This Ohio Home Is On Sale For $900K And Has The Perfect Retro Basement

Another home has fallen victim to the Instagram account, Zillow Gone Wild, this one hailing from the northwest Ohio town of Findlay. The home itself is quite standard, but it garnered internet popularity due to its unique, retro basement. According to the Zillow listing, the home has four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, sits on over 2 acres, and boasts just under 5,000 square feet of living space.

The house itself has a lot of attractive qualities, including a spacious and updated interior, high-end appliances, a home gym, an indoor pool, a home theater, a sauna, and a full wet bar. The basement also has a bedroom suite. On top of all that, the backyard is incredibly spacious, with space for a deck and patio, plus all the gorgeous surrounding grounds. There is also a detached four-car garage, which is perfect for extra storage, a workshop, and storing cars. The lot is also surrounded by woods, making it nice and isolated.

Inside the northwest Ohio home

Before looking at the unique basement, it's only fair to survey the rest of the home. Upon entering the house, you're greeted by a large living room with beige carpets, two-story-tall walls, a stone accent wall with a built-in glass-front fireplace and wood mantle, and space for a large couch, as per Zillow. Behind the couch is a bookshelf against the stairs leading up to the second floor, which overlooks the large living room. There is a glass backdoor leading outside that lets in plenty of light.

The kitchen and dining nook are quite stunning. The floors are a semi-rustic, glossy finished wood, paired with light yellow walls. There are two large windows along one wall — one in the dining nook and one in the kitchen area. The dining nook has a built-in L-shaped bench with storage drawers.

The kitchen has light gray cabinets with black cabinets on the island. The island countertops are white marble, whereas the wall countertops have black marble. There is a small stainless steel sink on the island and a large farmhouse-style sink along the wall. The stainless steel fridge is built into gray cabinets along an adjacent wall. The stove is a chef's dream — a stainless steel gas top stove with double ovens underneath, as well as a griddle. There is a built-in water spigot on the wall to complete the space.

The throwback basement

The room that caught Zillow Gone Wild's attention, though, was the basement. Although the home was built in 2002, according to Zillow records, the basement is built in the style of a '50s- or '60s-style diner. The floors are black and white checkered linoleum, and each of the walls is painted a primary color — red, yellow, and blue. There is a built-in bar with white supports and a red countertop in addition to steel bar stools.

Other retro details include a jukebox, other '50s furniture, posters and wall art dedicated to '50s icons, a retro-style griddle and stove, neon lights, and even a menu board. While this room was certainly built with a specific taste in mind, it obviously attracted someone, with the home selling for $849,000 in April 2022.

The comments on Zillow Gone Wild's Instagram post are quite supportive of the home too with people saying things like "I need this basement" and "This just unlocked a new life goal for me." The only negative comments had to do with the location, including "too bad its in Ohio" and "You need a basement like that to live in Findlay... nothing else to do!"