40 Wallpapered Bathrooms That Make You Want To Start A Renovation

Renovating a bathroom is always difficult, but the end results are always worth it. Typically, people spend time finding tile, countertops, paint colors, bathroom accessories, and more. These projects are always long, as you spend time to ensure everything compliments each other. By the end of your design journey, you may be looking for something to fulfill your creative spark. Wallpaper may just be your answer.

You may be wondering, 'Is installing wallpaper in the bathroom safe?' The short answer is yes. Total Wallcovering and Decor says your air conditioning and heating systems work to remove the humidity in your bathroom to ensure that your wallpaper doesn't peel due to moisture. Wallpaper can play a huge part in your overall design, Driven by Decor says. It gives you the ability to let your wild side free and design a bathroom specific to your imagination. Take caution because the following photos may drive you to redesign your whole bathroom.

Metallic overload

The industrial look is still wildly popular in most cities and looks great for a colder aesthetic. However, having only metal and grey materials can make your bathroom look bland. This gray and gold wallpaper gave the pop this bathroom needed by contrasting the gray wall. If you look closely, the mirror has golden dots that also play well with the wallpaper.

Don't be afraid of the dark

Many homeowners worry about putting dark colors in any room — especially small bathrooms with no natural light — because it could make the bathroom look smaller. However, this example shows that dark colors can work as long as light colors are present, such as the bronze lines. Those bronze lines are then complemented by the mirror and sink to create a harmonic design. 

Clean wood design

This bathroom definitely gives off the relaxing vibe of being in a spa. Implementing wood in your design doesn't always have to be rustic; it can also give off a contemporary or Scandinavian design. Having a herringbone wallpaper behind your sink is also a fun way to create a focal point, as it's the first thing you look at in the room.

Geometric bliss

This bathroom screams clean and modern, with nice lines that offer pleasing patterns. This is a great way of vamping up the look of your bathroom when everything else is a solid and neutral color. This geometric wallpaper was used to not only serve as an elegant backdrop but to push forward the countertop and sink as focal points of the room.

Abstract floral

This abstract wallpaper gives off the feeling of tropical flowers and warmth, but in a sophisticated way. The dark color accentuates the flowing white lines as they take the forms of leaves and possibly flowers as a delightful accent wall. This is a fun way of adding a subtle image to a room to achieve whatever your overall look is.


Installing real brick anywhere in your home can be quite expensive when you factor in material and labor, even if you're doing it DIY. But, you can save money by putting up brick-style wallpaper. This is an easier option and you have many more options, designs, and colors to choose from, such as red, blue, green, white, and more.


Having a monochromatic design in your bathroom doesn't have to be boring. Some people mistakenly believe that putting one or two tones of color across a room can suffice. However, adding more tones can create more interest in your room without it being overwhelming. In this bathroom, they've used a dark gray wallpaper to contrast everything else, and it also has a simple design to efficiently create a focal point.

Colorful florals

An eccentric look can always be completed with a fun wallpaper design choice. This wallpaper does its job of not only adding wonderful color to the bathroom but also complementing other pieces such as the mirror and light blue cabinet. The designer did well with the light choice as well, providing an overall joyful and feminine design that's pleasing to the eye. 

Rainbows galore

This rainbow shapes wallpaper is the definition of adding something fun without it being overwhelming. Although a small design that repeats quite a few times across the wall, the black and white color adds simplicity without an overabundance of color. This combination allows the homeowner to add other design elements without the bathroom feeling too crowded or colorful. 

Cheetah print

If you're a fan of cheetah print, you're in luck! Cheetah print isn't only for fashion, but it can be used to design your home as well, and this bathroom shows you how. With blue cabinetry, this designer wanted to make sure there were elements of blue elsewhere. With the shower already having white tile, adding wallpaper with blue colors that aren't too overwhelming was the perfect solution. 

Black and white floral

The wallpaper in this bathroom adds a beautiful backdrop design behind the cabinetry, sink, and mirror. The black and white florals look as if they've been drawn on the wall, and its part is to bring beauty to the bathroom while also not garnering too much attention to itself as the golden mirror and black countertop appear stunningly in front of it.

