The Hidden Downsides To Granite Countertops

When many people envision their dream home, they conjure up a mental image of a spacious kitchen with modern appliances and sweeping granite countertops. Though granite countertops have long been a favorite for designers and homeowners alike, they are not without some important drawbacks that are worth considering.

In terms of style, it's hard to argue with the aesthetic appeal of freshly-installed granite countertops. Apartment List claims, however, that the mass adoption of granite countertops has led folks in some circles to believe the style to be passé. While this won't matter to some, there are definitely people out there who will choose an alternative countertop style just to avoid having nearly-identical looking countertops as everyone else in their friend group. Seeing as how granite countertops are among the most expensive material options, homeowners can also save money by opting for countertops that are more unique and cost-effective than tried-and-true granite stone.

How you can damage granite countertops

Of course, your kitchen countertops aren't exactly being compared side by side to anyone else's, and most people choose granite over alternative materials for its acclaimed reliability. Granite countertops undoubtedly score points in terms of durability and heat resistance, but they still leave something to be desired. Specifically, staining and/or fading that can occur due to improper stone sealing, as Apartment List laments.

Unfortunately, the perceived durability of granite countertops can actually lead to homeowners acting more reckless than they might otherwise, and damaging the sealant themselves. According to Flintstone Tops, there are a number of ways homeowners can unintentionally deface the seal on their granite countertops. Granite is known for its superior heat resistance, but repeatedly laying down hot pans can compromise the seal, making it prone to future staining. In fact, even leaving spilled soda or juicy orange slices directly on your granite countertops can damage its seal, due to the harshness of lingering acid. While the effects of these mistakes won't present immediately, over time it's bound to cheapen the appearance of your granite countertops.