates, spheres, and statues. No matter what form you buy yours in, it will do much work in keeping your household happy and healthy. Out of all effects it has, the most potent malachite property is its ability to block negative energies, as explained by Neocrystals. Some users believe that it can create a force field around the entrance of your home, which keeps out hostile forces.

And while malachite is a great tool for strengthening relationships, it is also great for leaving toxic individuals behind. On the other hand, leaving malachite by your front door can also help you clean the negative energy off of yourself each time you walk through the door. It's healing, soothing, and welcoming properties, as described by Crystal Vaults, keep the bad vibes you've collected throughout the day out of your house.