How To Make DIY Cleaning Slime To Clean Every Nook And Cranny

Slime isn't just sticking to carpets anymore. Even though slime can make a huge mess, it is also capable of cleaning the tiny corners in your home that you could never reach before. Slime is super sticky and can be squished into tiny nooks and crannies, making it great at cleaning dirt, dust, and crumbs. The best place to use cleaning slime is on keyboards, cup holders in cars, and in the corner of refrigerator drawers, according to Taste of Home. Essentially, cleaning slime can be used in any small spot that needs to be cleaned but can't be washed with water or reached by a vacuum.

Cleaning slime went viral on the social media app TikTok as a cleaning hack. The user @blossom posted a DIY recipe for cleaning slime that was viewed over 1.2 million times. It has become so popular because of how easy it is to make with everyday products most people already have in their homes.

Glue, baking soda, and contact lens solution

Making cleaning slime is easy. All you need is clear school glue, baking soda, and contact lens solution. TikTok user @blossom also adds shaving cream to their recipe, but this is not recommended. Your Modern Family explains that shaving cream will make the slime less sticky, and in this case, stickiness is exactly what we want. Making slime is not an exact science, so you don't have to worry about getting exact measurements of these ingredients. In a bowl, mix four to six ounces of the glue, half a teaspoon of baking soda, and one and a half tablespoons of contact lens solution together until it combines into sticky slime.

Now your slime is ready to clean. Once your slime has cleaned enough, it will begin to lose its stickiness, and you will see all the dirt trapped inside it. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to clean the slime. Toyz School recommends that you discard the dirty slime and make a new batch.