The Best Crystals To Have In Your Home According To Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you're looking for dating advice or self-reflection, the study of astrology is becoming increasingly popular for those seeking new information about themselves. According to New York Post, there are 12 different zodiac signs within astrology. Your specific zodiac sign is based on the day, location, and time you were born. While it is not necessarily a proven study, astrology has been beneficial for many people looking to learn more about their personalities and habits that seem innate rather than learned.

On the other hand, crystals are another increasingly popular tool that can bring about healing and positivity. In fact, crystals have been in homes for centuries to help clear negative energy, improve sleep cycles, and even encourage financial abundance (via Parachute). Even if you are a skeptic, combining these two metaphysical studies can result in a calming and serene setting in your home. That being said, here are the best crystals to have in your home, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries should fuel their fire with carnelian in their workout room

According to PureWow, the fire sign of Aries is the first of the zodiac, and they are born between March 21st and April 19th. Since they start off the entire zodiac calendar, Aries are natural-born leaders that have no problem sticking up for what they believe in. In addition to being bold, they can also be a bit brash and might come off as over-the-top to some. However, the majority of Aries have been instilled with a strong sense of passion and fight, making them great friends and supporters.

Since they are a warm red hue, carnelian crystals match the fiery side of Aries well. In fact, carnelian is considered a fire stone, making it the perfect pair for an Aries (per Cosmic Cuts). With that in mind, Aries will want to be mindful of where they place their carnelian. Since it is a very stimulating stone, you'll want to avoid placing it in rooms intended for rest (such as the bedroom or bathroom). Instead, put it in your workout room to give you a little boost of motivation.

If you're a Taurus, add some romance with rose quartz

Taurus is represented by the bull and is the first of the earth signs. Per Co-Star, Taurus season occurs between April 19th and May 20th. While these luxury lovers are known for being the masters of self-care, they also tend to over-indulge and overspend when it comes to frivolous or superficial things. That being said, they also have huge hearts and are very loyal to those that they love. Since the planet of Venus rules them, rose quartz is the perfect stone to add to their home.

Rose quartz is one of the more commonly known crystals out there. This light pink stone is said to encourage all kinds of love (via Livingly). So, whether you're looking to increase your self-love or give your romantic life a little boost, placing some rose quartz on your nightstand or your dresser adds a delicate touch of detail and sets a positive intention.

Geminis can use jade on their patio to spread joy

According to Cosmopolitan, Geminis are born between May 22nd and June 22nd. These spunky air signs are said to have two sides to them, making them very dynamic and complex. Though they are undeniably intelligent and witty, Geminis also have the ability to hit others where it hurts with words, meaning they need to be mindful of what they say and how they say it. Geminis should place green jade throughout their patio or balcony to induce joyful feelings and a calming environment.

Jade has been used for its intense healing properties for centuries, making it one of the more powerful and recognized stones (via Tiny Rituals). They are also said to call in financial abundance, though that is not why a Gemini should use them. Instead, scatter them throughout your garden or on your patio to encourage emotional and mental wellbeing. The stone also promotes purity, ensuring that your intentions and thoughts remain as positive and level-headed as possible.

Since they are ruled by the moon, Cancers should place moonstone on their window sill

Those born between June 21st and July 22nd fall under the sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer. According to Cosmopolitan, Cancers are ruled by the moon, meaning their emotions can fluctuate and go through various phases as the moon does. In addition to being very nurturing and caring, Cancers can also become a bit possessive. That being said, having a place to unwind and feel at peace is very important for a Cancer.

Moonstone is a very ethereal-looking crystal with a white base with an iridescent shine (via Cosmic Cuts). Moonstones are very connected to Cancers in general, meaning they have a deeper effect on them. In addition to increasing their more positive attributes, such as nurturing and soothing others, moonstone also makes it easier for Cancers to go with the flow and take things one day at a time. Keeping them on your window sill also allows for them to charge under the moonlight at night, giving them some extra "oomph" and power.

Leos can boost their confidence with a sunstone in their living room

Per InStyle, if you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you have the sun sign of Leo. These fiery and outgoing individuals thrive while in the limelight, and they tend to go out of their way to be the center of attention. However, if a Leo is feeling insecure, they may attempt to over-compensate for this lack of confidence. To prevent this, Leos should keep sunstones in their living rooms to encourage a sense of strength and self-reflection before leaving the house each day.

From increasing your confidence to dulling negative energy, sunstones allow a Leo to step into their personal power without fear or hesitation (via Nature's Treasures). Sunstones also make it easier for a Leo to be bold and brave, showcasing their natural charisma and charm. When it comes to placing this crystal in your home, common areas such as the foyer or living room should yield the best results.

Virgos should place amethyst on their desk

Virgos are very grounded earth signs that are prone to being perfectionists. According to Co-Star, Virgo season occurs between August 22nd and September 22nd. Though they can be a bit judgemental, Virgos are also great problem solvers. In fact, they are one of the most solution-oriented signs within the zodiac, making them a great friend to go to for advice. That being said, they are chronic overthinkers, and their thoughts can become too crowded at times, meaning they lose sight of their personal intuition and wisdom.

