Step Into Phantom Tollbooth Illustrator Jules Feiffer's NYC Home For Sale

Beloved illustrator Jules Feiffer has listed his home for sale, and it's exactly how you'd expect it — surrounded by books and beautiful artwork in every room, according to Zillow. Best known as a satirist artist, Feiffer illustrated one of the most popular children's books — Phantom Tollbooth. Penguin Random House says the book has sold five million copies over the past 60 years. The cover of the man with white hair facing the large, brown dog with a stopwatch on its body is one of the most widely recognized illustrations among children's books.

This home is listed for about $1.2 million, and the entire house and landscape is something out of a children's home. As a Pulitzer prize winner, his home is full of charm and countryside vibes. This Shelter Island home, surrounded by trees, gray fencing, gardening space, and green grass for miles, is definitely something to behold as you step in to learn just what an illustrator's house is like.

The countryside

This quaint home sits on 0.62 acres of lusciously green land, according to Zillow. Leading up to the home is a thin driveway made of gray gravel that strides all the way up to the front doorsteps. Made of wood, the simple steps lead up to a bright white door that contrasts nicely against the darker features of the home. The front of the house is a bronze color that looks as if it has been worn out over time, while the adorable awning and the back of the home maintain a matching gray color. The front of the home also has space for shrubs and other plants that someone might wish to plant.

The fairly large backyard is home to a simple wooden porch and brown cellar door that leads to a full basement. The backyard is enclosed with a fence and trees, blocking the view of any neighbors.

An elegant charm

The interior of the home is much more colorful than the current exterior. In the living room alone, there is a traditional black piano, mustard-colored drapes with a stripe pattern, and a fireplace, according to Zillow. The living room also features a bright, red area rug and artwork and vases displayed against the bright, white wall. Due to the light, neutral wooden floors, it's made it easier to create a more colorful and artful home.

Due to the home being built in 2016, the kitchen is pretty updated. It has a white marble countertop and white cabinets, as well as stainless steel appliances. On the backside of the counter is open shelving for books, drinks, and other things that need open and accessible storage space. Right next to the fridge is a side door with a large window for quick access outside of the home.

Books and art galore

The office and bedroom are not only full of books and art but beautiful and creative furnishings as well. Both rooms are spacious enough for large shelving units to store a wide collection of books, according to Zillow. The shelving is white to blend in with the walls and is also floor to ceiling. The bedroom has white drapes for a light and airy feel, which contrasts nicely to the colorful carpets and furniture, while the office features an iconic purple lounge chair; both rooms have plenty of ceiling lights and white fans.

The bathroom is white all around. The shower has white subway tile from floor to ceiling, with silver subway tile that bands around the middle, and a mosaic tiled floor. Let's not forget to mention the marble cove also seen in the shower; it has room for items such as shampoo bottles. It's also accessible for the elderly or disabled as it has two shower safety grab bars and a light above. The bathroom is featured with two windows, one in the shower and one next to it, for the ultimate amount of natural light.