Why You Should Be Using Vodka To Clean Your Clothing

Doing laundry is a love/hate task for everyone. It can sometimes become an all-day task, from separating your clothing to washing to drying to folding. Of course, you also then have to put your now clean clothes away. There's always another load to do that it seems never-ending, especially if you're someone who lets their laundry build-up, which a lot of us are probably guilty of. 

Fabric softener, detergent, and bleach might do the trick every time, but this new and improved discovered laundry hack lets it be known that you've been doing it all wrong. Vodka isn't just an ingredient for mixed drinks anymore; it works as the perfect fabric softener and odor remover. According to The List, vodka can work as a laundry solution that will leave your clothes clean, fresh, and completely odorless. Some people find the task of doing laundry extremely therapeutic, while others may find it annoyingly time-consuming and agitating. No matter what end of the spectrum you're on, you don't want to miss out on this unique laundry hack.

Vodka is the odor hack you didn't know you needed

All you need is a spray bottle filled with vodka, and you're good to go every time. According to The List, cleaning coach Leslie Reichert let it be known that this laundry hack originated from Broadway because actors would sweat constantly, and since they didn't have time to have their costumes dry cleaned, they'd simply just spray them with vodka to remove any odors, and their clothing would smell good as new. Vodka is good for a simple fix or a laundry load. 

Not to worry about wet marks or stains; according to Eating Well, vodka is completely clear and unscented once the clothing dries. In fact, according to Eating Well, vodka contains antibacterial components that break down lingering scents to offset it. It's not just good for laundry — it's good for any lingering smells in your home. Using vodka doesn't just have to apply to laundry; you can take away odors with vodka on a number of smelly items like your gym bag, smelly shoes, or even standing next to a smoker. No matter what the lingering odor is or where — vodka is the fix.