Amethyst is a purple and clear crystal that is commonly used in jewelry. However, amethyst is also said to have amazing powers and properties when it comes to connecting to higher realms of consciousness (via Conscious Items). Amethyst is the stone for you if you are looking to clear your head and allow productive and meaningful thoughts to come through. Since Virgos tend to become high-strung and stressed, placing amethyst on their desk will also induce feelings of calm and tranquility.

If you're a Libra, place pink tourmaline around your vanity mirror

According to Cosmopolitan, those born between September 23rd and October 22nd have the sun sign of Libra. These glamorous and fun-loving air signs tend to have lots of friends and prefer to spend as much time socializing as possible. Represented by the scales of balance, Libras prefer to be peacemakers and thrive in harmonious environments. They also place a strong value and emphasis on their aesthetic, meaning they can be a bit vain or self-involved.

Since pink is a color often associated with the sign of Libra, it makes sense that they would share a connection with the pretty and feminine pink tourmaline crystal. Pink tourmaline is linked to the heart chakra, and since Libras are ruled by the planet of Venus (or the planet of love), this stone provides them with comfort and clarity in matters of the heart. It can also help open up the mind and encourage you to see the bigger picture at play.

Scorpios can set the mood with garnet around the bathtub

Since the scorpion represents them, it makes sense that a Scorpio would have a tough exterior. According to Allure, Scorpios are born between October 23rd and November 21st. Though they are water signs, they have a fiery side that often intimidates others. However, despite being a bit rough around the edges, Scorpios have a soft underbelly and big hearts, making them a lot more sensitive than they may appear. They also stand apart due to their innate interest in the darker or more taboo side of life.

Garnet is a deep red crystal that is actually a Scorpios planetary stone (via Kamayo Jewelry). There is something rather seductive about a garnet, making it a perfect match for the seductive Scorpio. That being said, it can also alleviate depression and anxiety. To reap the most benefits from this stone, Scorpios should indulge in their love for water by placing garnet around their bathtub and taking a nice bubble bath at least once a week.

Sagittarius should use lepidolite to bring balance to their lives

Per Cosmopolitan, Sagittarius season starts November 22nd and ends December 21st. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is big on spontaneity and adventure. They thrive in change and reject the mundane. However, this impulsivity can also land them in trouble. While thriving in change is not a bad thing, sometimes stability is necessary to progress forward in a peaceful and calm manner. That being said, lepidolite is the perfect stone to balance the sometimes chaotic world of a Sagittarius (via YourTango).

One of the best parts of lepidolite is the fact that it draws you in with its unique color and iridescent shine. This light lavender crystal has a calming effect on Sagittarians, making it easier for them to take a breath when necessary. However, lepidolite also encourages you to shoot for the stars and follow your dreams, ensuring that the vibrant and lively side of a Sagittarius won't be too tamed. From the bedroom to the kitchen, lepidolite can pretty much be placed anywhere.

Use citrine to encourage abundance in your work station if you're a Capricorn

It's no secret that Capricorns tend to be workaholics. According to Co-Star, these motivated earth signs are born between December 21st and January 20th. While Capricorns definitely need to find time to relax and unwind, finding new ways to make their workdays more productive and peaceful is equally necessary. Since they are bound to spend most of their days at their desk, citrine is a great stone to place around their computer or lamp.

If you're a Capricorn, having citrine near you can help your work ethic by supposedly boosting memory retention and the ability to focus (via Unearthed Crystals). Citrine also makes it easier to multi-task, which is an absolute must for go-getting Capricorns attempting to do several things at once. Plus, the amber color of citrine catches the eye and reminds you to keep your eye on the prize as it sits in clear view on your desk.

Aquarians can make their dreams come with pyrite next to their bed

Aquarians are an air sign that prefers to take the unbeaten path. Per Allure, Aquarius season happens between January 20th and February 18th. In addition to being very intellectual and open-minded, Aquarians also tend to be forward thinkers. From inventors to philosophers, Aquarians have proven themselves capable of nearly anything. However, they have a more rebellious side that tends to come out every once in a while.

Since they are becoming more and more popular, Aquarians might be a bit put off by the idea of using crystals. That being said, there is nothing wrong with giving pyrite a chance! In fact, pyrite is technically classified as a compound rather than a gemstone, making them stand apart from the crowd just as an Aquarius would prefer (via EveryBody in Mind). Having pyrite next to your bed encourages clear thought and visualization, making it easier for your dreams to become a reality. This is especially helpful for Aquarians who have big, humanitarian plans in mind.

Watery Pisces should place Aquamarine around their bathtub or shower

According to Mindbodygreen, Pisces are water signs that are born between February 19th and March 20th. The fish represents these intuitive and sensitive people, emphasizing their connection to the ocean and water. While they have a reputation for living in fantasy or delusion, they are also incredible manifesters and tend to have an unwavering belief in themselves and their loved ones. That being said, crystals are a great tool that can ground them and bring them back down to earth.

Aquamarine, in particular, relates to the more flexible side of a Pisces, embracing those elements of water and free-spiritedness that they exude. Aquamarine is also the birthstone of March, making it the birthstone for many Pisces (via Tiny Rituals). Since Pisces can become rather stuck or complacent due to their ability to dissociate from reality, aquamarine crystals motivate them to progress forward while keeping their mood stable and level-headed. Place them around your tub or shower to indulge in the connection of water.