Kat Von D's Home Has One Weird Feature

There's no denying that tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and reality television personality Kat Von D has a particular aesthetic. She's certainly not the type to go for a minimalist interior with pale or pastel tones and little ornamentation. Instead, she embraces all things gothic and Victorian, extending her personal style aesthetic into the space she lives in.

As USA Today reported, Von D recently packed her bags and bid farewell to Los Angeles, purchasing a jaw-dropping historic mansion in Indiana as she embarks on a new adventure there. This meant that she put her Victorian mansion in Los Angeles up for sale — and fans were able to get a peek inside. There's plenty to love about the property, from an abundance of fireplaces and historical details to a hidden bar, just to name a few key features that Luxury Launches highlighted. However, one of the most unusual features actually isn't within the house itself — it's in the backyard.

The Los Angeles home has a spacious backyard perfect for enjoying the sunny California weather, and the key focal point in the middle of it all is a large, blood-red swimming pool. That's right — Von D eschewed the normal blue pool and decided to go with something a little more offbeat to match her gothic taste. The unique style that some will love and others will hate can be achieved by simply painting the bottom of your pool red rather than a more standard blue hue, as Awesome Inventions explains.

What fans had to say about the pool

The choice to paint your pool a blood-red shade is certainly divisive, and the varied responses online to this particular home feature certainly highlight that fact. A photo of the pool was shared in a Reddit thread, and the post racked up 89 comments, with many fans weighing in on the style. Several couldn't get behind the style choice, with one user noting that the overall effect was terrifying and others commenting that the hue made it seem as though the pool was filled with Kool-Aid or Jell-o rather than water.

Some appreciated the uniqueness of the feature, and Reddit user bluegargoyle left a humorous comment linking the feature to the home's overall gothic aesthetic — and suggesting that it may be a selling feature for a vampiric buyer by mentioning a blood-pool that may be great for midnight soaks with other immortals. Another fan of the style took to Twitter with his thoughts, as Newsweek reported, expressing his delight at the offbeat design decision.

It seems that Von D's gothic-inspired aesthetic may not be everyone's taste, though, as the home has been on the market for over 100 days and the listing price has dropped by a whopping $2.5 million, as per the Realtor listing.