Persian royalty

This bathroom accentuates Persian royalty with marble tiles and shapes around the mirror and above the toilet that are reflective of its culture. The bathroom is mostly done in light colors across, but then they also added wallpaper behind with color and patterns to continue the Persian design.  The colors are a mixture of dull and vibrant that are able to move your eyes across the room.


Stripes can be a great design element for all types of bathrooms. A lot of times, you will also see them at lake or beach houses because it can give off the sense of going on vacation — a nice warm and relaxing feel for a restroom. This is a versatile choice as it comes in multiple colors and can be placed horizontal or vertical.

Add life

An exciting and fun way to design your bathroom is to add some life to it! This wallpaper has not only florals but birds and butterflies too. This may seem like an old-fashioned way of design, but with new bathroom appliances and tiles, it can be used as a final step to your artful look that wows your guests.

Golden flower

Gold has become an aspect of most designs. Of course, most of us can't afford the real thing, but adding this color throughout your home can add an element of wealth, even in your bathroom. This wallpaper has taken different sizes of the same floral design up to the ceiling, contrasting it with white, while the mirror continues the use of gold in the bathroom.


This gray cloud wallpaper over the tub is a stunning way of making this area of the bathroom relaxing and unique. Although the clouds are dark and gray, their appearance produces the feeling as if they're flowing through the sky, which could make you feel as if you're at an outdoor bathhouse. This wallpaper is perfect for those who crave an elegant minimalistic design.

Black and white

Black and white isn't always boring. In fact, the contrast between the two colors is what typically catches someone's eyes. This may be a simple wallpaper, but the black design sure does stand out against the white background. If you're not too sure what kind of wallpaper you'd like, you may want to look into a black and white combo that is sure to pack a punch. 

Pretty in pink

Don't be afraid to use pink, heck, don't be afraid to cover all your walls with it. Many people still fear that pink may be too girly, but in recent years, gender norms have been shifting and opening up possibilities. You may think that wallpaper can only be the feature wall of your bathroom, but if you love it, you can have it on all your walls. Just be sure to keep other colors neutral and light depending on the wallpaper you choose.

Eight times a million

This octopus wallpaper may seem like a heavy design, but in fact, it has the perfect amount of wavy tentacles to make the space still feel open yet fun. Each gray octopus is the same size and design, and the background is white. This may seem overwhelming when rolled up in the store, but once put up, it can be the perfect wallpaper for a kid's bathroom or vacation home.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

This lemon wallpaper on vines gives off a warm, sunny, and fresh look. Those who live in southern warm states would especially appreciate this wallpaper, as it'll go nice with the sunshine your states experience almost daily. This also gives up a cute rustic and farmhouse look for those who are trying to implement that all over your home.


The beautiful colors and presence of butterflies will make your child feel as if they're in a mystical forest they've read about in their favorite fairytale stories. This is a cute idea that can be removed and replaced once they are old enough for a change, according to HGTV. or perhaps they'll still enjoy the colorful insects later in life.


Chinoiserie is a design that was created by Europeans as their interpretation of what Chinese designs look like, according to Britannica. It's a beautiful way of bringing in an element of culture into your space with flowing and complimentary colors. This print features an abundance of flowers, however, chinoiserie comes in all different types of colors and patterns, more simple than this one.

Leaf pile

This leaf wallpaper brings in different shades of gray, creating an interpretation of piles of leaves that are against your wall. This type of wallpaper would look fantastic with vintage faucets, light fixtures, and mirror frames to give you an overall timeless look. This wallpaper is light enough to be used across the whole bathroom but also works well as an accent wall.

Tropical leaves

Feel as if you're on vacation every day with this tropical, luscious, green wallpaper. This design serves tremendously for those who are plant lovers or those who want that vacation type feeling each to they visit the commode. The vibrant green colors pop out well thanks to the dark background, and goes well with the color and design of the faucet and sink.

Bow wow

If you're a dog lover like many other people in the world, you'll fall in love with this adorable pooch wallpaper design. A teal background with red-orange dogs that are facing all kinds of directions is sure to melt your heart and add beautiful coloring to your bathroom. The design was completed well with flowers and a shower curtain that complimented the wallpaper. 


