The Best Crystals Every Capricorn Should Have In Their Home

Capricorn, represented by the sea-goat, is the 10th sign and last earth sign of the zodiac system and includes anyone born between roughly December 21 and January 20, though different astrologists will have different opinions on those dates, mindbodygreen notes. Capricorn sun signs are an earth sign, along with Taurus and Virgo, meaning they tend to be rooted, honest, stable, and practical. The sign is also ruled by Saturn, which is representative of honesty and authenticity, as well as wisdom and age. Lastly, Capricorn is a cardinal sign, along with Aries, Cancer, and Libra, but Cosmopolitan refers to it as the group's CEO.

Capricorns are known to be very serious, traditional, and pragmatic, zoned in on their goals and ambitions. They tend to be very responsible, both personally and financially. On the flip side, they are also inclined to be workaholics, and that focus can blind them to other opportunities and experiences. Capricorns might be too grounded, not allowing their imagination to flourish. Still, luckily, there are plenty of crystals that specifically benefit Capricorns, both enhancing their positive qualities and easing their more complex traits.

Howlite for overthinking

Howlite is a milky white crystal with gray and black, almost marble-like markings, and is often found tumbled over raw. According to Tiny Rituals, it is also commonly referred to as magnesite. It's a porous crystal that primarily helps with instilling patience and perspective. Everybody in Mind recommends howlite for Capricorns for the latter attribute, as it helps the sometimes close-minded earth sign see things with a fairer, more open perspective. It also serves calm a racing mind, which benefits them as they tend to overthink situations.

Howlite generally calms emotions like anger, anxiety, frustration, etc., and replaces the feelings with a sense of calmness and ease. It also helps you stop focusing on negative thoughts and roadblocks and see the bigger picture of a situation. It's a great stone for those seeking knowledge like many Capricorns are. Consider placing it under your pillow or on your nightstand for a restful, quiet night's sleep, free of racing thoughts.

Red garnet for healing

Red garnet is the birthstone for January, the month in which most Capricorn placements are born. December Capricorns can still benefit from the energy of red garnet, though. These gemstones, which are typically found polished and cut for jewelry, are great for healthily dealing with and healing from any type of pain related to emotions and heartbreak and are particularly useful for romantic relationship issues. This is why Hashtag Legend recommends it for Capricorns, who often close themselves off from feeling those difficult emotions. It is also an earth elemental, connecting with the earth energy of the zodiac sign.

There are many benefits to having garnets around, with My Crystals noting that they're great for developing self-confidence, understanding those around you, generating positive thoughts, aiding in intimacy, and energizing you both physically and spiritually. As stated earlier, garnet is often found precut for jewelry, and as such, it's quite easy to find a bracelet, necklace, earrings, etc., with the stone for daily wear. You can also find tumbled or raw garnet at a crystal store for displaying in your home.

Peridot for joy

Another crystal that Capricorns can benefit from is the light green peridot. According to Almanac, Cleopatra was notoriously fond of peridots, and many of her emeralds are believed to actually be peridots. The crystal is actually the national gem of Egypt, remaining popular long after Cleopatra's reign. They're also believed to represent the tears of the Hawaiian goddess Pele.

Moreover, peridot is a great crystal for generating joy, notes Everybody in Mind, which the often pessimistic and gloomy Capricorn can greatly benefit from. It's another calming stone, specifically helping reduce anger and promote compassion. It may also provide support in challenging times and when emotions run high. In addition, it's believed that peridot gems in a gold setting ward off nightmares. Tiny Rituals recommends keeping peridot in communal areas, particularly offices, as it creates harmony and peace; the business-driven Capricorn will especially appreciate peridot in their workspace.

Tiger's eye for pursuing goals

Tiger's eye is a crystal almost perfectly paired for Capricorns. As Hashtag Legend points out, Capricorns are incredibly goal-oriented and hardworking, as well as very disciplined. Tiger's eye is a crystal all about promoting discipline and pushing you to pursue and realize your goals, making the crystal and Zodiac sign very harmonious. Tiger's eye also grounds its user in reality and their decisions, helping them with self-confidence and getting rid of negative thoughts and self-doubt or deprecating thoughts.

Truly points out that tiger's eye crystals transform roadblocks and obstacles in your path into challenges, which definitely appeals to Capricorn's competitive nature. They are also crystals that encourage you to take charge and initiative in all areas of your life, which only enhances this natural Capricorn energy. This brown and amber crystal can be bought from almost every crystal store and is most often found tumbled. Keep it in your home in areas like offices or living rooms (wherever you frequent the most) or in your purse, pocket, or car. Alternatively, you can find jewelry with tiger's eye crystals.

Malachite for accepting change

Malachite is an incredibly transformative crystal and helps both bring about change in your life and help you accept it. Capricorns can be quite resistant to change, as they are a strong earth sign and tend to be very rooted both literally and emotionally. On the other hand, Malachite will push them out of their comfort zone, making them face change head-on while also helping the process go as smooth and painless as possible, Hashtag Legend explains.

According to Tiny Rituals, malachite is often referred to as the stone of transformation for its intense metamorphic powers. It doesn't just bring about change but gives you the courage to deal with it directly and without fear. It keeps you calm and balanced but still driven. Malachite is a great crystal to keep in your home to protect you from and repel negative energies. It can also stimulate creativity and action in all areas of your life. Malachite jewelry is also quite popular, as the crystal works even better when in contact with skin.