25 Marble Bathrooms That Will Make You Think Of Ancient Greece

Grandior says marble was used to create the temple of Olympus, the Theseum, and parts of the Parthenon — now, people are using it as part of their interior design. The past did not have the proper equipment to easily obtain marble stone from the ground, so it was mostly used for sculptures, wall facades, and flooring. But now, this elegant stone is part of our everyday design process. It's a favorite among designers and homeowners due to its strength and the fact that you can get it in many different colors, according to Easy Render.

Using marble in a bathroom can create an elegant design reminiscent of Ancient Greece. Designers have been known not to only lay down marble on the floor but all over the bathroom. It can also be a consistent material seen throughout different rooms of the home: the kitchen, foyer, fireplace, and more. Although beautiful and breathtaking, you must take good care of it. The Spruce says routine maintenance is necessary to prevent discoloration of the stone due to its ability to absorb water and other substances. Take a look at all the different ways you can install this extravagant stone into your bathroom.

1. Minimalistic design

When it comes to designing with marble, almost anything is possible. You don't have to stick to a more extravagant design; in fact, you can be minimalistic. This marble bathroom is bright with gray tones, and the levitating, wooden countertop allows the space to feel open.

2. A touch of stone

Many may believe that when you use marble in the bathroom, you have to match it everywhere. However, just placing it in one spot, such as a countertop, can create the look you're going for without breaking the bank.

3. Mix it up

It's easy to mix and match two stones that correspond well with each other. For example, although the white marble has a whimsical pattern in this bathroom, the black marble has a dull white pattern that balances out the room.

4. Go for a pattern

With today's technology, marble can be cut down and made into small patterns. This shower has put that small pattern all over; however, it is more common for the pattern to be inside the cove and for a larger marble type to be installed onto the walls.

5. Add a bit of texture

It's also fun to add an element to complement marble. In this space, the designers included an indented, vertical white line to add a bit of interest that goes along with the white marble stained with slashing gray hues.

6. Faux marble

Porcelain is a fantastic substitution for real marble as many companies print the images beautifully. It is also a sturdy material that rarely ever stains. Although you can always tell the difference between real and fake — as porcelain marble patterns go in similar directions, and the patterns on real marble are random — this is an excellent budget-friendly option.

7. Warm gray marble

The color gray can be warm and inviting, and that's exactly how this marble design is. The warm undertones have lighter hues patterned across for a balanced visual.

8. Focal points are outstanding

This beautiful stone can be used as a gorgeous focal point in any bathroom. Here, the marble is centered with a circular mirror emitting a halo light. The combination of the two materials creates an elegant design.

9. Marble floor

The marble floor has been installed stunningly in this bathroom. You first see the stone on the countertop, which then runs underneath and across to the shower floor. This creates the feeling of a larger and brighter space.

10. Marble and gold

For a truly glam look, mix marble with gold accents. Many of this stone's slaps have warm undertones or streaks of gold, so choosing one of those will go excellently with whatever gold accents you want to bring forth.

11. Lighten a space up

You can instantly light up an entirely black bathroom with a marble backsplash behind and next to the sink. A little bit of white goes a long way to add the touch of brightness you're looking for without sacrificing the overall dark look you're aiming for.

12. Different colors for a different look

Marble doesn't only come in simple colors such as white and black, but a variety of other hues. This dark brown marble is especially interesting as it gives off the feeling of a wooden texture.

13. Marble borders

This elegant stone can also be used to create borders on your floor and walls. If a design feels flat, this can create a more contrasting and dynamic, eye-catching look.

14. Distinct vibes

Marble doesn't always have to give off a feeling of luxury and elegance. It can be a great design element for whatever look you're going for. This beautiful and chic bathroom with square tiles makes for a stunning laid-back combination.

15. Pair marble with natural light

When using different marble colors, having plenty of natural light is a good way for the materials to stay true to their color. It also helps with having the space feel bigger and less overwhelming.

16. Warm tones

Even if your stone has a gray pattern, you can still work around it with warm tones. Many marble designs have streaks of gray, but most give off either a cool or a warm tone. Sometimes it's hard to identify which it is exactly, so it's best to bring a color palette when shopping for it.

17. Use mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most important elements of design. They can make a space feel large and brighter by reflecting the images around it. In this design, you can see the mirror reflecting the opposite wall that is also covered in marble, creating a harmonious space.

18. Marble staircase

If you really want to create a feeling of luxury in your bathroom, add a marble staircase that leads up to the bathtub. Obviously, take caution as it can be slippery once wet.

19. Neutrality at its best

Marble can act as a neutral design element when working with more than one color. Here, the pink and green hues can thrive as they contrast against the white and gray floor. The pattern isn't too intense and blends nicely with the overall design.

20. Tranquility

If you find the right marble and tones of wood, you can create a feeling of tranquility in your bathroom. Because stones have been known to relieve stress, it may be a good idea to figure out what design may create the best relaxing environment for you.

21. Shower design

A popular and fun way of installing marble into your bathroom is by creating a pattern in your shower. This pattern has a marble border and larger tiles taking up the rest of the space. Every inch of your bathroom can be covered in this elegant stone if you'd like so.

22. Go for a mosaic

You can pretty much purchase any type of marble form to go along with whatever theme you're aiming for when designing your bathroom. This design obviously favors the color green; the green marble mosaic completes the project and adds a touch of class.

23. Rippled marble

This art deco design is complete with a rippled marble wall behind the sink as its focal point. The pattern's color matches perfectly with the bronze colors of the light fixtures, mirror, and sink.

24. Levitating marble counter

Some people may be worried about creating a levitating counter with marble due to its heavyweight. However, this beautiful look is possible after talking to a professional and figuring out the proper way to install a slap of marble onto a wall.

25. Enrich a small space

It can be difficult to design a small bathroom as your options are limited. However, installing marble on the walls can create the look you're going for all on its own without cluttering your space.