Which Criminal Minds Cast Member Has The Most Expensive Home?

Captivating viewers over the course of its 15-season run, CBS' "Criminal Minds" brought viewers along as profilers from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, known as the BAU, handled the nation's most dangerous serial killers and criminals. Created by writer and tv producer Jeff Davis, "Criminal Minds" aired from 2005 to 2020 and has garnered so much popularity over the years that not only did it receive spinoffs in 2011 and 2016, it is being revived by Paramount+ for a 16th season. 

As one of the most popular crime shows in the country, "Criminal Minds" featured an ever-changing ensemble cast made up of notable actors and actresses, including Mandy Patinkin and Aisha Tyler. Considering the show's popularity and large cast, it would make sense that there would be lots of media attention on the ins and outs of the cast members' lives, especially when it comes to real estate. However, there is little known about the residences of the cast, aside from a few of the actors. But which of those actors has the most expensive home?

Matthew Gray Gubler

A man of many talents, Matthew Gray Gubler portrayed beloved brainiac Dr. Spencer Reid from 2005 to 2020. He is also just one of three original cast members to appear in all 15 seasons. Since concluding "Criminal Minds," Gubler has continued to pursue creative ventures and recently appeared in multiple episodes of Hulu's "Dollface." 

After spending four years looking for a home, the actor purchased a residence in Pasadena, California, that was built by silent actor Douglas Fairbanks in 1927. The whimsical home, which Gubler calls a haunted treehouse, is covered in foliage and includes a turret and a stone horse stable that doubles as a guest room. And although there isn't much known about the property aside from a few details about the interior and exterior, the current median listing price of homes in Pasadena is around $1.2 million, according to Realtor.

In 2015, Vanity Fair toured Gubler's home and described it as "one half Tim Burton, one quarter J.R.R. Tolkien, and one-quarter Wes Anderson." During the tour, Gubler shared that after buying the home, he renovated the interior so that it would match the exterior and even built a fireplace by hand to give it a fairytale-like appearance.

Mandy Patinkin

An original "Criminal Minds" cast member, Mandy Patinkin, portrayed former unit chief Jason Gideon for three seasons between 2005 and 2007. The well-decorated actor and singer is known for many roles but is likely most recognizable as Inigo Montoya from the 1987 classic film "The Princess Bride." 

In 2006, The New York Times reported that Patinkin and his wife had moved from their Upper West Side apartment to a nearby three-bedroom co-op that had been listed at $1.7 million. The move from their apartment of almost three decades was a downsizing for the actor, whose sons were no longer living with him and his wife. Despite losing around 650 square feet, the renovated co-op had plenty of space for Patinkin and his family and felt like home to them. 

As a lifelong city resident, it only makes sense that Patinkin would want to escape the city life every now and again. Since early 2020, he and his family have been residing in a small converted farmhouse in High Falls, New York. And although not much is known about the property, bits and pieces of it can often be seen on Instagram as Patinkin's son often shares clips of his parents and their daily life. 

Shemar Moore

The brute force of the BAU, Shemar Moore portrayed Derek Morgan from 2005 to 2016. Following his departure from "Criminal Minds," Moore has continued to find success in Hollywood, starring as the lead of CBS's "S.W.A.T" and appearing in multiple movies, including "Sonic the Hedgehog 2". As for real estate, the year of 2020 was especially big for Moore, as he not only listed his longtime home, but he also purchased a new home in Sherman Oaks, California. 

After 13 years at his home in Encino, Moore listed the Spanish-style property for $2.6 million (via Los Angeles Times). Built in 1963, the remodeled 3,634 square foot home includes a private courtyard and a pool with a baja shelf, spa, and custom waterfall. After six months on the market, the property finally sold for $2.4 million, a bit of a loss for Moore. As for his Sherman Oaks residence, People reported that Moore spent $5.8 million on the modern 9,000 square foot home. Consisting of seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the home is filled with wood accents, artwork, photographs, and tributes to his mother.

Joe Mantenga

Filling the void left by Mandy Patinkin, Joe Mantegna portrayed special agent David Rossi for 12 seasons and even directed a few episodes between 2014 and 2018. Mantegna, who has been acting since 1969, has also appeared in "The Godfather: Part III" and lent his voice to "The Simpsons."

According to People, Mantegna has been very active in Southern California real estate lately. In 2016, he acquired a $4.9 million beachfront property about two hours northwest of Los Angeles in Oxnard, California. The actor additionally purchased a cozy $1.3 million Hollywood Hills bungalow in 2018 that was built in 1926 and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms (via Dirt). It has also been reported that Mantegna owns at least six other residential properties in the San Fernando Valley, although they are believed to have been acquired solely for investment purposes. 

In 2020, while the final season of "Criminal Minds" was airing, Mantegna listed his Toluca Lake home in California for $4.2 million. According to Los Angeles Daily News, built in 1989, the 7,363 square foot Tudor-style home includes four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a wine cellar, a gourmet kitchen, a home theater, and a secret doorway that leads to the bedrooms. And while Mantegna's costar Shemar Moore spent more to purchase his current home, Mantegna takes the cake when it comes to overall capital.