Look Inside The San Francisco Apartment From The Matrix

If you're a fan of 2021's "The Matrix Resurrections," then you know that it offers audiences plenty of things to love. For instance, there are scenes that are stunning, captivatingly choreographed action, and the return of popular characters from the film franchise including Trinity and Neo, who are played by Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves. New characters also join them, such as an analyst who you may recognize as former "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris. When he chats with the main "Matrix" character in his somewhat moody but super stylish office – which was an example of seemingly perfect interior design for a film – you may have spotted something else to adore: that particular workspace which is actually a home in real life.

A condo townhouse found in the Russian Hill area of (the sometimes pricey) San Francisco, per Realtor.com, it's located on Vallejo Street and has a spectacular view of the nearby water as well as downtown as can be seen in the film. In a building that was built in 1998, the individual residence spans 2,611 square feet and offers whoever might be living there three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a powder room, as well as a fair share of other enviable perks. However, if you are interested in living there, it isn't the kind of place that comes cheap.  Indeed, the incredible abode happened to hit the market for $4.2 million. Check out what you get for that kind of money!

This home has two private outside spaces

If you're into buildings that are visually dramatic, filled with aesthetically alluring details, and are undeniably eye-catching, then this is the kind of home that you might easily fall in love with as soon as you see it. Sitting on a grassy cul-de-sac with pristine landscaping to charm you as you approach, per the Zillow listing photos, each home in the building has its own distinct and gorgeous entrance area. Of course, you might not want to rush inside as you would surely want to take time to appreciate the shingles on the exterior as well as the bay windows, smaller upper arched window, and lovely railing.

Granted, that's not all that the outside of this home has to offer. There are not one but two patios. The first is a larger patio that's accessed from the main bedroom and is where residents can soak up the sun or lounge in the shade that's provided by the gorgeous greenery. The second outside space is not quite as big but is an area that both additional bedrooms can use.

Beyond that, the home also comes with extra storage space, enough room in the garage for two vehicles, and a convenient elevator to easily access the home. Once inside, there's plenty to enjoy.

The interior is light and bright

Although audiences weren't given a grand tour of the home when it popped up in "The Matrix Resurrections," if they had been, they would have seen that it's more than just the one space that was used as an office. As soon as you walk inside, you're greeted by a home that isn't dark like it was in the movie, but is wonderfully bright, per the Zillow images. With a mostly white interior and massive windows, the abode seems to get plenty of gorgeous light.

Beyond that, the residence boasts beautiful wood floors, various built-in shelves, and a fabulous fireplace. There's also a dining room where residents can enjoy a meal that's been prepared in the kitchen that has sleek grey cupboards, which are paired with gleaming stainless steel appliances.

When it's time to relax, those who live in the home can kick back in either the living room or the family room. Of course, that's unless they want to head off to the equally enticing bedrooms.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are simply dreamy

The chic and cohesive style of this fabulous home continues into both the bedrooms and the bathrooms, as noted by Zillow. Along with a simple but sleek half bath that's perfect for guests to use when they visit, there is also a full bathroom shared by the smaller bedrooms as well as a luxurious ensuite for the main bedroom. In the latter, residents will find themselves with a large vanity area with two sinks, a wall that's filled with a mirror, and a stylish shower with stone tiles. That's not to mention the tub that one could surely soak in for hours.

When it's time to sleep, each of the three bedrooms offers a nice amount of space, more built-in shelves, and comfy carpet beneath the feet. Beyond that, the rooms get additional light from the doors that lead out to the patios. As for the main bedroom, it has a couple of extra perks beyond the ensuite bathroom, including a little more space and two (yes, two) walk-in closets. Talk about a dream home!