This paisley wallpaper does a great job of covering the entire bathroom without feeling overwhelming due to its pattern. The color is light enough to make it seem as though the patterns are emerging from the wall to complete this victorian style bathroom. The dark picture frames and red chair do a nice job of adding darker colors to glide one's eyes throughout the room.

The Red Queen

Red has always been a popular wall color. But with wallpaper like this, you can create a space different from others. The pattern is darker than the background but still subtle as it does not pop out as much as you'd expect. Shades of red are also seen on the cabinets and window treatment to create a bathroom perfect for those who enjoy this color.

Wallpaper and tile combination

This blue and white patterned wallpaper may have been too much to cover an entire wall for this homeowner, so instead, they filled the bottom half of the wall with white tile. A combination like this is great for those who adore a pattern but may feel overwhelmed having it cover a large portion of their bathroom.


This wallpaper of bronze swirls gives off a shiny and metallic feel to this bathroom and almost looks like it should have a prism or holographic effect. The wall sconces next to the mirror also help by emitting streams of light that flow all across the wall, having the wallpaper appear lighter than it actually is. It really makes the darker lines jump off the walls.

Shades of lipstick

The shades of different lipstick colors across the wall gives off a retro feel and is perfect for any makeup lovers out there. The designer decided to add a gold wall above the bathtub and other gold accents to go along with the wallpaper design. On the ledge above the bathtub, you'll notice a line of lipsticks to complete the look.


This boat blueprint wallpaper is another great example of what you could use in a vacation home, especially at a lake house. The nautical theme is sure to make you want to hit the open waters. It's unique and can be interesting to those who are boat lovers. You might even spend extra time in there looking at the design elements of each boat.

Paint drips

This wallpaper gives off the illusion that paint is dripping down the wall. The look is fun and creative as each drip is a different color that is sliding down a rusty background. It almost feels like something you'd see in a design studio, which would be perfect for all you artists out there. Then again, it would work in someone's spooky decor too.

Snake skin

Snakeskin continues to be one of the most popular animal patterns out there. It gives off an edgy yet sophisticated look, especially in this bathroom with its stone countertop and black wood panels on the wall. Not only can you see this pattern on shoes and purses, but it can be integrated into your home as well, giving an almost classic look.

A'hoy there

This fish wallpaper looks amazing with all the colorful fish and black, streaky background. Not only does the design of the wallpaper look great, but the design of the rest of the bathroom compliments it so well. Especially the light fixture above the mirror that is reminiscent of what you would see on a boat or submarine.


For the ultimate in rustic design looks, choose a tree patterned wallpaper. It goes well with other wood elements in your room, such as cabinets or flooring. This one especially is nice as the background is white and the trees are a light color, as not to take away from the beauty of the cabinetry under the sink. Added natural elements in the room, like the plant, add to the earthiness.

Hot air ballon

This light and airy wallpaper with hints of blue can make any bathroom feel calm and relaxed and make you want to start daydreaming with your head in the clouds. However, hot air balloons also represent adventure and can help you open your eyes and prepare you for what awaits, whether it's a distant vacation or some time outside in the elements.

Optical illusion

This wallpaper gives off an incredible illusion as if there is open shelving behind the mirror. Because of this, it makes the bathroom seem bigger and deeper than it actually is. The black color was used to add the depth while adding a hint of blue at the bottom to create the look of an opening — just don't try to set stuff in those little cubbies!

Nature watcher

This wallpaper almost seems as though there are individual photos of birds all over the walls, like those ripped from the pages of an Audubon book. For those who love feeding birds or who may even have a bird feeder and fountain in their yard, this could be added within your home to complement not only your bathroom, but also your passion. 

Floral swirl

Wallpaper can fit any type of wall; it doesn't just have to be a simple flat surface. This floral wallpaper shows you how beautiful it can look when you trust it to take the form of unique shapes in your bathroom to create a beautiful room. Both the archway and the pale florals of the room give this a Victorian feel.

Colorful stone

For those who are on a tight budget and cannot afford to include real stone in your bathroom, wallpaper makes a great substitution. It's colorful and swirls similarly to that of an agate gemstone. The designer here paired it well with a golden framed mirror and simple sink and wood panels that allow the wallpaper to do all the work.