Inside The Most Expensive Home In Ohio

There are plenty of large and expensive houses, but have you ever thought about which one is the most expensive? Wealthy and affluent neighborhoods around the world are full of grand mansions, adorned with every possible amenity, no expense spared. One of them, though, will always be the most expensive, the top of the line.

While Ohio may not be known for lux and glamor like other states in the country, it too has its fair share of mansions and expensive estates. The most expensive, though, is in the town of Zanesfield, Ohio. The town is incredibly small, with only 202 reported residents in 2022, according to World Population Review. Despite its small size, it is still home to a $10 million mansion, which was built in 2012 (via Trulia). The house is only a 45-minute drive to Columbus, the state's capital, and boasts lots of land and surrounding nature (per Trulia).

A look at the $10 million lake house

According to the Trulia listing, the house was built in 2012. A large part of the high price point comes with the sheer amount of property it comes with — 6,700 square feet of living space, 345 acres of private, secluded land, and a private 50-acre lake the house sits just in front of.

Other exterior features include a stocked man-made pond and floating docks. The listing states that the property is ideal for a number of outdoor activities, including swimming, boating, fishing, horseback riding, and hunting (specifically deer). A creative buyer could turn the home and property into a wildlife retreat, hunting getaway, or bed and breakfast, among many other things.

The house was originally listed in April 2018, according to Zillow property records, and removed later that year in October. It has remained unlisted since but still reigns supreme as the most expensive house on the market in Ohio.

A look inside the expensive Ohio mansion

While most multimillion-dollar mansions are very modern and sleek, if not somewhat bare, on the inside, this Ohio mansion has a very cozy and homey interior, as seen on the Trulia listing. One of the first rooms in the home is the kitchen, which is large with all modern appliances but still warm and comfortable. All the appliances (the fridge, double-stacked ovens, dishwasher, and wine fridge) are stainless steel, and there's a gas stovetop on the island. The cabinets are mostly white with the occasional brown cabinet mixed in, with beige marble countertops.

The formal dining room is just off the kitchen. The room is made up entirely of surrounding windows, providing a priceless view outside over the private lake. A lodge-style light fixture sits in the center of the room to provide more light. There is also a door that leads outside to enjoy your meals on warmer days.

More of the multimillion dollar residence

The living room connects in an open floorplan to the kitchen, dining room, and foyer but still feels separate enough for distinct activities. There is exposed beaming and a vaulted ceiling, creating a lodge house feel. The wood floors are complemented by bright white walls. A stone fixture that goes from the floor to ceiling has a large fireplace at the bottom with a thick ledge.

There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms total in this lakehouse, according to Trulia, but one of the more unique rooms in the home is the basement. While it is a basement, there is still a door and windows leading outside and providing natural light inside. The floors are a beige linoleum that matches the beige, tan-colored walls. There is a large stone fireplace with a rounded corner for storing firewood.

Perhaps the swankiest aspect of this basement, though, is the bar and kitchenette. There is a bar with blue tiles and a black countertop, the tiles matching the bright blue accent wall behind it. There is a black fridge on the blue wall, along with counters for displaying and storing various bar-related items, as well as a built-in wood cabinet.