Hide Away In This Arizona Property Perfect For Extreme Off-The-Grid Life

Entrepreneurs, preppers, and wilderness lovers alike will want to take a look at this gorgeous property. For $5.8 million you can buy the perfect self-sustaining hideaway atop the hills of the Tonto National Forest. Complete with solar energy capture, water storage, and multiple dwellings, the unique property ensures that you can live out on the land for a long time.

The estate is spread over 62 acres of forest and it is ready to expand. According to Realtor, the property has 14 potential home sites waiting to be developed. Any prepared entrepreneur could turn the safe haven into a popular attraction due to its location and the early 1900s gold mine found beneath the land.

About 15 miles north of Scottsdale, Arizona is where you can find this gorgeous off-the-grid property. Previous owners have offered tours of the gold mine beneath the home, too. New residents could do the same, allowing Arizona natives and tourists alike to learn more about the history of the land. The listing suggests this could be an easy way to generate revenue before turning the estate into something even more profitable like a wilderness bed and breakfast or a corporate retreat.

You can't beat outdoor living in a national forest

Beyond the goldmine, there are still amazing sights to see outside this residence. The greatest is the magnificent, 3 million-acre national forest the facility was built on. From almost any part of the property, owners have unbeatable views of the Tonto National Forest with no neighbors in sight. At 4,500 feet of elevation, all you'll find is saguaro cactus, Arizona sycamore, agave, and banana yucca plants for as far as the eye can see, as per the National Park Service.

Near the residence there are plenty of places to sit including in lounge chairs just outside the yoga center, on the patios outside the casitas, or in the bubbling spa that looks out over a hill of rocky Arizona terrain, as shown on Realtor. The same patio that this spa sits on also features a grill, a fire pit, and an outdoor shower. During perfectly temperate periods you may choose to spend your entire day outside relaxing and watching the Tonto skyline which is sometimes graced with gorgeous sunsets and rainbows.

Two gorgeous living facilities

The Arizona property currently boasts three structures, though many more could be built in the future. Two of the facilities are built right next to each other. The larger of the two functions as a great room, kitchen, and dining room. The kitchen is furnished with updated stainless steel appliances including a microwave, dishwasher, oven, electric stove, and a French door refrigerator. It features beautiful stone countertops and a small island for more counter space. The best part is that you can use all of these appliances without ever paying a utility bill, as told in a tour video produced by Realtor.

The second, smaller structure is known as the casita building. Inside are two bedrooms; one is cozier than the other utilizing a copper fireplace in one corner of the room and it has access to an outdoor patio through a sliding glass door. It's the perfect bedroom for guests or a child because it doesn't fit much more than a bed and some storage. The other bedroom is much larger, fitting a kitchenette on one wall. Similar to the first bedroom, it has access to a patio on the south side and it is heated by an identical copper fireplace. It also features an ensuite bathroom.

A gym people would pay to see

One more building on this property is located several hundred feet from the main structures overlooking a large hill. This facility is made completely out of steel and glass, as explained by Realtor. Inside is a yoga studio/gym and also a home office. The gym features almost all the equipment you'd need to achieve your health goals, a television, and a few seating areas when you're ready for a break. One wall in this room is made almost completely out of glass so you can look out at the landscape of the Tonto National Forest while you get your sweat on. Out on the patio is where the hot spa is located, so after a long workout you can go relax in the tub.

In a separate room in the facility is the workstation/home office. The small room fits a desk in one corner and a chic seating area for reading or guests. The same structure also has a good-sized kitchenette complete with a fridge, a sink, a microwave, and a wine rack. Tenants can conveniently grab a snack or a glass of wine when they are enjoying this space.